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  1. Pete Soulby

    Stereo swap OEM

    tbh mate, I just prefer the look of the MID I was under a vague impression you could swap the head units but obviously not gain any function of the high obc. I’m curious if it can still be done given mine is one piece
  2. Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Ironically I’m not a fan of silver, I just seem to end up with them
  3. Pete Soulby

    Stereo swap OEM

    What do I need to make this... look like this? I understand I won’t have full use of it but for preference I want this one.
  4. Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Squeezed the car back in the garage today, not done much to it recently, managed to get it mot’d and replaced the obligatory broken cup holder and bought the last arm I need to refresh all the rear suspension then get it aligned. Also found a PAS fluid leak so that’ll all be getting swapped out as a priority then trace a tiny coolant leak I think I have somewhere. Took a few quick pics of my own today, really can’t wait to sort the bodywork out. I need to get the M5 grille I’ve got fitted too
  5. Pete Soulby

    Sport arch/bumper linings

    Cheers mate, it’s only the bumper linings I need really, just wasn’t too sure what they were referred to as. Something else to add to the list
  6. Pete Soulby

    Sport arch/bumper linings

    Can anyone recommend a decent set to buy? mine are held on with hopes and prayers at the minute. Don’t really fancy paying dealer prices if they have any as they’ll probably meet the same fate again.
  7. Pete Soulby

    M54b30 Ccv and Disa

    As Dan advises, do the ccv that way, my dipstick vent/ccv drain was blocked solid and causing all sorts of EML issues. Without removing the manifold i would have never seen it. I got my ccv from C3BMW and the disa rebuild from x8r, great quality parts. I was getting lambda codes up and EML for my ccv. Everything was brittle/broke. Worth checking your intake boot too for splits
  8. I’ve got the usual e39 PAS leak so I’m going to replace the pipe work. what fluid do I need? I’ve seen atf mentioned, if so, what type?
  9. Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    You and me both mate, suspension refresh next, maybe vanos rebuild also then onto bodywork, probably aided by the welder.
  10. Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Swapped the plugs and air filter out today, really pleased I did. 6 new BKR6EQUP fitted should help it along swimmingly now.
  11. Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    You ain’t wrong mate. Having a few days off it at the minute, sick of fighting seized nuts and bolts lol
  12. Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    This is my fourth E39, two tourings and two saloons. All petrol and autos, two 525’s, a 528 and now this 530, two sports and two SE’s, I really enjoy them and their build quality but I think bar an M5 this will be my last. I only have the sellers pics currently but I’ll sort some of my own out shortly. Most of my ownership has looked like this though Think the rear of these is my favourite angle, bar the hideous exhaust pipe The car has had a quick wash in the last pic, it does desperately need a clay bar though as it’s full of tree sap. This has been the one that required most work and one I really should have walked away from, EML light on the way home compounded this fact. A quick scan showed it to be O2 sensors on both banks, luckily the obd flap was down still to save me some time when it came to scanning , further investigation revealed the dipstick pipe to be blocked solid with carbon and back pressuring the system, guess I was just unlucky that it all happened in the 30 mins it took to get away from the sellers house. The CCV was all brittle, broken and split, along with the intake pipe having a gaping split in it so that won’t have been helping issues neither, nor the missing sealing ring between the DISA and the inlet manifold. Now they’ve all being replaced and everything torqued back up it idles nicely now and has low down power back. Putting the pollen filters in the correct orientation should hopefully reduce the oil smells coming into the cabin too, especially now I’ve removed all the oil that had sprayed everywhere - love brake cleaner for this. I’ve had to replace a lot of the arms due to what appears to me like they’ve all being fitted and torqued with out the car on it’s wheels, all the bushes were torn on items I’ve replaced, all rectified now. I’ve done a lot of work to it so far and I’m still some way off having the car to a decent standard but that may be just me being fussy, most parts were a surprise but eventually I’ll have a solid example. So far I have replaced the following: Cam cover gasket CCV DISA valve rebuild Aux water pump Both front right arms Both rear tension arms Rear right arm Both rose links Both rear lower bushes Expansion tank Had the abs module repaired Steering rack gators Had the inlet manifold off and replaced all gaskets under there Full service Coolant swap Intake boot There will be other things to swap out in the future, the brake lines aren’t the best and I’ll swap the other arms as it seems counter productive to swap the majority and not the rest to me. Then it will be time to sort the bodywork, it’s got scabby arches and sills so these will be rubbed and treated before they get any worse and I’ve time to get round to them, front bumper split in numerous places also. These were all in a worse state than I was under the impression of but, I’m a big boy and should have walked but didn’t for numerous reasons really: A 530 is the one I hadn’t had, I’m now happy I have with its power before I did any work to it, excited to get it mot’d and see how it drives with the engine work done since I last drove it. I had travelled a fair way with the family to view the car. I would most likely have had to replace the majority of these parts on a better, more expensive example, least this way I know it’s being done properly. Once all the issues are rectified it can only add value to the car and make it an easy sell when the time comes. I’ll try and update this as I go along to help keep me sane, hopefully .
  13. Pete Soulby

    NCS Expert profile

    What nice expert profile do I need to load up? I bought the cable shack package but I’m only just using ncs to code a new abs module. failing that, is there another way to code an abs module?
  14. Pete Soulby

    My 2003 E39 530i Sport Champagne Edition II thread

    Did your detailer do your engine bay?
  15. Pete Soulby

    Rear hub puller recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend one that they have used? I had a good one for years but it couldn’t get enough of a grip on the rear hub due to the chamfer on the rear of it. My driveshaft is seized tight so it needs to be a beefy one. My alternative is to remove the knuckle complete with hub and driveshaft to get in my vice to remove it or take it somewhere to press out.