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  1. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Not very exciting but fitted some new dipped beam bulbs. Had the dash chime at me yesterday afternoon and tell me it was the dipped beam bulb in the drivers side that was out and, sure enough with a visual inspection it was. Picked up some of the Halfords Advanced ones so hopefully they last.. replaced both sides as I do prefer to replace bulbs in pairs. No problems with access (I have skinny hands!) but trying to get the bulb off the connector was a total pain in the butt. Weird fiddly design. But both swapped and both working and no more warnings in the dash so.. happy days!
  2. chicaneuk

    E39 interior choices.

    That Alpina is beautiful!
  3. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I just sold my e39 with (working) Webasto.. thanks to some tips from Clavurion I had coded the IHKA to allow me to set the Webasto on a timer from that control panel ... awesome piece of kit
  4. chicaneuk

    Improving Dangerous Turn Signals

    I'm glad it's not just me. Having moved over to E61 ownership after a couple of years with an E39, suddenly finding all the same problems too! Position of seats and steering wheel means I can't see the indicator lights on the dash, can't hear them either even with music on quietly (so yes, have been driving for a mile or so then realised the indicator has been on) and regularly getting muddled up with the cruise and indicator stalks meaning I've flashed people accidentally when I meant to change the cruise control, cancelled cruise when intending to indicate, etc. Definitely a bit of an oversight on Human Interface Design I feel.
  5. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Winter can do one as far as I am concerned. Mud, slush, defrosting cars, dark nights and mornings... too cold to work on the car.... too cold to wash the car. No thanks!
  6. chicaneuk

    Missing the torch port in glove box?

    So that’s on the left side of the glovebox? I have a key to disable the passenger airbag there but definitely no torch port!
  7. Sorry for a bit of a mundane post here but.. my understanding was from an extended googling session that E60’s and certainly LCI’s all had the torch port in the glove box. I intended to wire up my dash cam this weekend using that port (and a custom modified torch from my old E39) only to discover after an extensive search there is no torch port. I found the blank where I think it’s supposed to live (on the right hand side?) but popping that out, no torch connector in sight. Are there any combinations of spec that can result in you losing that connector?! Like having the 6 CD changer in the glove box? Thanks.
  8. chicaneuk

    Whistle from the engine bay and a bit of a riddle..

    That’s fair enough Keith but it’s just one of those things that has become a bit of a mission and I am just intrigued to understand what it is causing it. Especially now that I have had a couple of occasions without it happening and the car sounds so smooth and quiet without it occurring. If it’s ultimately caused by something unrealistically expensive to rectify I will leave it but if it’s just a component driven off the accessory belt drive then I am going to get it sorted one way or another!
  9. chicaneuk

    Whistle from the engine bay and a bit of a riddle..

    That seems a sensible way to look at it for sure. Will check the coolant level and water pump next time I am over at the garage
  10. chicaneuk

    Whistle from the engine bay and a bit of a riddle..

    Engine runs absolutely fine. I replaced the CCV last year, as I was seeing symptoms that was knackered and the noise didn’t change at all before or after. Air con I rarely run apart from when it’s hot so that is disengaged currently. Whistle does change note in line with revs and as mentioned went away when I removed the serpentine belt so it’s definitely coming from something being driven off the crank!
  11. chicaneuk

    Whistle from the engine bay and a bit of a riddle..

    It seemed fine... that's the strange thing. No obvious bearing noise at all and seemed to spin freely. Like I say though the noise really does seem to originate FROM the alternator still despite the refurbishment but I guess it's possible it's originating from underneath and travelling up?! The place I used did half a job last time on an alternator I had rebuilt with them, so not sure why I went back and really think I need to replace it with a new one entirely.
  12. So I've intermittently been trying to work out the source of a noise on my '99 523i. It's done it ever since I acquired it. Basically there's a quite noticeable / loud whistle from the engine bay which changes with revs. The best way to describe it is as the car almost sounds like it's supercharged, albeit not quite as loud, for those that have heard supercharged cars. I've established that it's originating from something on the auxiliary belt driven system as, removing the belt, the noise goes away. I thought I'd pinned it down to a wobbly tensioner - but I changed that and no difference. I then had the alternator reconditioned as, listening with a stethoscope the noise seemed very pronounced from that, but again that made no difference.. that being said I'm still not ruling that out and intend to replace it entirely at some point. However there was a confusing development this week. My life has been in turmoil a bit recently due to various things including a move of house so the 523i hasn't seen much use honestly. But I finally got some time to go over to the garage yesterday and was confused to see that since the last time I drove it a few weeks ago, a fluid of some kind had been leaked under the car whilst it's been parked. It didn't seem oily.. I kind of thought coolant but wasn't entirely sure.. there was no obvious colour or aroma... popping the bonnet there was no obvious signs of leaks so it'll need to get up on a ramp really. However upon starting the car, the whistle which has bugged me all this time was gone. The car was beautifully whisper quiet. I pulled it out of the garage and enjoyed the hushlike purr of what these engines are supposed to sound like and then after about a minute, the whistle began to return.. sounding like a steam kettle coming up to boil with the noise gradually ramping up to what it normally sounds like over a period of about 15 seconds. So... I guess the question is what the hell is the correlation here. What could have leaked. I've attached a video clip of what it sounds like for anyone curious, here: https://youtu.be/wkKuHNiiW2c If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
  13. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sold my trusty old 530d workhorse. Genuinely sad to see it go. Been with me through some tough times especially in the last few months and been utterly dependable
  14. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    I would say it was up a hill, greasy road, no weight in the back... I mean optimal conditions to induce wheel spin but it did really feel pretty grunty / angry. I had gotten so used to the car being completely flat (foot to floor acceleration was as if you were at 1/4 throttle except after about 3,500RPM where it would take off whilst simultaneously making a James Bond smoke screen out the back!)
  15. chicaneuk

    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Pleased to report after a test drive, the boost is back! More violent / powerful than I remember too.. despite new tyres on the rear, it lit them up in second gear earlier on a greasy road. Smoking a bit still but my assumption is it’s a bit sooted up from a few months of not running right.