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  1. I went through the same drama last year. Had a strop, kicked it. Then realised i couldnt afford to get a new car so fixing it was the only option 


    Luckily the brother in law does metal bending for a living so it cost me a bottle of gas and 2 x full sills. Ended up doing bits of the floorpan and arches too....


    I'm hankering after an E61 now though, just havent got the funds at the moment

  2. Conifer/Kunifer is miles better than copper, it doesn't work harden after the first time you bend it. Makes it much easier to make the lines fit right without snapping. 

    It's what I replaced mine with when I did them.


    I've just ordered a roll of 5/16 (8mm) to replace my diesel lines once I've finished welding up my sills. They were advised about 5 years ago... So probably about time.

  3. The only rust i've seen are the door bottoms. The arches appear to be fine, probably oweing to the fact the car isnt covered in plastic that hides everything... like my E39. There is a 520 manual cluster on ebay for £100 at the moment which would hopefully solve that issue.

    the little 2.0 was quicker than i expected to be honest. But like you say there are options for improving the performance.


    I just dont know what to offer him. He got it as payment for a days work, so it doesnt owe him a great deal.

  4. I have the opportunity to purchase a 520i Manual Touring but having only owned an E39 i dont know much about the 34. I was hoping for a bit more knowledge.


    I haven't had the chance to have a look underneath it but my mate says its very clean. It cant be worse than my current E39. It is still on the original Style 5's.

    I did take it out for a quick blast the other night and it drives lovely with no obvious knocks or bangs.


    Plus Points:


    Leather interior, which is in pretty good nick considering the age of it.


    Double Sunroof??


    Bad Points:

    The instrument cluster hasn't worked properly since 2008. This is the last time a mileage was recorded on the MOT. Is this a major turnoff for pretty much everyone??

    Bottom corners of doors are crusty.

    M50B20 (possibly single Vanos?)


    Should i offer him something for it? or walk away?


  5. On 7/18/2018 at 3:31 PM, d_a_n1979 said:

    Anything can be fixed; just depends on how deep your pockets are!


    You need to take it to a car body shop or a decent fabricator and get them to quote you! Some won't touch it, others will suck their teeth and go daft with quotes etc


    IMO it'll be around £600 for the fab work, fitting and respraying etc


    On 7/18/2018 at 10:09 PM, ustbutler said:

    That's around £600 worth of repairs   .... Just find the right firm.  It is saveable :smile:


    £600??? I need to meet your bodywork guys....thats way more than £600 IMHO... i was quoted £700 just to sort rear arches! That thing needs serious work and best option would be strip it and scrap it.

  6. 8 hours ago, NWJW said:

     Normally the passenger side isn't as bad as it's the drivers side that picks up all the crap off the road and rots out first, although, as said, when I checked mine out the passenger side was worse for some reason.


     Edit; Your pictures appear to be of the passenger side unless I'm being thick?

    I don't think the passenger side is quite as bad, time will tell though! The pictures are of the driver's side... Taken with front facing camera;)


    7 hours ago, duncan-uk said:

    Today I drove mine quite briskly ^_^


    Is there any other way to drive an E39?? Especially when you drive a Vauxhall Vivaro for work. B):D

  7. From my little bit of experience with PA Soft all you will need to do is install the new clocks and change the mileage and then VIN in PA Soft. Get the mileage from PA Soft first, it will be in KM. Mileage checks are done every 100km so it should update eventually anyway. If the clocks have a higher mileage than the EWS and LCM they will update to the higher mileage. Not what you want.


    To change the mileage down i think you have to wipe/replace the EEPROM in the clocks, this is age dependent though as early clocks could be changed down (possibly)

  8. You are supposed to say step away it'll be a dog.... I'm very very tempted. I'm probably looking at spending 500 to sort out my current issues anyway. So if the sills aren't falling out of it, it may well be an option.

    Why couldn't it have been in Glasgow, out of the question then. 

  9. My biggest concern is that it's been sat for 4 years.. is it going to be in the same state as mine is?!...


    The battery thing did make me chuckle...I would quite like to plug it into my laptop to check stuff before committing?! 

    Has it got wet inside and killed something?


    It isn't far from home, might be worth speaking to the bloke. 

    It's 2 years newer, 50k miles lower then my current car. Oh and it's Petrol B) (I fancy a change from oil burning)