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  1. chicaneuk

    Better of doing work yourself!

    I remember a mate coming to visit and basically his calliper had gotten stuck on.. explained the symptoms to the tow truck driver to get it recovered back to his house and he was adamant it was the gearbox screwed! It’s like.. feels down on performance, one wheel gets very hot and is covered in brake dust and you think it’s the gearbox? Idiot. (It was of course a seized calliper when he took it to the garage)
  2. chicaneuk

    Better of doing work yourself!

    It astonishes me how many places just seem so incompetent working on stuff other than bread and butter like a Fiesta or a Focus! Also that hourly Labour rate cover is a joke.. what garage charges so little these days?!
  3. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Car now got its MOT very pleased with myself!
  4. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Indeed.. I understand this now a bit better for if I need to do the other side I got some Draper spring compressors and they seemed more than up to the job for the M Sport springs but it has to be said they needed compressing to a level that really tested my nerve (in so much as if they let go, the force would be astronomical!)
  5. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Amazingly it would have passed the MOT except for needing a pair of ARB drop links (could see the one on the driver side had a split boot but didn’t realise it would be an MOT fail!) so asked them to take care of it and will pick it up later next week!
  6. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    The stupid thing is, having now learned a bit more about how it's put together, I could have probably done the job in two hours by simply compressing the spring in situ (well, no need on a broken spring, but for the reinstallation), undoing the top bolts in the engine bay, dropping the strut a bit, removing the broken spring and replacing the top mount and rubber bits and reinstalling.. no need to touch anything on the hub except potentially the anti roll bar drop link.
  7. chicaneuk

    Gearbox service

    Worth travelling to someone who knows what they're doing. Try and find a ZF approved specialist to ensure you're going to get the best job done.
  8. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    And finally, a month and a half after this whole debacle started, the car is back together and on it's own wheels. I wasn't able to actually drive it anywhere as the MOT and subsequently the tax both lapsed BUT backing it up and down the drive and (very briefly) driving it onto the quiet road where I live and taking a few corners, all seems OK with no clonks or untoward noises. Even feels like I got the tracking right for taking it for alignment too (i.e. it's not undrivable). It really fought me until the very last bolt.. trying to get the old track rod out at the rack end was a complete nightmare and took me the best part of an hour and a half even with a suitable tool, before it finally let go. I think superman must have fitted the last track rod to the car (wasn't the OE BMW one) .. but I was so pleased to finally reassemble it all, compressed the strut and torqued up the two control arms / wishbones so that the bushes were under load, and got the wheels back on. Even with a new spring on this side, the ride height looks almost identical to the (currently) untouched side so that's another win too. It's been a really interesting lesson on how the suspension is put together on these cars and even though it's caused me a lot of stress, I'm really pleased to have done it as I've learned so much about how it all works. Now to get an MOT booked...
  9. chicaneuk

    Torch Socket

    Did the same DIY in the torch on my E39 and had intended to just put it into my E61 to run my dash cam but weirdly I don’t seem to have a torch port in the glove box despite checking and double checking. But the DIY on stripping the old torch is easy enough even with a super cheap soldering iron and has the advantage of being an instantly reversible modification.
  10. chicaneuk

    E61 self levelling suspension failure

    I would assume from that a burst air spring, if I had to guess.
  11. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Some more progress today. Had to swap the wheel bearing from the old to new hub as the one on my new / used hub felt really stiff in comparison. Got that transferred over OK and retorqued. Then cleaned up and lightly greased the strut base and the hub and reunited the two again and tightened back up with a new bolt and installed it into the car. Feels like I am finally headed in the right direction again. Need to order a track rod (had to cut the other one off) and another couple of hours work and she should be back together again?!?
  12. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    I could not get the strut to separate from the hub so figured the next best thing was to remove the lot and work on it off the car. The bolt that secures the strut into the hub had shearer anyway and the remains are firmly stuck in the hub so ultimately I needed a replacement / second hand hub anyway
  13. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    I do know about the requirement to not torque up the control arm until there is weight on that corner and the bush is under pressure.
  14. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Subframe. Took the hub out with both of them still attached.
  15. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Hub finally off… damper disassembled and rebuilt up with new spring and new BMW rubber bits and a Corteco top mount. Had to park it again for the day due to my family commitments. Lost count of how much time I have into this now and barely even at the half way point. Almost just want to get it rolling again and let a breaker take it away as I know something won’t be right when I get it back together again. Hateful hateful experience.