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  1. Nice modification to know about but add me to the list of folks who never even heard the viscous fan engage or the electric pusher come on (except when running the AC) in my old 530d.. I guess like most diesels they just run cool.
  2. chicaneuk

    Mitivac for oil change?

    But then the drain plug depends on the car being jacked in a certain way to get everything out satisfactorily. I'd argue that if your oil is sufficiently warm and runny, and you're literally at the bottom of the sump with your suction tool 'pipe' you'd extract equally as much. As someone who recently became a dad to twins, sadly my tinkering days are over for a while! But yes, I would have been happy to try this experiment if not for that! Hopefully someone else has the time / enthusiasm to try and put this one to bed, at least on an E39
  3. chicaneuk

    Mitivac for oil change?

    As I say, whenever I've done a change with the extraction pump, checking the oil on the dipstick it's perfectly clean / golden so it must be getting the vast majority of the old stuff out. If you think the line is going down right to the bottom of the sump... like bottoming out on it... so why wouldn't it extract just as much as draining it out of the oil pan, especially if the oil is warm and thin? Same as if you stuck a straw into the bottom of the glass and sucked, presumably you'd get most of the drink out, right?
  4. chicaneuk

    Mitivac for oil change?

    Yeah brake cleaner is the god-send for the cleanup!
  5. chicaneuk

    Mitivac for oil change?

    I use a Pela and it works great.. the only problem being I bought it when I had a smaller car and, now with the E39's, it doesn't have enough capacity to drain an E39 in one go and I have to syphon some out so it ends up being a bit of a mess / pain. But otherwise it's an excellent product.. warm the car up, assemble the pela and shove it down the dipstick tube, build up some pressure and drink a cuppa whilst it's sucking the oil out. Seems to work just great from what I can tell and I'm fairly confident it's draining the vast majority of the oil as an oil change subsequently ends up looking perfectly golden and new.
  6. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Happy to take that car off his hands for scrap value plus a few hundred quid for his trouble!
  7. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally switched the pre-facelift headlights from amber indicator lenses to clear, which is correct for a pre-facelift sport model Then refitted the correct rear sport tail lights.
  8. chicaneuk

    BMW Torch

    I gutted my torch out and soldered in a 12V socket, which I used to use to power my dash cam! Worked great as it was switched live too A handy mod as that torch is absolutely useless. [/
  9. chicaneuk

    Fan Shroud Help please

    Trucktec is OK although I did have to replace a broken trucktec one on mine, which had split in the usual place (up by the expansion tank) and several unsuccessful attempts at epoxying it saw me patiently remove it from the car one afternoon and smash it to pieces in a rage, before calmly ringing BMW and ordering a new OEM one. I would have probably got another Trucktec but only Euro Car Parts seemed to list them but they were permanently out of stock?
  10. chicaneuk

    Fan Shroud Help please

    I had to have my shroud in and out numerous times chasing an issue last year... You can reach the pipes from the top but you do need slender arms and a lot of patience... reinstalling it all nicely can be a real fight as it doesn't seem to clip in how you'd expect. If you have the facilities, jacking it up and removing the under tray will probably make for a less frustrating experience as you can slot in the shroud from above, and then navigate it into place and clip the pipes in properly from the underside. And don't forget to reconnect the power for your auxiliary water pump once you put it all back!
  11. chicaneuk

    Vacuum Hoses

    Same for me with engine mounts. I am fortunate to have slender arms and hands so could fit replacement lines to both mounts easily enough but couldn’t tell a difference with them connected or not to how the engine felt.
  12. chicaneuk

    22 year old RESPONSIVE steering possible??

    Haha.. similar experience for me after I changed the track rods. I initially pulled off the drive and couldn't believe how undriveable it was with the alignment out.. like I felt like something was seriously broken. Spent some time eyeballing it but the two mile drive to the alignment place was horrifying.. how can a few degrees of incorrect alignment make it feel like the car has been involved in a severe front end collision? Pot holes made the whole car vibrate and violently pull to one direction. Turn the wheels too far and they would LOCK into place at the end of the rack. I thought I'd done some damage in the replacement process but after alignment, it was back to normal again. Crazy.
  13. chicaneuk

    PDC sensors - where from?

    eBay sensors work for sure but the only thing I always found is that the range just isn't as good as the OEM ones.
  14. chicaneuk

    Webasto Noises

    Have you verified that the metering fuel pump is running correctly?
  15. I would say that Martin makes a point of saying that just simply dropping the oil and filter isn’t enough and his service includes a pressure flush to get the oil out of additional areas of the box.. not doing it this way can apparently leave a substantial amount of dirty old oil in the box.