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  1. chicaneuk

    E39 Touring handbrake rebuild?

    It’s just a shite design honestly.
  2. chicaneuk

    E39 530i Sport Touring - Invest or Move on??

    Regarding the PDC it could just be a duff sensor.. you can buy reasonable aftermarket items for around £20 each and rear bumper removal on a touring is a totally DIY task.
  3. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    In the last few weeks I noticed my 530d is now taking up to around 3,000RPM to come on boost. Feels lively enough when it does but it’s accompanied by a lot (like road filling amounts) of grey smoke out of the exhaust. Car also stinks of diesel too, moreso than normal, if you get on the power much. Having owned the car a couple of years I have worked through a number of the issues and changed all the vacuum lines and replaced the MAP sensor and replacing the pressure converter valves under the manifold.. my gut feeling this isn’t a vacuum line again but is more likely to be down to the MAP going (it was a genuine BMW part albeit second hand) .. just wonder what other common reasons might be to blame before having to get INPA involved to try work out what is going on? Thanks.
  4. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Invaluable information as always. Thanks @Clavurion.
  5. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    OK got a mate to help out and he fired up the car.. sure enough the VNT actuator didn't move at all. Curious! I pulled the vacuum line going to the reservoir and despite being only replaced < 2 years ago, it'd gotten brittle and split at the end and just fell off. But putting my finger over the end and revving the engine I Couldn't feel any vacuum at all so the problem feels like it's further up stream somehow. I followed the line along up to the little distribution unit under the manifold and it all seemed fine there but I guess I need to check if there's vacuum even going into that.. if not I guess it could mean the pressure convertor valve under the manifold could have died / failed? More time needed for dismantling and troubleshooting than I have at the moment so hoping the car can keep limping along with low power for another week or two until I can find some time to look into what's going on but obviously any thoughts or likely candidates for the problem, I am all ears
  6. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Was struggling to see whether the VNT rod was moving.. can get adequate lighting and visibility of it no problem, but no spare hands to start the car for me, so I can watch it. I did swap the spare MAP sensor that I have (which I know is good) and pulled and capped off the vac line that runs down to the engine mounts but that didn't make any difference to how it drives at all, so need to check again the VNT rod as mentioned when I can get a friend to help (there's not even a convenient place / ledge down that side to prop a camera phone to film it... I did try!)
  7. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Yep have done that check in the past @Clavurion so will see what’s happening there. @duncan-uk I am fairly sure I managed to change every vacuum line when I replaced them all including to the engine mounts.. so hoping they are not the issue even though all symptoms point to it being that classic problem.
  8. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I have a set of barely used Cree LED bulbs for E39 sitting in a drawer at home I have been meaning to get sold for ages. Tried them, looked great, but just felt I liked original bulbs better so removed them again. Would let you have them for £20 posted if it would be of any interest?
  9. After a truly awful 36 hours in hospital this week, finally set about driving home in the old Touring.. about 2 minutes from the hospital and still in a total daze at being out in the real world we entered a roundabout and a car came flying up behind me. I disregarded it initially and then happened to notice in my mirrors the guy was flashing his lights. Thinking I'd done something wrong in my confusion and tiredness, and expecting to go into some kind of confrontation I simply was not prepared for at all, I indicated and slowed up.. only for the guy to pull alongside and with a smile on his face shout over "Are you interested in selling your car?!" - I was totally befuddled. I said "No, sorry.." - and he acknowledged that with a smile and a wave, and drove off. The best of it, my touring is not a particular pristine example.. a leggy (218k) old SE, with deep dents / gouges in the roof, scuffs on every corner... it gets used as a daily utility. Anyone ever had similar with their E39? I do remember a guy in a Porsche 911 asking if I wanted to sell the VW Corrado VR6 I was sitting in at some lights years ago.. I laughingly suggested a trade instead which, unsurprisingly, I couldn't tempt him with
  10. I think part of the reason for making the videos longer than they need is simply down to ad revenue.. video needs to be a certain length to be monetised, etc.. which is why I think in these videos they're all so rambly and why we all know the actual content could be compressed into like 2 minutes! This is also how most of them are buying cars like normal people are buying groceries.. they must be raking it in.
  11. chicaneuk

    2002 525d Hesitation problem

    It was me who replied to you on Reddit so glad you made your way over here.
  12. chicaneuk

    E39 dash cam wiring

    I ended up converting my (useless) BMW torch into 12V socket. Into that I have plugged an FM transmitter / Bluetooth receiver for music streaming and into that I have plugged my dash cam power feed (as the transmitter has a pair of USB ports too) - then similarly to Dan I have run the wiring up the a pillar, across the headlining and installed the dash cam behind the mirror so I don’t even see it. A nice, hidden, but effective switched solution for running the camera.
  13. Agreed that ticking sounds likely to be a wheel bearing.
  14. chicaneuk

    m54b30 life span

    Octavia’s are excellent.. I had a petrol VRS a few years back and it was a lot of fun
  15. chicaneuk

    m54b30 life span

    I'm so used to conversing on American forums etc I tend to just adjust my language accordingly as it makes things easier. Sorry old bean.. I'll try harder to use the Queen's English in future on here!
  16. chicaneuk

    m54b30 life span

    Regarding the comment on brake discs warping.. suspension geometry on these cars is a pain in the arse and there are multiple contributing factors that can cause vibration under braking. It could indeed be that one of your rotors is warping as sticky brake calipers are not uncommon but it’s more likely something else wrong on your front end.. e.g worn bushes in your thrust arms etc.
  17. chicaneuk

    530d inline fuel pump

    Just do it.. it will be fine
  18. chicaneuk

    530d inline fuel pump

    My Pierburg one is silent?
  19. chicaneuk

    Diff Change 530i

    Days like these certainly take the enjoyment out of car tinkering as a hobby activity, and certainly remind me why these 'our ramps, your car' type places are a great idea in principle but can put some serious pressure on in terms of having to get the car off the ramp and drive-able again. The problem isn't doing the work.. it's dealing with (and having the right tools for dealing with!) the situation when things don't go according to plan. Either way, hope it's not put you off too much and after a bit of recovery time (mentally) you're ready to give it another go!
  20. chicaneuk

    Lug nut lube and torque

    Grease on wheel nuts is an old as time argument. I understand the desire to do it but similarly if you are torquing to correct spec and not just airgunning the things on, you shouldn’t need to grease them really.
  21. chicaneuk

    530d inline fuel pump

    I went with a Pierburg personally for the in-line pump and, two years on, not had any hint of an issue.
  22. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Great pics Keith.. the E39 just looks at home on a track
  23. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I mean I maintain my cars well but still wouldn’t travel without breakdown cover.. you can always be caught out by all kinds of stupid issues that preventative maintenance alone wouldn’t pick up.
  24. chicaneuk

    Top radiator hose split

    It’s not a terrible job to replace.. done it a couple of times now. Front bumper off job and once that’s out the way there’s a bit of ducting and stuff to remove then the fan is held on with a few big bolts. Hardest job is reinstalling the front bumper to be honest!
  25. chicaneuk

    Top radiator hose split

    Hose could have been perished anyway and the crazy heat plus lack of airflow, air conditioning on all pushed the system to the max causing it to fail. Presumably your viscous and electric fans were running / both working?