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  1. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT for the E39 saloon today and she sailed through.. compliments from the garage too. Helps that she's only done 750 miles since last year though
  2. chicaneuk

    PDC Failure Help

    Pleased to report that this was indeed the magic bullet... connected up the replacement loom, turned on the ignition and no warning chime.. I cautiously pressed the button to activate PDC and was greeted to it blaring about the wall in front of me. Testing the rear sensors, and they seem happy. I'm so pleased! Now want to see about stripping & repairing the old loom to see if I can find where the break is.
  3. chicaneuk

    PDC Failure Help

    Just to bump this as I believe I've gotten to the bottom of what was causing my PDC issue. Just had the bumper off again and tried swapping sensors around and no matter what I did, the very last connector at the end (passenger side) was always dead. I pulled the loom and using a multimeter tested for continuity and found that one of the three lines for that plug seems to be dead.. tested all the other ones on the other plugs and they all seemed fine. So seemingly have a break on the bit of the loom that attaches in the rear and runs the length of the bumper. On the plus side it's only £18 for a pre-owned one on eBay (so it's been ordered) and fingers crossed that'll be that issue dealt with finally after months and months of putting up with the annoying "bong" every time I start the car, not to mention not actually having working PDC I might then investigate a cheap BMW "de-pinning" tool and strip the loom and see if I can repair the old one, just really as a learning exercise.
  4. chicaneuk

    Conflicting advice - Vacuum hoses

    I mate the fatal mistake of using what I believe was a rubber / braided fuel line of the correct diameter. All was well, except after about 18 months, found that it was already starting to perish at the ends and was causing more vacuum leaks (exactly as Ray says above) resulting in performance / running issues. Had to go back and swap a couple. I don't see why silicon would be an issue so.. just go with that.
  5. chicaneuk

    E39 Style 81 Alloys & Winter Tyres - £100!

    Now sold. At the risk of incurring the wrath of Dan, the purchaser works on a breakdown patrol and (handily) works in and around the area I live.. he's out working, came past the house, I'd put the wheels at the end of the drive, he took em away. Social distancing thoroughly maintained. Payment via bank transfer! Cheers.
  6. chicaneuk

    E39 Style 81 Alloys & Winter Tyres - £100!

    Baffles me too mate.
  7. chicaneuk

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Wish I'd seen this thread before.. what an amazing read. What an awesome example of an E39 with just such well thought out upgrades and modifications, and executed with awesome attention to detail. A real inspiration!
  8. chicaneuk

    E39 Style 81 Alloys & Winter Tyres - £100!

    I managed to secure a sale with someone elsewhere thankfully.. just waiting for the Corona madness to blow over before we can arrange collection. I paid something like 250 quid for them and thought I got a good deal.. I barely got any interest in the end but have eventually had to settle for 75 quid. I guess if I was trying to sell right at the start of a snowy winter I might have more success
  9. chicaneuk

    Hexagon have got to be kidding...

    I own both an E60 (well E61) and an E39. I flip flop a bit about how I feel about the styling.. think my E61 in Sport trim, and being a Touring, is quite a cool looking car and the design has held up fairly well, but I do honestly far prefer the clean simplicity of the E39 and the E38 as I feel they compliment each other very well. There are plenty of angles of the E39 I stop and admire.. I can’t say I do the same with the E61.
  10. chicaneuk

    Wanted: Vavona Radio Cover / Flap for E39

    Great - sounds good! No massive rush really.. just something I want to fix eventually. As long as it's clean, straight and doesn't have any cracks, that's fine
  11. Worth mentioning the kick plates are not horrifyingly expensive new from BMW.. approx £30 each. I just bought a set of preowned kickplates off someone on the E39 Club Facebook Group for £30 (despite only wanting the drivers one) and they turned up totally trashed.. the drivers one is only just passable and barely any better than the one I took off... so will only buy new ones in future as I just don't think the rubber material lends itself well to being a second hand item.
  12. Bit of a noddy one but just after a Vavona Wood Effect trim piece for the radio cover flap, for an E39 as mine is cracked in a few places and letting the otherwise very tidy interior down. Anyone got one kicking around from vavona wood trim they removed and replaced for something a bit more contemporary? Thanks.
  13. Cool but.. too big for an E39 IMHO.
  14. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've said before but the windscreen washer system on my old E39 touring was the achillies heel... I was working on fixing that more times than I can count. I had to have the wheel arch liner out at least 3 times fixing different, unrelated issues (one dead pump, one pump that was just leaking everywhere, and headlight washer issues too) and had to replace the pipework up and under the bonnet once.. then that started to leak so I had to use little cable ties on all the ends to hold the pipes onto the jets.. it was NEVER ENDING.
  15. chicaneuk

    Crankcase Breather advice needed

    I used the C3BMW Meyle kit and it was great quality. Would probably agree in retrospect on the inlet manifold removal as it was a fairly exciting effort in terms of needing to be a contortionist to swap it out with the manifold in place on my 523i (which was the route I took) though I do have pretty skinny arms and hands which no doubt helped me!