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  1. chicaneuk

    520d - damaged exhaust flexi reduces power?

    I appreciate the replies & thoughts.. cheers. Perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree with the exhaust flexi then although I assume that will be an MOT fail whenever that next rolls round anyway so will need sorting one way or another. Maybe I have a crack in the manifold then.. I am gonna have to try spend some time narrowing down where the boost noise hiss is coming from and see if I can find any other splits anywhere in pipes.. spooling speed is definitely slow but once on boost it feels lively enough so I don’t imagine it’s anything more sinister than a small split in a pipe or similar.
  2. Possibly a stupid question.. since the debacle of replacing my DPF, and then replacing the pipe from the intercooler to the throttle body which had split and was causing a gigantic boost leak, I still feel the car is a bit lethargic to spool up the turbo.. scanned the car with Carly and no codes of concern so everything is seemingly OK but I noticed when we were under the car doing the DPF, all the heavy handedness had split the exhaust flexi from the catalyst. So I have two questions.. under load I do hear some hissing still to imply there's some kind of boost leak, but could that be from the exhaust flexi... and can splits / damage to that cause a noticable reduction in power...? In terms of replacing it, is my best option to simply replace the cat entirely with a good quality aftermarket one as presumably the work to extract the old one, and cut the flexi and weld in a new one is going to end up costing just as much? Thanks.
  3. chicaneuk

    Air Con

    Presumably none of these generic garage places like ATS ever pressure or vacuum test the system before they fill it… my a/c was nice and cool for about 18 months before finally stopping and I know the previous owner said they had issues but filled the system with some kind of “stop leak” for a/c systems that had done the trick but seems that’s given up now. My hope is it’s just the condenser and I am quite confident it’s well within my abilities as a DIYer but I don’t want to waste money on recharge not to mention the environmental aspect for it all to just leak out within the space of a few days…
  4. chicaneuk

    Strong vibration on R if brakes applied E61 2.0D Auto

    I got a quote for a full gearbox service by a company in the West Midlands who are a ZF agent / specialist and it was, I think, £400. Been considering it on my car for a while now on 133k.
  5. chicaneuk

    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    How do you get through the MOT? Friendly tester or are emissions good enough that they can't tell?
  6. chicaneuk

    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    Replaced the leaking boost pipe today and back to what feels like full performance and driving nicely again. Hurrah. So one residual issue is that since having had the exhaust off the car, there’s an awful lot of vibration in the cabin at idle yet it didn’t seem like there was an awful lot of adjustment on the exhaust when reinstalling. But I think I will try find some time to run it to an exhaust place and let them have a poke on the ramps and see if they can improve it somehow.
  7. chicaneuk

    E34 525i SE

    I can't be the only one who gets irked at how they always cover the plates up on the cars for sale on these kinds of sites, to stop you perusing the MOT history!
  8. chicaneuk

    MAFless performance

    I tried cleaning it and it made no difference.. and replacing it sorted it right out. As I say though I was doing this before I'd learned to interpret or examine any diagnostic data and it's entirely possible one can diagnose a faulty MAP sensor before spending money replacing it as in your case it absolutely might be just fine. I'd also suggest you try and get your hands on a genuine BMW one.. not sure, again, if this was specific to the E39 but I bought an aftermarket one and ran into a problem very occasionally where foot down / full throttle, the car would abruptly cut all power.. if you kept your foot down, or lifted off and accelerated again, it'd come back.. turns out the aftermarket MAP sensors apparently supply values slightly over what the ECU can handle and it results in the power just being cut completely.. which is entertaining when you're trying to overtake, for example. The BMW sensor obviously doesn't suffer from this issue and indeed the E60/E61 computer might be able to handle such a situation a bit more gracefully!
  9. chicaneuk

    2019 M5 Competition for a tenner.

    I live in Birmingham and people literally get their houses raided at knifepoint for cars like this.. as much as I'd love to own such a thing, I don't think I want that kind of attention!
  10. chicaneuk

    MAFless performance

    Not sure if you mentioned it but the MAP sensor on the rear of the intake manifold on my old 530d E39 was a revelation when I changed it.. always felt the car seemed flat / gutless and never any obvious warnings that I could see in INPA (as I didn't know specifically what I was looking for) but a new MAP sensor and the car was transformed.. I'd never seen the traction control light before, but it could easily spin the tyres once I replaced it such was the increase in torque (assuming the M57 in the E60/E61 still has a MAP sensor!)
  11. chicaneuk

    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    Thanks for trying to help out at least! I have scanned and rescanned the car since.. there's no sign of additional faults that should stop the DPF from regenerating again - glow plugs are fine, and coolant temperature gets up to the right level during a drive. I can only assume I'd done so many short trips over the last year during lockdown I guess it got so blocked up it just couldn't regen itself. I'd tried a fuel additive and tried several long drives with repeated forced regenerations without success always throwing faults to do with the particulate system so can only assume it got stuck in a bit of a viscious cycle, and as said above, I ultimately removed it to try clean it and start over but it got stolen off my driveway midway through the job, can you believe. What's odd to me is that the DPF can get to that level of blockage and the car running so badly, yet it still doesn't throw any warning on the dashboard at all about reduced performance or anything. The only persistant issue I have currently is the boost pipe on the right hand side of the engine (as you look at it from the front) that runs up from the intercooler up to the throttle body, where the air temperature sensor is plugged in, is leaking loads of boost so it's still running like crap. I tried a repair yesterday with some epoxy and a cable tie and it's still leaking this morning on a test drive so clearly going to need to just replace the damn pipe.
  12. chicaneuk

    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    OK I found an old post from @Clavurion (and honestly, what a hero you are.. you helped me loads with resurrecting my Webasto heater on my E39 a few years ago and your help was absolutely invaluable!) from a few years back, about the process of resetting the DPF stored values within DIS, which I followed.. having never used DIS before, honestly, what a hideous beast that is... but it tells me it reset adaption values successfully, but I ran out of time over lunch, so will hook Carly up a little later on and see if the ash/soot mass values are all reset as they should now be seeing as it's a completely new DPF installed.
  13. chicaneuk

    2006 E61 Manual Gearbox Failure?

    Depending on your bravery, checking the part number for your box on RealOEM, there's various gearboxes dotted around Europe including one in Spain for about 750 quid to your door. Company appears to have good feedback: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144014988759?hash=item2187f655d7:g:YrIAAOSwbLlf~eBL
  14. Cheers for the response! The box on mine is now on 133k and just noticed it being a little lurchy at times or harsh on a shift and I'm sure just a good service / fluid change and replacement of some of the bits (gaskets, connector, etc) would really help.
  15. May I ask where you got the gearbox service done with ZF, and what it cost? Would like to get the one done on my 08 520d as well at some point.