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  1. B21playa

    E39 osf window regulator

    All sorted now, thanks though
  2. B21playa

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Idle doesn’t seem bad and I get the problem when hot or cold. It feels like it’s restricted low down, get past 3-3.5k and it seems better. It’s like it will stall if not too careful. Would of been good if someone was local who could compare to theirs. ran a vanos test with my launch scan tool and it fails on both banks saying it’s out of range and to check timing potentially.
  3. B21playa

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Worst thing is there is still a misfire and no fault codes I picked up on my launch scan tool. I only cleaned bank 1 vanos, thinking of doing the other as well and changing seals - never ending. It still goes like stink but low down there seems to be some hesitation Starting to get annoyed with the car, my jobs are building up. Got front discs to do on the e90 and discs all round on the F10 m5 - expenses galore
  4. B21playa

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Thanks Yes tricky, but easier with plenum off. Previous owner had changed thermostat. I’ve reset the adaptations and going to use and see how it goes. Fuel filter changed as well. Need to fix/replace rpa module, get a connector for angel eye, rear parking sensors and change diff oil Hoping to get time tomorrow to stick it in ista and check for any fault codes.
  5. B21playa

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Starter now changed and starts first turn of key
  6. B21playa

    E39 mats

    Pm me how much you want. Also what’s the condition like?
  7. B21playa

    E39 mats

    I have caramel interior, so looking for one to go with it. Currently have some aftermarket black ones. Any pictures?
  8. B21playa

    E39 mats

    Hi all looking for some mats, let me know what you have thanks
  9. B21playa

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Update for those following Window regulator done, just waiting for it to stop raining so I can put door card back on.......all going well but now I have another problem, the starter doesn’t want to engage. Can hear it spin but seems like a stuck solenoid as I’ve managed to bump start it. Any suggestions?
  10. B21playa

    E39 osf window regulator

    As per title, need a drivers front window regulator thanks in advance
  11. B21playa

    Removing drivers window regulator

    Managed to get old one out by fiddling with it, replacement one was no good so need another one
  12. B21playa

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Car is back together now, 1 headlight wired in and waiting for parts for the other. Start window regulator and comw stuck, posted separate thread in e39 section. Once this is done I’m just left with oil change, fuel filter, diff oil and then it needs a good clean and I can then do a few jobs on the f10
  13. Hi all My driver side window only comes down about 2-inches. I’ve take door card off and looks like someone has messed with it before. I’ve got a replacement regulator And managed to get 2 big screw from the clamps off. Edit cable has now come off the rail and I can’t get it back on. Is there a way I get the glass down manually? Cut the cable?
  14. B21playa

    Facelift halo light connector

    Hi all in need of a connector for the halo ring for facelift lights. thanks in advance