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  1. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    I could not get the strut to separate from the hub so figured the next best thing was to remove the lot and work on it off the car. The bolt that secures the strut into the hub had shearer anyway and the remains are firmly stuck in the hub so ultimately I needed a replacement / second hand hub anyway
  2. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    I do know about the requirement to not torque up the control arm until there is weight on that corner and the bush is under pressure.
  3. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Subframe. Took the hub out with both of them still attached.
  4. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Hub finally off… damper disassembled and rebuilt up with new spring and new BMW rubber bits and a Corteco top mount. Had to park it again for the day due to my family commitments. Lost count of how much time I have into this now and barely even at the half way point. Almost just want to get it rolling again and let a breaker take it away as I know something won’t be right when I get it back together again. Hateful hateful experience.
  5. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Also... what were the BMW engineers smoking with regards to how many nuts need removing to take out the wheel arch liner. 20+ ?! Completely needlessly over engineered
  6. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Turning into a bit of a nightmare now. Can’t get the strut out of the hub and have now resolved to basically getting the hub out of the car entirely which is also proving problematic as the track rod allen head at the hub end was rounded out, and the middle control arm just spins when attempting to undo the nut at the hub end. I need to obtain a 38mm spanner for undoing the track rod at the steering rack end (it was only a 32mm on the E39 so imagine my surprise!) and somehow get these other two control arms off. Thoroughly pissed off with it. Hoped it would be a routine-ish job but I am now going to have to replace half the components on this side .. and presumably will need to do the same on the other. And it will probably still fail and MOT after all that anyway. I don’t really have the time or the money for all of this.
  7. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Well damn. Set about making a start on this today and seemed to be going ok until I went a bit too hard on the long bolt that secures the hub to strut (the clamp bit) and basically sheared the thing at the head end. The nut at the other end undid just fine and I have all the thread from there protruding out so I guess I will have to try my luck with the hammer and just try drive out what’s left of it. If that doesn’t work I guess I will have to try get the hub off and drill the remain of the bolt out and failing THAT it’s a second hand one off ebay I suppose.. as least there’s a shed load on there! Also struggling a bit to get the hub to release from the damper.. I used a spreader tool to spread the clamp which worked and with a bit of effort with a hammer and a socket extension have managed to drive the hub down about .. 3/4 of an inch down the damper but it’s slow progress.
  8. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Same issue for me... car is undrivable now as the spring is basically rubbing REALLY hard on the tyre. Hoping to tackle it this weekend.. as I say I ordered the rubber bits (top mount, upper and lower gaskets for the strut) to do both sides, but will need to order another spring then soon and do the passenger side another day.
  9. chicaneuk

    Great service... thanks!

    Hi folks.. just wanted to say a big thanks. Rang you on Wednesday to order some suspension parts. Spoke to a very helpful chap on the phone who looked up the parts, gave me a good discount and arranged for delivery and sure enough they just showed up at home today via DPD. Can't say enough good things about the quality of the service on offer here.. it's massively appreciated!
  10. chicaneuk

    E60 in 2021. Good Decision?

    I think I have been a bit unlucky with my E61 520d.. over around two years of ownership I have done the timing chain (as a preventative measure but the specialist did say they were starting to stretch so a sensible move), had to replace some very labour intensive rear suspension bushes, had to replace the DPF as it was blocked solid and now just had a cracked front spring which needs replacing. Add to that various other little gremlins such as a pinhole bit of damage to the rear PDC wiring loom which resulted in taking the system down and took me a while to troubleshoot. I am also certain that it needs a gearbox service pretty badly. Its certainly and interesting, practical, stylish car but even with all the above I feel I have skimped on maintenance and should have spent more than the several thousand that I already have keeping it on the road.
  11. chicaneuk

    Oil presure low

    Heard the same and experienced the same problem on my old E39 530d.. flickering / sustained oil light on very hot days at idle which went away immediately as soon as I revved the engine. Someone said about replacing the all the O rings on the oil filter housing which I did and the problem didn't come back so... may well be worth doing.
  12. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Yeah have had cracked springs on other cars in the past and never ended up with the car essentially stuck! Just hope everything comes apart and plays nice when I set about trying to fix it.
  13. chicaneuk

    Snapped spring...

    Car hasn't moved for a week due to a lapsed MOT (just totally forgot about it) - but fired it up today to take it for one, and as I reversed off the driveway was suddenly aware of a very loud scrubbing noise coming from the front of the car. Immediately pulled over and had a feel around and could feel the inside of the tyre on the driver side was warm. Something rubbing?! Crawled the car back to the driveway and jacked it up and was rather surprised to see that the spring had cracked and slipped down over the base of the spring perch on the strut and is what was rubbing on the tyre! (see attached photo). I think most surprising is that I drove the car onto the drive last week and it was fine.. and suddenly today the spring is broken and the car undrivable.. how the eff does that even happen?! Anyway... a bit of online ordering of top mount and spring from Euro Car Parts, some tools from Amazon, and a phone call to very helpful chaps at @cotswoldbmwmini for the rubbery bits (genuine BMW parts cheaper than aftermarket ones on eBay.. it always pays to check!) and have ordered all the bits I think I need to remove the damper and install a new spring. I'll update the thread as the parts arrive and I tackle the job just in case it's useful for someone. Naturally I'm hoping the damper is in good order and doesn't need replacing but at 133k and 13 years old, it would probably benefit from being changed.. but realistically trying to do this as cheap as possible within reason. I've only ordered one spring and top mount for the time being but assuming I'll probably want to do the passenger side at some point.. ordered double the rubbery bits from BMW so that I do at least have those ready to go when I want to tackle it.
  14. chicaneuk

    Cableshack K-Line Diagnostic Cable Set

    As far as I understand, it should work just fine - my 1999 523i required the use of the (provided) adaptor, but I can't provide any technical assistance with the purchase.. I'm just selling it "as is" if that's OK! (mostly because I barely knew what I was doing with it!)
  15. Now surplus to requirements for me as I own an E61 and had to buy the K+Dcan cable set... I have this Cableshack K-Line ODB2 cable and the round convertors adaptor for earlier model E39's. Both work great - tested variously on my old 2001 530d and 1999 523i. Included is also the software CD as supplied by Cableshack. I'd take £22 posted. Thanks.