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  1. jamesd0015

    520d Puff of White smoke sometimes

    What's your oil level like? If too high it can start to burn oil and kick out the back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. jamesd0015

    530D Oil Level HIGH

    FYI I had high oil level on mine. To later find out after the fuel pump was sent away for testing that the seal had gone, since the replacement seal, all good. (null)
  3. jamesd0015

    Boot mat

    Thanks but would like a snug saloon fitting on.
  4. jamesd0015

    Boot mat

    Looking to get a boot mat for my E60 saloon, any recommendations to where and which one to get? Want a good quailty one without paying through the roof for it. Cheers
  5. jamesd0015

    E60 Engine

    You the man! Thanks Surprised as after reading many reviews of the E90, there seems to be a trend of turbo's going pop, but I don't read this on the E60's.
  6. jamesd0015

    E60 Engine

    Hi, does the 520d E60 have the engine and turbo as the 320d E90? Cheers
  7. jamesd0015

    N00b Question-Runflats- How to tell

    Where (apart from BWM) would be the cheapest place to get a space saver spare?