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  1. chicaneuk

    Coventry Motofest?

    Hey folks.. wondered if anyone would be interested in a small club stand at Coventry Motofest? https://www.coventrymotofest.com It's a great event. They essentially close off half the city ring road and open it up to time trialled motorsport events. They run all kinds of stuff - last year they had Jaguar ex-Le Mans cars, and an Aston Martin Vulcan running. There's also plenty of classics, proper racing cars, drift cars.. something for every petrolhead. Being based in the City Centre too, you're not gouged on food and drinks during the day as it's all the normal bars and restaurants, etc at normal prices and there's plenty of cool stuff to see. And, at the end of the day, cars which have been on show are entitled to take to the closed portion of the ring road for a quick parade drive which is actually a chance for a blast (which is admittedly short, but still cool) before heading on their way. I've been going for a few years now as I live in the city and now I've had my E39's a couple of years thinking it'd be pretty cool perhaps to get a few like minded folks together for a small 5 series based stand? Not much time left - event is at the start of June but if there's any serious interest in the next couple weeks, I could make enquiries with the organisers. Thanks.
  2. chicaneuk

    Surrey Oaks Pub Meet - Sunday 21 April 2019

    Ooft that E34 M5 is glorious!
  3. chicaneuk

    Durability of E39 diesel manual boxes?

    No lift for me unfortunately though have been considering a set of basic ramps to drive the front of the car onto!
  4. chicaneuk

    Durability of E39 diesel manual boxes?

    Was it just a case of undoing the top nut of the mount and jacking up the underside of the engine a bit to lift it off the mount and swap it out?
  5. chicaneuk

    Durability of E39 diesel manual boxes?

    The weird thing is, having done the classic test of putting the handbrake on with the bonnet open and trying first and reverse and letting up the clutch, movement from the engine is pretty minimal... I would have expected more movement. But then engine mount would be the logical reason for the movement of the transmission so... who knows. The nearside mount is the easier one to change isn't it?
  6. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Also forgot this was in the boot and nice and cold from being in the garage. A fine beverage to enjoy whilst working in the sun. Picked it up in Germany last week as a test (a very un-German beer really so was intrigued) and is most agreeable!
  7. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Today I have had a quick spanner on the saloon to extract the alternator. Ever since I have owned it it’s whistled, like the car is supercharged. Confirmed with a stethoscope on it that it was the culprit for the noise. So, it was a nice afternoon so set about extracting it. Usual knuckle grazing affair but came out just fine. Got a local place that rebuilds them for reasonable money so think I will go that route though have seen enthusiasm on here for some cheap eBay ones. Hmm... Ducting up the alternator was free of leaves but under the plastic cover on the rear of the alternator itself, fed by the duct, was full of leaves and (weirdly) cigarette butts!
  8. chicaneuk

    BMW Recalls?

    Huh.. turns out my 530d now has this recall available. Best ring up BMW.
  9. chicaneuk

    Durability of E39 diesel manual boxes?

    I wondered too if the clunking could be a worn dual mass flywheel? Having watched videos on how they fail, and the amount of play they can get, it would make sense for it to clunk coming on / off the power (and that the noise does seem to come more from the front than the rear..)
  10. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Coincidentally my dad had a Daimler V8 250 (in rare factory manual) that I borrowed and ran for about a year.. was a fantastic car to drive around in some days. I even drove it down to the Goodwood Revival a few years back (and had to get low loadered home.....) but the handling was utterly terrifying and the steering back breakingly heavy! Glorious looking thing though
  11. So had the touring in to a local garage other day for a check over as I've been noticing the driveline becoming increasingly clunky. Clunks on and off the power for example. In addition gear shifts have always been sloppy and it even feels sometimes like the box is moving positions as throw of the gearstick from side to side seems to vary sometimes.. i.e. the throw to 5th or the throw to reverse seems to alternate in distance?! Garage reckon the guibo is worn and most likely the dual mass and clutch, but that possibly too there are the starts of internal faults in the gearbox. Thing is it stays in gear fine and I never have issues selecting gears aside from the afore mentioned throw issue, no whine in any gears, no grinding... so my suspicion is really down to the the shift pins on the box which go worn and cause vagueness in the gear change. So my question really is.. how durable are the manual boxes? The car is on 217k... I'm currently torn between whether to throw more money into the car, or get rid as I can't bear to just run it into the ground and scrap it when something actually lets go. If the boxes are known to be bombproof generally (and I appreciate my gearbox MAY have some deeper fault but.. I just can't see it) then I'm inclined to keep going. From watching (a lot) of videos on YouTube and checking various DIY guides I feel like a clutch and flywheel change might just about be in my skillset if I can get the car up off the ground enough with some decent ramps..
  12. chicaneuk

    Black smoke even at mild throttle 2k rpm or more

    Well if the oil level is going up, it's the only logical answer. Or at least diesel is somehow getting into the oil.
  13. chicaneuk

    Modified M1 for auction interesting!

    Looks like an oversized Lotus Excel. That's crying out to get restored to original.
  14. chicaneuk

    Black smoke even at mild throttle 2k rpm or more

    Errr... didn't you refurb injectors yourself? Sure you're not overfuelling and ending up with diesel going into the bores and into the sump?
  15. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    On the radar for me too, a home wheel refurb, on my Style 33's. They're not curbed really but the paint is just totally shot on them so.. nice to see some really good results like the above