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  1. chicaneuk

    1998 E39 540 Touring - Manual Box - Potential Value?

    Would love to take it on but totally not the right time for me.. my house is about to go for sale on Wednesday!
  2. chicaneuk

    1998 E39 540 Touring - Manual Box - Potential Value?

    Someone selling a pre-vanos 540i manual tourer on the e39 club Facebook group now for around 3K and seems in reasonable shape.
  3. chicaneuk

    2003 525d won't start

    I bought a cheapo kit off Amazon that worked great and was very straightforward to get set-up. A grand total of £29.99! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00TPKTKIY/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item
  4. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Don’t think it needs to get quite so personal guys.. totally take @eb88‘s opinions onboard given his profession and experience! But similarly individual long time owners experiences can’t be ignored either. Where red is your garage based by the way @eb88 ? Need to find a good local BMW expert / Indy!
  5. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thing is we all have different budgets. Our Russian friend on here may take some stick for his low buck approach to maintenance BUT at least he is trying to keep one on the road, and in good running order. I have ordered cheaper parts for my cars in the past but the fact too is that I am also on a budget.. that been said I have probably sunk the better part of £4000+ into maintenance and repairs alone on my two in two years so not exactly like I have been cheaping out.. but certainly not spent anywhere near what it would have cost if I was paying OEM prices!
  6. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Like everything with these cars it has to be a balance! For an M5, maybe you want the best... but certainly on an old E39 worth not very much money (combined value of my pair is like 2.5k on a good day!) then high value OEM parts when perfectly well respected aftermarket parts are available, is a perfectly acceptable compromise. In the case of EBC they are a very well regarded manufacturer.. not like it’s sticking some unbranded Chinese shite on there!
  7. In my admittedly limited experience the aux pump seems to shift a surprising amount of water and the level will drop in the expansion tank immediately when you switch the ignition on, if there is air in the system.
  8. chicaneuk

    20pin and 16 OBD Connectors

    My 1999 523i has both the engine bay and interior ports though I wasn’t able to get anything out of the interior port with INPA.. doesn’t show a connection and still have yet to obtain the appropriate converter from Cableshack for the engine bay port! I know the cable itself is good as I have used it in my 2001 530d many times
  9. chicaneuk

    Torch charger port to aux adaptor? Group Buy!

    I do have a multimeter and did use it to try and diagnose a parasitic drain on my E39 a year or so ago but I genuinely don’t understand what all the positions on the dial are and which to use in which situation. I’m not stupid.. just never had occasion to learn it so it’s all alien to me; need to find a starters guide that explains, well, everything!
  10. chicaneuk

    Torch charger port to aux adaptor? Group Buy!

    Thanks Clavurion. I need to learn how to use a multimeter to be honest.. that would be a good starting point before diving into any of this kind of stuff
  11. chicaneuk

    Torch charger port to aux adaptor? Group Buy!

    Could you elaborate? As I say car wiring / electronics is not my strong point.. at all.. but similarly I don’t want to do something dangerous / unsafe!
  12. chicaneuk

    Torch charger port to aux adaptor? Group Buy!

    Few pics as promised... did a 200 mile round trip into London today and can report the car didn't set on fire and the dash cam worked and also charged my phone from this port successfully so happy with the DIY Here is the "mod" Here's the inside of the torch showing the wiring.. I mean not much to it obviously as it's two wires: My soldering isn't too great as I've soldered like.. three times since secondary school I think!! Then there's the dual port USB charger adaptor I've stuck in the end.. meaning I can power two USB devices off that port all tucked away in the glove box. Tidy!
  13. chicaneuk

    Torch charger port to aux adaptor? Group Buy!

    Successfully DIY'd this today. Felt like a shame wrecking the torch but... never use it. Will get a picture of it at some point but now have a switched 12V outlet in the glovebox, which into which I've just plugged a dual USB port adaptor.... testing it and my dash-cam came on successfully and switched off again when I stopped the engine so.. success!
  14. chicaneuk

    Wiper blades

    I find they work OK as both my E39's are on the OE setup. Only thing is they do seem susceptible to getting debris trapped under the blades, leaving streaks on the glass.
  15. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Need to find the extension for my stethoscope as I can’t quite reach through to the water pump to test it, as that was my next guess. Weird thing is is if you stick the stethoscope on the alternator it still sounds like it’s coming from that! It’s utterly baffling.