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  1. karl1

    BMW Show Santa Pod Raceway 02/07/2017

    Was a good show this year. Spotted a few 5s knocking about
  2. karl1

    Rother Valley meet 2017

    Well you know I don't like to miss out. As long as I don't have other commitments with my club then I will pop along. You can post this on the club page also Ray if you want.
  3. karl1

    New season new look

    Repainted. All arches are 7mm wider to fit the 18x10 rotas in. 20mm front spacers and 16mm rear spacers.
  4. So I was going to upload some progress pics on my project thread but I keep geting 1.3 meg max ??? Why can't I just add my pictures now. I used to be able to no problems.
  5. karl1

    Help. Who has a good memory?

    I think so. I can't find the build of it for the life of me.
  6. Hi guys. I need you to think back. Remember a post I think it may have been a link from America. A guy who took a e39 M5 and stealthed it. Se bumpers turned down exhaust tips. Etc etc. Can anyone find this build for me? I have tried everything I can think of but can't find it.
  7. As title guys. Trying to sort something over on bmw e39 club UK. Just the accounts look crap. Can Darren reply to this or pm please. Cheers.
  8. karl1

    E39 525i Sport Manual 2002

    No wonder it sold. far to cheap. if I put mine up for sale it would be 4k and then take the hit to 3.5k
  9. karl1

    Karl1's E39 525i Sport

    and a few meets and events from this year. off the road now for some winter tidy up work before next year.
  10. karl1

    About 10 m5's in convoy in Tunbridge Wells

    M5 owners had a meet yesterday
  11. karl1

    E39 - 525i v 530i

    I have the 525i and all I can say is. I should have got the 530i