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  1. trenchy24

    325i throttle body onto a 520i. thoughts.

    No...its an e30 engine running motronic 1.3 so post 87/88
  2. trenchy24

    325i throttle body onto a 520i. thoughts.

    Bummer...the one missing piece for my b25 swap.
  3. trenchy24

    325i throttle body onto a 520i. thoughts.

    So dave....does this mean you have a b25 AFM going spare!? Or did I miss read.
  4. trenchy24

    Drivers car, 528i v M535i/535i

    Sorry mate! Dosey twat moment! http://www.e30zone.net/e30zonewiki/index.php/320i
  5. trenchy24

    Drivers car, 528i v M535i/535i

    Have a little read here, not a lot to read but a but a bit of info on the b20. It does recommend only fiting the b25 TB. The b25 manifold reduces low down torque but helps high up the rev range! The choice is yours.
  6. trenchy24

    Drivers car, 528i v M535i/535i

    That is the reason I went for the m20b25! £100 for an extra 40hp and its the motronic 1.3 variation so nice and easy to chip for another couple of horses! But I think in the end I will Turbo it! Its been done many many times to e30s but I don't think anyone has fitted a m20b25 Turbo in an e28. I would be hoping for a subtle 250-280hp. The 2.7 is another excellent way to go but as Duncan said it needs a bit of work and the right combination of parts. (Check out e30zone, if you havnt already done so. Loads of info)
  7. trenchy24

    Drivers car, 528i v M535i/535i

    I now have a m20b20 engined 28...never driven it! So I can't really comment on handling...but I have a solution to the lack of power issue! The m20b25 I have sitting in the garage should do the job nicely. Especially when I strap a Turbo to it!!
  8. trenchy24

    Alpina Z8 £100k and some!

    This one is a bit cheaper spotted it when i drove past the other day! http://www.bramleyweb.co.uk/carsales/details/BMW/Z8-Roadster/441.htm
  9. TVR chim over a boxster...its made out of ford and vauxhall parts! Cheap as chips/pug 205 And they arnt as unreliable as everyone makes out. Bit like M5 ownership, look after it! You will be rewarded with a fantastic drive and V8 rumble.
  10. trenchy24

    Lowered, stance & Bling!

    I think I just had an accident!...
  11. trenchy24

    Headlight Conversion for BMW e60

    Allow me to translate....Jimmy's are cheaper than that eBay tat and are genuine! PM the man NOW!
  12. trenchy24

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    This is simply stunning! Makes me want an e12 to put next to my 28
  13. trenchy24

    Oh Dear

    Let's be honest its not the worst we've seen! Remove the gay lights, the shopping list on the door and the stupid shiny gear knob! Someone has bid on it! Anyone on here?
  14. trenchy24

    Trenchy24's E28 Rescue

    Little bit of an update: I have found the source of the leak. Water is running down inside the wing and flowing into the hole in the footwell/inner arch. So temporary repair completed using silicone! m20b25 Engine has been bought, paid for and collected, Motronic 1.3 ECU included. (removed from an e30 touring) So the engine swap is going to happen sooner rather than later. :D Just need some information about wiring requirements. Grey Sports interior will be being collected on Sunday. Going to need to Dye the carpet and paint the beige interior parts, not too bad a job! i hope. I have sourced a rear door with electric window (needs painting) aswell as the motor for the other rear door! Electric windows all round.
  15. The bilthamber clay is excellent choice. You can use water as the lube rather than spending out on clay lube. I find an old trigger bottle (kitchen cleaner etc) works well. Also make sure you cut it up into smaller pieces.
  16. As mentioned above proper car detailing becomes addictive and you may well end up spending a fortune on different lotions, potions, cloths and brushes (and thats just the start of it). You know you have a problem when you take interior vents out and disassemble them just to make sure they are clean. Which clay did you get? Id also recommend getting a bottle of Collinite 845. Fantastic Wax/Protection and a little goes a fecking long way. Even on a 7. But if you dont get Colli make sure you put something on the paint after polishing. Otherwise it wont be protected. Bit of Detailing porn for those interested. This is the boot lid of my e28, the left side has Colli 845 on it The E39 Bonnet after Rotary treatment using Menzerna products topped with Colli One of the boxster, just for the beading (Dads other halfs car)
  17. trenchy24

    What jobs do people do?

    Mobile Service Engineer for a healthcare and hygiene supply company. Spend my days driving around the south of England (200miles a day on average) repairing Equipment in nursing homes. aswell as installing and servicing Diversey autodosing on commercial washing machines and dishwashers. Tis piss easy and boring as hell, trying to find something more rewarding, that pays better so i dont have to do so much private work to survive.
  18. trenchy24


    That is a serious piece of kit! Why didn't I win the euro this week! Ballsocks
  19. trenchy24

    Starter won't crank

    I would also consider ignition switch. I had a problem where by I would get In the car turn the key and the dash would light up but the starter would do nothing and other times it would just turn over but not start! Try wiggling the key when its in position 2 (just before you engage the starter) And then try starting it. if this does the trick its the ignition switch! £60 from BMW and 10 mins to fit. I could of course be completely wrong but this is my experience on a 99 530d Chris
  20. The e39 is fecking filthy at the moment anyway so a little bit of rain won't hurt!
  21. trenchy24

    Outdoor car covers - recommend a good one?

    How about a free standing one!? Front gardens are over rated anyway! Also a bit less grass to mow!? Doing it yourself will obviously bring the cost down a lot. Was just a thought.
  22. trenchy24

    Outdoor car covers - recommend a good one?

    Don't think there is much chance.of getting a cover that can cope with that much snow! A carport would be more suitable! I appreciate that this may not be possible due to cost. but would cope with a foot of snow and not damage paint work. Also provides somewhere covered to work on/clean car. Just my 2pence. Not very helpful woth cover choice, sorry.
  23. trenchy24

    BMW E30 320i / 325i - Are these a good buy?

    reminds me of my astra f owning days. 20psi boost, loads of fuel and lowered on its arse! definately surprised a few people at the lights!
  24. trenchy24

    E3 2500 Restoration complete March 2015.

    The 528 is certainly giving me something to aim for with mine!! Little way to go yet.
  25. trenchy24

    E3 2500 Restoration complete March 2015.

    Its full of speed holes...its a light weight E3 Or should i say colander. After seeing it yesterday I certainly wouldn't have driven it from Cornwall!! The MOT tester could well have been blind!