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  1. trenchy24

    Splondike E28 "M535i" appeal. *JOB DONE!*

    Sounds like someone has been royally screwed! 1" down pipes and exhaust....What the f**k was the bloke playing at!? Let me know if you need extra hands Ja or any tools etc. (I can always rob stuff from dads garage!)
  2. trenchy24

    Another slow diesel vid!

    Sounding like a tractor or not! I want one! All that torque :D
  3. trenchy24

    Deposit paid on 535D

    Have i mentioned before that Your a smashing bloke, you are local to me and i reallly want an E60 535d.... ill just keep dreaming P.S Looks like a stunning car you lucky Son of a Female Dog
  4. trenchy24

    Is this really how it is over there?

    You could read the story anywhere...it all ends the same...genuine story. He as a friend if a co worker.....
  5. trenchy24

    Is this really how it is over there?

    May I draw your attention to this.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2100989/Julian-Gardner-killed-burglars-tried-stop-ransacking-3m-home.html Absolute scumbags!!
  6. trenchy24

    New fifth gear tonight discovery 8pm

    It will be lacking something..... The Clarkson-ism'
  7. trenchy24

    Improving the brakes on a 540

    I thought 540s had the 324mm brakes pre and post facelift?? Sorry dan but have to agree with finch, red stuffs are sh1t. The yellow stuffs are much better option.
  8. Personally from what I have seen it all looks a bit gimcky and very much designed for touchscreen I don't think I will ever bother. Windows 7 is the best thing since xp. I have no use for a windows tablet as a i have an Asus transformer running cyanogenmod 10 which is bloody brilliant for most things. But when it is needed I have the quad core monster in the office.
  9. Enough MPG chat..... Need more pictures Raymond! That is one for the porn collection right there!!
  10. trenchy24

    Marham - Big thanks great day

    He wouldn't be popping to tesco in it anytime soon then! Proper track slag! Maybe when iv finished paying for the e39 I'll look again
  11. trenchy24

    Marham - Big thanks great day

    You nearly got done by a fiat....pahahaha you need more power! 565 horses just isn't enough! On a less piss taking note! Rather jealous of those that got a few laps in the beast!! Its you fault Andy that iv been looking at e60s...albeit only the 535d Good to hear everyone had a good time! Maybe one day I'll own something worth tracking!
  12. Since Iv had the car the battery light on the dash would flash on start up and fade out quickly, slight problem yes. But never caused me any major concern. On Saturday night I was driving from Eastbourne to Kingston and half way through the journey the battery light came on and started flashing. I was a little concerned at this point. Another 20 miles and the light had gone out again?? I'm getting confused now. So I parked up in Kingston, went and spun some tunes in the nightclub and returned to my car after 7 hours. Started up no problem but battery light flashing again. Went and got some breakfast (it was 5am at this point.) after sitting outside McDonald's, waiting for my mate to grab the munch the Light was flashing still, but very faintly. Started the drive home and the light stopped flashing 10ish miles in. After having some sleep I went out and checked the battery terminals, both nice and tight. Get the multi meter out 13.5v at idle and 14v at 2000rpm slightly low but not tragic. (not sure if the light was on at this point but I don't think it could have been) I also checked the belt, nice and tight! Went out in her today and light was flashing again, then stopped AGAIN!!!! Dash menu voltage fluctuating between 13.2 - 13.5v (this is lower then the multi meter reads) So any of you amazing people want to tell me how to fix it without having to sell an organ for an alternator?! Thanks Chris
  13. trenchy24

    Battery Light Flashing....sometimes!? Help!

    Not got much else left to sell....bloody BMWs! What sort of check would that be? Because Iv checked the output? Is it likely to be the regulator?
  14. trenchy24

    I want a new M5

    Well once you have bought your self a new one andy you could always give me the e60
  15. After hearing the setup in Dennis' Touring at the Hayes meet i have been looking at different options for upgrading the SH1T E39 sound system. I already have; A single DIN headunit: JVC KD-SH1000 (old, but F**king excellent) 4 channel amp: Kicker IX404 (old but functional, reasonable outputs; 4x40W @ 4Ohms, 4x60W @ 2Ohms) Fusion Reactor Twin 12" Subs (from my early driving years, trying to sell.) Fusion Reactor Amp 450RMS (as above) Damaged Kicker 12" Sub in angled front box (i hope the box is usable, through ski hatch?) My plan is; Install the JVC HU with a Connects2/Autoleads Adapter.(MID moved to glovebox) or maybe fit the HU above MID. I will also get a Steering wheel interface. Install Kicker amp in boot where CD changer currently sits. Fed from 5v. preouts of the JVC (Front, Rear and Sub) Make/buy cable with ISO plug to go from Amp to factory speaker wiring in dash. £18 on ebay. This should supply each speaker with 40-50Watts from the amp. Build MDF door baffles for fronts. (Waiting for templates to arrive from CarlBM, Cheers for sending them buddy.) Last job will be to install the sub in the boot. I am more worried about improving speakers to start with. Question time.... (Hey Dennis) 1. What's the best route for cables to the boot? (phono's and speaker feeds) 2. Which speakers for MDF door baffles. 6.5"? a few options would be good? (Budget - Premium) possibility of getting enough bass without a sub? Or just upgrade the 5" speakers in standard door pods? 3. Will the Kicker amp be enough or should i look at getting something else? 4. is 12" too big for the Sub firing through ski hatch? Well I think that's it for now.....Thanks in advance Chris
  16. trenchy24

    I think its time...E39 Audio Upgrades.

    So today the postman delivered some goodies...in the form of facia adapter and wiring harness So i got about fitting it all which I have done! My biggest problem is all the wiring christ there is a fair bit of it! My small OCD doesn't like the fact it is messy behind the head unit! Any tips? Also can't get it all fitting tight can't seem to fold many of the tabs on the cage down. Cheers Chris
  17. Iv cracked it....not the light issue. Bavarian Mystery(and) Witchcraft Or is it Bavarian Ministry(of) Witchcraft
  18. trenchy24

    anyone know what this is? (none car related)

    Anything to make that Job easier is a god send! Will it work for hamsters too!?
  19. trenchy24

    Brake wear sensor checked at MOT?

    When one of my sensors broke it put the light up on the dash. So I just cut it off and soldered the two wires together. Problem solved.
  20. trenchy24

    I think its time...E39 Audio Upgrades.

    Cheers for the heads up on the grommet bm_sjo, not sure about the door cards...on a bit of a budget. I was waiting for that Dennis. I will most likely run the 3xRCA's and the speaker cable down the passenger side and over the glovebox. In reference to the speaker cables im looking at something like the Parrot ISO extension to plug into the BMW to ISO adapter from the amp straight to the factory wiring. Removing the need to cut the factory wiring. I think the only real choice for speakers is 6.5" in mdf. To get the best sound at least. I have previously been looking at Focal and Rainbow. I'd get a matching pair of coaxial for the rear too. My only uncertainty is tweeter fitment. Is there any issues? Size? Crossover? Mounted to the mdf? Good news on the amp though, I can't afford to buy a new one yet. Although a nice class d is on the cards. Maybe a 5 channel one to power the sub too. Talking of subs I have an 8" Sony driver kicking about. Would I be able to mount this directly in the ski hatch? Mine isn't cut yet. Would it make a noticeable difference? I don't think it is massively powerful. Cheers, Chris
  21. trenchy24

    Its 1991 and you have a new car to buy ..what do you pick ?

    I was 1.... So it would have to be child safe...early learning centre maybe?
  22. trenchy24

    Car off the road :(

    You were going too slow to kill tyres .... Going to get the tracking checked too?!
  23. trenchy24

    Caught speeding

    What's so special about an M5...... Slap her?... They always try and become your best mate after issuing a ticket...if they wanted to be your mate they wouldn't of given you the ticket.?!
  24. trenchy24

    Splondike E28 "M535i" appeal. *JOB DONE!*

    Steady now.... we havn't pulled it off yet.. (you are still BMW-less)
  25. Send me the serial number buddy...see what I can do! Finally being of some use on the forum