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    2001 e39 525i sport touring auto

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  1. Pete Soulby

    E39 525i Touring Sport

  2. Pete Soulby

    E39 525i Touring Sport

  3. Pete Soulby

    Headlight movement

    So I managed to get these out on Friday and the adjusters are broke. Hopefully the replacements will be with me shortly so I can get them sorted whilst I’m on nights with a heat gun
  4. Pete Soulby

    Headlight movement

    It might look hard but it’s not that hard. They adjust fine when I turn ignition on.
  5. Pete Soulby

    Headlight movement

    Is this amount of movement normal or have my adjusters broke? E836BE6F-E9B8-4C6A-9BB6-D684B1B8BF51.MOV
  6. Pete Soulby

    Touring airbags and SLS

    I had this issue, new battery sorted it
  7. Pete Soulby

    H7 Dipped Beam holder

    As title, facelift if that makes a difference
  8. Pete Soulby

    Titan Silver Paint

    I thought of Halfords but I’m unsure of their colour match and they aren’t cheap When I’ve had stuff mixed in the past the tins are tiny and I need enough to do a bumper colour change
  9. Pete Soulby

    Titan Silver Paint

    I need some paint but in aerosol form, and preferably off the shelf. Can anyone recommend a decent supplier?
  10. Pete Soulby

    Wheel cleaner

    What does everyone use for cleaning alloys? Ive been using some Valetpro cleaner but I’ve not found it aggressive enough.
  11. Pete Soulby

    Touring subframe bush removal tool

    Has anyone used one of these vastly cheaper tools? Any good? Waste of cash? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-520i-520d-523i-528i-530-ESTATE-TOURING-REAR-SUBFRAME-REMOVAL-BUSH-TOOL/263390598095?hash=item3d534d93cf:g:zi4AAOSw6n5Xq9E0
  12. Pete Soulby

    Touring wallowy ride

    Cheers guys, I’ll get under it and have a look. It stands to reason it’ll be bushes as that was the reason for getting rid of my last touring
  13. Pete Soulby

    Touring wallowy ride

    My touring knocks from the front, I’m hoping it’s drop links, ARB bushes, top mounts but guessing it’ll be all the arms . however....bear with me, it’s hard to explain. When I go over say a speed bump at anything other than a snails pace the car feels like it’s dragging it’s back wheels/axle (I know it’s not a beam axle but that’s the feeling) after the car has passed the bump, almost like the wheels are in a pendulum motion from the strut top. Any ideas?
  14. Pete Soulby

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Is this a sport?
  15. Pete Soulby

    Can you split the mirrors?

    As title really, I’ve replaced my drivers mirror but the replacement I got isn’t shadow line trim, my original has the shadow line in tact but can I make a good one out of the two?