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  1. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Saloon dropped in for a service and check over with my trusted Indy.
  2. Seems like you are going to need the appropriate cable shack cables, and access to NCS Expert to code it out. Clavurion details the section needed in this link. By appropriate cable you will need the standard OBD2 cable and then the round adaptor that connects to the multi pin port in the engine bay.
  3. Where are you located? Ahh Wigan.. just checked your profile. If you were more local I would have been happy to scan / test your Webasto for you.
  4. If you have INPA you can test the Webasto through that?
  5. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Wrapped up the headlight and taillight install.. needed to order the 'headlight repair kit' from BMW which included the rubber strip across the top and the foam gasket along the side of the driver side headlight as both were missing on one of them, and also new gaskets for the tail lights.. both relatively cheap thankfully. I have to say, I'm really pleased with how they look though I think I'll keep all the lights I removed just for the time being, in case I have a change of heart. I think I managed to cure an intermittent bulb warning which kept coming up on the driver side rear light cluster as well.. quick blast of electrical contact cleaner on the plug and the bulb holder and the warning light didn't re-occur when I started it and tested all the lights work, so that was good Had a few other jobs I wanted to tackle (new pre-facelift grilles, refurbished M5 arm rest yet to install) but again the relentless wind, and then also cutting my thumb (which wouldn't stop bleeding) made me just give up after the headlights were reinstalled!
  6. chicaneuk

    E39 Touring handbrake rebuild?

    I'm not totally familiar with the process though I did watch a few videos, but ultimately let my local garage do a (crappy) job of it enough to get it through the MOT on my touring. Have a look on YouTube as there's a lot of guides explaining the process and it's not rocket science. I guess it depends on how stretched the handbrake cables are... There's various kits with the springs and bits you need: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-HAND-BRAKE-PARKING-SHOE-FITTING-KIT-MEYLE-GERMANY-34416761292-A806/201452397721?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&hash=item2ee77fa499:g:Q~8AAOSwl9BWJkDs And then there's various other bits needed if you want to rebuild the lot in each brake disc, like the adjusters etc: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-SERIES-E39-1996-2003-HANDBRAKE-SHOE-EXPANDER-ADJUSTER-FITTING-KIT-BXK2003K/232868158930?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=15021956413&hash=item3638061dd2:g:E64AAOSwUchaOojP Again I'd look on YouTube at a few DIY videos (and there are several up there) for an understanding on how it all hangs together and then just buy the various kits and rebuild it.
  7. chicaneuk

    Bmw 523i E39 suspected limp home??

    So... does it start / drive fine initially, but then goes into this limp mode after a minute or two of driving? Then after a restart it's OK again?
  8. chicaneuk

    What screws needed for R16 Rims?

    Are there different length bolts available for wheels from BMW? My understanding is there is not.. there is one size. If no, then that's the end of the discussion. Aftermarket is an entirely different game, and might be to accomodate all kinds of aftermarket wheels on different offsets, or through spacers / hub adaptors. Is it not possible you simply don't have genuine BMW bolts on your car currently?
  9. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Life gets in the way somehow.
  10. chicaneuk

    What screws needed for R16 Rims?

    Interestingly I went from 16" Style 33's up to 17" Style 81's on my touring, and have found since then a rubbing when cornering sometimes.. and I'm fairly convinced it's the wheel bolt catching on something inside on the rear brake disc so there's probably some weight to this. I didn't realise there would be different length wheel bolts though specifically to address this though?!
  11. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm due to give that a going over soon. I've been noting down everything I've done / had done since acquiring the car, but not yet updated the folder and the spreadsheet. Will get that sorted soon!
  12. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ahhhh... so it would have been the pre facelift front lights but with the clear indicators. Then the white tail lights and side repeaters. Hmmmm..... looks like I need to give the lighting package on the car some more thought. I might just try the amber look for a bit just for a change, and then look to fix it to be correct.
  13. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yep! interesting about the tail lights though... need to do some reading up on what should be correct for that year. Hmmmm.... for now I have on red with amber indicator tail lights and really liking how it looks. Just need to see about amber side repeaters now to complete the look!
  14. chicaneuk

    Auto box flush ?

    The owner of this place is very active on the BMW E39 Club UK Facebook group and has a glowing reputation: https://www.dartfordtransmissions.co.uk/ He works on E39's ALL THE TIME. Well worth a visit. Although I accept it's a bit of a trek from Bournemouth!
  15. chicaneuk

    EGR delete help!

    Same here I think.
  16. Longshot here.. does anyone happen to have some wrecked old pre-facelift headlights they don't need any more and, specifically, the little metal clips that hold the glass lenses into the front part of the housing? I stripped a set of headlights to refurbish, assuming those clips would be available new from BMW or used on other stuff so easy to get but imagine my surprise to find out they seem to be rare as hens teeth. I'd need all 8 really... please can anyone help?! Thanks.
  17. chicaneuk

    Wanted: Pre-Facelift Headlight Parts...

    Nevermind on this one. Ended up buying a complete set of new old stock pre-facelift headlights Overkill maybe but.. at least it'll look good!
  18. chicaneuk

    BMW E39 535i Project - £200

    Saw this car today and it looks, genuinely, extremely clean. If I'd had the space for it, I'd have snapped stu's hand off.
  19. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Met up with @stu08 and was very pleased to pick up a complete set of pre-facelight, new old stock headlights and tail lights for my saloon. When I bought it, it came with facelift units applied which arguably do look better but I had an itch to turn it back to "original" styling. Fitted the lights in the (ludicrous) wind earlier and really pleased with how she looks now though need a couple of gaskets for headlights all of which seem to be available variously from BMW for not much money. Will get a picture at some point with the new old lights installed!
  20. chicaneuk

    P1297 - MAP sensor fault?

    It should be fairly apparent on the first drive if it's improved things. My MAP sensor was duff for a while after I'd bought the car, and when I swapped it for a new one, there was a considerable and noticable improvement in torque
  21. Left it a bit late I know, but just wondered if anyone from here is attending this tomorrow?
  22. chicaneuk

    Need to change ALL locks and keys.

    Can't offer any advice on this but just want to add my sympathies on this one.. utter bastards. I'm in the West Midlands and it's starting to feel like it's out of control around here of late, to the point where I have no interest in owning anything really desirable Really glad you got your car back though and hope you can sort it out to deter them again. Might also be worth something like a Disklok if you don't use the car regularly? They're fairly quick to fit / remove when you want to use the car and are apparently quite a good deterrent to thieves as they're not easy to bypass.
  23. chicaneuk

    turbo maf?

    Who'd have thought without the car having sensors necessary to correctly measure the air flow and manifold pressure, fuelling would be affected! Without those it'll just go on default / safe values, which are never going to be optimal.
  24. chicaneuk


    I think you're wrong on that one. We can check MOT history for cars here in the UK going back years based off the plate which is kind of hard to fake. I don't think a trader like that (who are reasonably well known amongst car enthusiasts) would be selling a fake low-miles car.
  25. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the saloon over to my trusted specialist for a checkover ahead of a slightly overdue service. Getting new thrust arms, and just a good service. Found the diff to be leaking oil so I might have to look into getting that removed and new seals / gaskets all round