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  1. chicaneuk

    520d engine mounts?

    Sorry to bump an old thread but I just wondered what made you decide to do this? I notice a bit of vibration off my E61 520d at idle (more than I would expect in something like a 5 series.. even though I know the N47 is not exactly regarded as a refined power plant!) and a little clonking on / off the power sometimes and can't help but think this seems like symptoms of worn engine mounts. I've not yet done the classic test of checking engine movement in forward and reverse gears so quite possible there might be very obvious engine movement which would highlight a bad mount.
  2. chicaneuk

    Possibly considering one of these....

    I've just (in the last few days) come into E61 ownership after a couple of years of E39 (a 530d touring SE, and a 523i saloon with sport package) ownership. Initial impressions are extremely positive to be honest. The cabin feels like I'm driving a significantly more modern car, whereas the E39 felt far more of it's era. Road manners are great.. car feels nimble in a way that neither of my E39's do despite one of them also being a sport and being on almost identical mileage (approx 122k). Auto box is far faster and intuitive than the one on the E39 too. I do miss the simplicity of the non-iDrive system in some respects but I do also appreciate that it has reduced the number of buttons, etc all over the dash. Overall I really like it and am really pleased with my purchase. It's almost a shock each morning to come out and find one on the drive as honestly it feels like it should be a more expensive car than it actually was. There's a worry at the back of my mind about the increase in electronics and what sounds like a need to code all kinds of things to the car if they break, etc but.. will deal with those issues as and when (or if) they occur!
  3. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Was a pleasure to meet you today and had a very comfortable 300 mile drive back. Car is excellent and has obviously been well looked after. Sadly now time for me to part with my admittedly very tired E39 workhorse.. it was only ever meant to be a cheapo run around and ended up becoming the gateway drug to BMW ownership for two and a half years as I couldn’t believe just how good it was. I will do my best to take good care of your old motor! Anyway i I look forward to participating now in the E60/E61 forum now I am an owner! Cheers.
  4. chicaneuk

    Coolant level indicator float broken or missing

    Float missing on the expansion tank on my 530d.. seems to be a common quirk
  5. chicaneuk

    Oh joy another thing

    Any idea if it’s matching engine revs or turbo boost pressure? Sounds like it could be a boost leak perhaps?
  6. chicaneuk

    525d MAP Sensor Brand

    Not sure but just as a cautionary tale, I would advise getting a genuine one from BMW if possible. I fitted an aftermarket one (by FAE I think) and ran into an issue where under full throttle and maximum boost the engine would abruptly cut power as if I had lifted my foot quickly off the throttle. Very unnerving. Replacing the MAP sensor with a genuine BMW one the issue has never reoccurred.
  7. chicaneuk

    Oh no! Touring rear suspension gone flat

    Never experienced a popped spring myself but from the pictures I have seen not sure I would risk that personally.
  8. chicaneuk

    Oh no! Touring rear suspension gone flat

    Arnott provide instructions on their website but it’s a fairly easy diy anyway. Only caveat really is those stupid clips on top of the springs and not breaking them on removal but if they provide new ones anyway then that’s one less thing to worry about
  9. chicaneuk

    Oh no! Touring rear suspension gone flat

    Arnott, Aerosus are both well regarded. That being said I have had cheapy eBay ones on my touring for over two years (cost something ridiculous like 60 quid a pair) and have had fairly significant loads in the car over that time without any dramas.
  10. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    I didn’t check for vacuum again this time (just reassembled the car and went in the house in a huff) but prior to doing this work there didn’t seem to be vacuum on the hose at all. Annoyingly going to struggle with tinkering time on the car again for a while.
  11. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Mystery. Had the manifold off again and blocked off all the lines completed for troubleshooting (joined 2 & 4 together, and just cut a small length of vac hose and capped it for the engine mounts) and eagerly fired up the car and still no movement from the turbo actuator. I am slightly baffled to be honest.
  12. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I know.. it may be a huge mistake but getting it for a good price so... will see how it goes!
  13. Did your car happen to have a 1/4 or less in the fuel tank when it wouldn't start?
  14. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Somehow it's through with only one advisory. Unbelievable.
  15. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've still got a nice E39 tucked away in a garage but am hoping to acquire an E61 this weekend! But I just want to try get this through the MOT so it's a bit easier to sell.