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  1. Petes530

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Last remaining arms and new pinch bolt fitted today on the NS front and new anti roll bar links fitted. Also replaced the fuel filter, pleased I did as it seems it’s the original one… I also replaced the fuel cap seal but I still have the fault code, I had a quick look and reseated the breather for the evap valve and re-set the code, fingers crossed it stays away.
  2. Petes530

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Finally had some time to do some relatively worthwhile stuff to this…. I’ve always preferred the look of the mid obc stereo and I’ve wanted to have Bluetooth streaming - I don’t do the miles to warrant hands free. So after lots of research and a good amount of reading later I bought the following: CD Player MID MID retrofit loom Bluetooth streaming module that works with the CD Player AK Speedo repair ribbon All went relatively well, the only issue I had was my hands and reluctance to lay on my back to insert the wires into their new holders. I have had to buy a new MID though because I may or may not have cut the tape along the rear of the LCD screen - I know better but still did it No pictures really but this was the before After I got the important stuff out the way I made a start on finishing off the rear suspension upgrade - all MOOG bar the bushes themselves. I read a thread someone did where they started to make their own bushing tool, this made the job ten times easier than using my usual method of a threaded bar and spacers etc. So new bushes, rose links, all arms and drop links later I was in business. This was the tool A god send really. Had to wedge the arm far enough down as I didn’t want to undo the eccentric bolts to drop the arm for access resulting in this leading me to completed pic of the rears bar struts etc I then had to take it for alignment, at the third attempt they got it something like, if I had another option for this I would use them I extracted oil the oil and replaced along with the filter, I’ve never had to cut a filter off before but hey ho…. The engine sounds so much quieter now so I think it was well overdue. Took it for a quick test drive and got a gift off the car A quick google later and I was pointed in the direction of the fuel cap, needless to say the seal is perished so I’ll be getting a new one sorted ASAP. Next jobs are to replace the front drop links for some MOOG items I’ve got and replace all the ns front arms once I get a new pinch bolt sorted. Then get on with replacing the fuel filter at the same time and possible fitting the M5 lower grill before I run out of luck and damage it. Hopefully over the next few days.
  3. Must be rust & dent free and closer to lincs the better.
  4. Petes530

    Radio Amplifier Adapter lead

    Cheers, payment sent
  5. Petes530

    Radio Amplifier Adapter lead

    Sorry mate, 65129405409
  6. Petes530

    Radio Amplifier Adapter lead

    Hi, do you still stock these? If so can I have a price please? PN: 6512940540
  7. Petes530

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    I had a similar issue, tried cleaning/replacing sensors etc and made no difference. I sent the module off to someone on eBay Leon-repairs. great service and honesty, I sent two incase the original didn’t repair but he was confident and correct that my original could repair.
  8. Petes530

    E39 M5 touring build

    Did you make your sill repair panels or buy them? I’m in a similar position myself
  9. Petes530

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    I used the seller Leon-repairs on eBay, good service and fast turn around.
  10. Petes530

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Hi, I replaced the sensor a couple of times thinking it was a cheap sensor the first time. Played around with inpa getting values for the sensors shows them to be good led me to the only remaining option. In the end the repair price wasn’t too bad
  11. Petes530

    Stereo swap OEM

    Is the loom similar to a patch lead? Have you a link to what you got please? how did you get in fitting the high obc? Something I’d like to do to mine also
  12. Petes530

    Stereo swap OEM

    tbh mate, I just prefer the look of the MID I was under a vague impression you could swap the head units but obviously not gain any function of the high obc. I’m curious if it can still be done given mine is one piece
  13. Petes530

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Ironically I’m not a fan of silver, I just seem to end up with them
  14. Petes530

    Stereo swap OEM

    What do I need to make this... look like this? I understand I won’t have full use of it but for preference I want this one.
  15. Petes530

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Squeezed the car back in the garage today, not done much to it recently, managed to get it mot’d and replaced the obligatory broken cup holder and bought the last arm I need to refresh all the rear suspension then get it aligned. Also found a PAS fluid leak so that’ll all be getting swapped out as a priority then trace a tiny coolant leak I think I have somewhere. Took a few quick pics of my own today, really can’t wait to sort the bodywork out. I need to get the M5 grille I’ve got fitted too