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  1. trenchy24

    Trenchy24's E28 Rescue

    Collected 'the' screwdriver today and now have two complete headlight units on the table ready for dismantling!? Cheers Jamie. Started scraping the rust off the front, Its really quite patchy! :s going to be rust repairing for sone time. Might spray the whole slam panel. I removed some more interior. The rest of the centre console is now out and clean. Discovered the radio wiring has been hacked about plenty! I will probably solder an ISO connecter and Install A slightly newer headunit. I also need to repair/replace the radio surround/bracket. Is this an official BMW modification? Shame the weather ended up shit again but still managed to get some more done, so im happy. Finishing work early also helped!
  2. trenchy24

    Trenchy24's E28 Rescue

    Morning Ja, the spire clips are well rusted and like I say don't want to snap anything. Iv got the large screwdriver, maybe I wasn't being brave enough. For these bits of rust what's the best method? Rub it down and get rid of as much crap as possible then kurust it followed by oxide primer? Then at somepoint get some dolphin grey? The rear end will be coming out as soon as possible. The engine does run, Iv got the battery on charge. Just things like the rev counter not working correctly. Is the door the right colour?! Or will it need spraying?! Cheers Chris
  3. trenchy24

    What came after?

    Have you been drinking or experimenting with recreational drugs!?
  4. trenchy24

    New E39 owner in the south

    Welcome to the Forum Steve, where abouts are you 'in the south'? The 530d is a brilliant car (not biased or anything). I highly recommend the EGR bypass and Decat. I have done both and i think it makes the car a little more reponsive. the decat isnt a failure on a Diesel there is a couple of threads about it. Is yours an Auto or (rare)Manual? Enjoy E39 Ownership, you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner. Chris
  5. trenchy24

    So iv joined the insanity club!

    Its only taken 4 years but I finally own an E28! Albeit only a 2l....its still an E28! Research has already started with regards to swapping the feeble engine for something with more umph! I have reasonable amount of work to do before that happens though. A project thread may be in order. It may only have a little engine but it has some mod cons like electric windows/sunroof. And I'll be keeping my eye on those colour coded mirrors Ja! Hands off!
  6. trenchy24

    So iv joined the insanity club!

    Iv started a Project thread for this now. Not the most exciting of Projects atm, but there are some more pictures. The 2.5 m20 needs to happen but i havnt got the money to buy an engine/car at the moment. So ill get it running nicely as it is for now. http://forum.bmw5.co...24s-e28-rescue/ Chris
  7. trenchy24

    Rear subframe removal

    ^^^ this is good to hear! Got to do both mounts on my newly acquired 520.
  8. trenchy24

    Eventful first drive

    Well that'd a bummer! The light was on....I did notice Ja's had a full tank! Not one to stir things up though
  9. trenchy24

    1st use of Colllinite on the E39

    Colli is brilliant stuff! So easy to work with and gives pornographic beading when it rains! (Bit sad to get excited about these things i know) its also very hard wearing and will last months before needing another coat! Chris
  10. trenchy24

    So iv joined the insanity club!

    Cheers guys! Looking forward to the challenges that I will no doubt encounter. [quote name=Splondike' timestamp='1349122936' post='756250] Nice one Trenchy, welcome aboard Thanks mate! Im going to blame you for me getting it! Only popped over to Ja's gaff to check out BLUF....now look!
  11. trenchy24

    So iv joined the insanity club!

    Yes Tref it is pretty good! Not too much rust! It has been neglected since February. When it arrived on Saturday i was like a kid in a toy shop.(I can almost get away with that, youngest E28 owner on the forum!? Only 21) Cheers Chris
  12. trenchy24

    So iv joined the insanity club!

    RumRunner: I have been about for a little while. I still have my E39 530d as my daily, for now at least! Although it is giving me grief. Duncan: what do you want to know? I purchased it from Sepia's inlaws. It failed its MOT at beginning of the year, rear sub frame mounts need welding up (which sepia has assured me isn't too bad a job. The oldman is handy with a Mig! ) I bought it as a project so I will be taking my time to bring it up to an acceptable standard. As mentioned I would like to put an m20b25 in it, nice easy swap! Sports seats are needed, Nicer wheels are a must. The list goes on. Road legal and drivable will be first step! Oh and a serious clean/detail inside and out! I prefer my Yorkie wrappers to be un opened and full of chocolate when I get them! Looking forward to getting it up to the quality of the likes of Jam172 and Sepia's cars (the only ones iv seen from the forum) I'm sure I will have plenty of questions along the way! Cheers Chris
  13. trenchy24

    South/South East end of season pub meet.

    Wouldnt take you long in your ///M Rocket ship
  14. trenchy24

    New Scottish energy drink!,!

    Another can of Heart Failure! Used to drink gallons of the stuff.....makes you ill.
  15. All down hill from here......
  16. trenchy24

    South/South East end of season pub meet.

    Im still waiting for SWMBO to find out when she is working but im game. 1. Jam172 (Rachel, Louisa & Jack). 2. Sepia (Sarah, Elliott & Natasha) 3. Andy (Fraya) Maybe?? 4. Stewart (Handan, Dean & Daniel) 5. Oxo (Tina & Morgan) 6. Trenchy24(Lyndsey-possibly) CONFIRMED 7. Hicube (+ Helen)
  17. Its missing 2 cylinders! That's a big weak point!
  18. 10hours 2mins. What took you so long?! Too soon for jokes?! Should I have waited for the pain to stop?! *dodges heavy flying objects* Big Well done both of you! Maybe I should finally get off my arse and do the normal London to Brighton.
  19. trenchy24


    Any of you android haters ever tried cyanogenmod?! You should take a look It actually works properly and you get YouTube and Google maps. Once its installed, takes less than 10mins to update.
  20. trenchy24

    South/South East end of season pub meet.

    Had my arm twisted to put my name down..... aswell as pursuading me towards something else...bad influence Ja. 1. Jam172 (Rachel, Louisa & Jack). 2. Sepia (Sarah, Elliott & Natasha) 3. Andy (Fraya) Maybe?? 4. Stewart (Handan, Dean & Daniel) 5.Oxo (Tina & Morgan) 6. Trenchy24(Lyndsey-possibly) 7. 8. 9. 10.
  21. trenchy24


    Who started the fight!?...did Mr jobs not say he would destroy Android....sounds like a good reason to slow down support for apple to me
  22. trenchy24


    Excellent...apples childish way of trying to sabotage android/Google. Sounds like it isn't an improvement. Well done apple.
  23. trenchy24

    My M5 for sale in 12months time

    I'll swap it for a Broken microwave and an old office chair!? Should just cover it And you wont win the lotto....becuase its all mine!
  24. trenchy24

    South/South East end of season pub meet.

    I will check with her indoors before i put my name down. Dont want to be a let down like last year Sorry Ja! Although saying that i still no money. New job needed, like NOW. Got to find the money/rob a bank/kill off a relative to pay the 'We are the government, you dont pay us enough in taxes already so we will make you pay more for owning a car' Tax.
  25. trenchy24

    changing career/job

    I am having the same problem ! Although I'm not a mechanic. I am a service engineer for a healthcare and hygiene company! Fed up with driving 200+ miles a day! To spend 15mins actually doing the job! And getting payed shite salery for the Privilege. But it is a job and it pays some of the bills, which is why i have to work all the other hours god sends to pay the rest.(gotta love private work) So if anyone is after a young and enthusiastic 17th edition qualified electrician! Just let me know! Sorry about that little thread rape! Been a bad week!