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  1. Keef

    G20 REAR USB

    Have just taken delivery of a new G20 330e, I assumed rearUSB ports were standard but they are not there is it an option?
  2. Keef

    new g20

    Just wondered what the thoughts were, I have been lucky enough to have had 3 5 series 520d's over the last 9 years, and now looking at a new 3 series 330e, maximum allowance is 43k, and I cannot describe my issue as a problem, but would like to get selection right, so I can go for X drive Msport solid color RWD M Sport Metallic 19 inch run flats Lots of other combinations, that I have not looked at, as it will just confuse me more, but really is the X drive worth having, I live in the sticks where it could get a bit slippery, but I am at the age where I will not be launching away from the lights (yes I will) or giving it welly on roundabouts. The 5 series to be fair has behaved well in the winter, but I do not recall any snow. any thoughts from X driver drivers would be appreciated.
  3. Keef

    TFT screen clean

    I have a proper glass cleaning microfibres cloth but that still left the instrument panel smeary, but cleaned the sat nav screen fine, so really not sure why, but the spectacle cleaner (no alcohol) worked a treat, it’s funny as I was cleaning the instruments “I can see clearly now” was on the radio
  4. Keef

    TFT screen clean

    Bingo I had some spectacle cleaner and it worked, give me your address as I am going to give you a big hug!! keef
  5. Keef

    TFT screen clean

    Only since December 10k now, the smears are driving me mad even if I can’t see them on a quick glance when driving,I know they are there!
  6. Keef

    TFT screen clean

    Hello, I have a G30, have only ever used a microfibre cloth to clean the dash and instruments but the black panel that houses the fuel guage and speedo is smeared as hell, has anyone else got or had the same? And can anyone advise how to get rid of,
  7. Keef

    Power socket

    Just done my own little test, although I did not know I was testing at the time, I was moving coolbox from rear seats to boot and back again trying to get best position and I noticed when I plugged it in the boot it was not working, I am sure doors were unlocked , I blipped The key fob not even sure if I clicked on locked or unlocked but then the coolbox started working, so does suggest it had powered off as an aside, the coolbox is a dometic bordbar 14l everywhere it seems to be £120 but on Amazon warehouse deals £35 and is perfect
  8. Keef

    Power socket

    Does anyone know if the boot power socket turns off automatically? I keep my cool box in the boot and keep unplugging it when I leave the car, just worried I am going to forget to do so, although someone did say that power will cut out after 10 mins
  9. Keef

    Speed Limit Display?

    I was expecting speed limit display on my g30 that came in December however it was not included, I was sure in the original brochure it was without hud, indeed a colleague has the Same spec as me but 6 months older and he does have it and lane departure warning, was a little disappointed, but if I don’t know what the speed limit is on any given road I should not be out there, lol all in all great car this is my 3rd 5 series in 6 years
  10. Keef

    520d SE nearly here

    I have to say I thought the zenons were better on the two F10,s that I had than the leds on my G30, but sometimes difficult to compare when working on memory
  11. Keef

    Cooling fan running with engine off

    Would that be the “Italian job”! at least with all your help I will sleep tonight
  12. Keef

    Cooling fan running with engine off

    Appreciate your replies, as these things always keep me awake cars takeover your life
  13. Keef

    Cooling fan running with engine off

    Thanks carrman I think you might have something here, will see what happens tomorrow, never happened on my Cortinas!
  14. Keef

    Cooling fan running with engine off

    Would that be the fan or the burning smell, or possibly both?
  15. Good evening, I have a G30 520se with about 2k on the clock, tonight after a 50 mile drive in mostly free running traffic, I parked the car and the engine fan was running very fast after switching off for about 15 minutes, I did notice a burning smell when I got out of the car, but just assumed my dinner was nearly ready, oil temp was normal, have had 2 F11 520’s previous both with a 100k on the clock and never had the engine fan on after turning the engine off before, and had never even heard before on the previous cars. just wondering if normal,as a trip to dealer always inconvenient