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  1. Why have go compare decided to trash a nice looking e28 in their stupid advert?? Surely there is a generic modern shit box out there they could have trashed instead of a classic?
  2. Dash lights stop working the other day I noticed when moving the car about. Simple fix. Loose connection. It’s also developed a misfire on cyl 4. Pulled the cap which looks ok as well as the rotor but might buy another. Plug was fowled so cleaned and re gapped. Same. I notice if you let the lead arc at the cap to create a bigger spark it seems to smooth out so will pull and check leads soon. Shame as they are only a couple of years and only done 2-3k miles. They are magnacore items which I thought were a good upgrade so will have to check if they really are the problem
  3. Quite a few bits done. Finished the ignition last week. Seems the dodgy ignotion switch was the cause of the dim battery light while running. Been trying to work that out for over a year. Had alternator checked etc. Was driving me mad. Rear bumper finally installed today and started to do the rubber stripping as well.
  4. Joss

    Ignition switch removal.

    Cheers to tim. New ignition switch installed and car running nicely.
  5. Joss

    Ignition switch removal.

  6. Can anyone help with the removal of the ignition switch. Mine seems to be either loose or faulty. I remover the lower cowel and several bolts that appear to be holdi v the upper cowel in place but it won’t come free. I can see what looks like loaction pins with washers that seem to make it impossible to remove. From what I can see the ignition switch is held by a grub screw which I believe is loose but I need to access the barrel to check it.
  7. Joss

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Seems your M3 has suffered the same fate as my GTA. Been off the road 4 years now with no hope of it being finished any time soon. My E12 still has a lot of welding to be attended to on the floor. At least from the rear doors back it is now 100% solid.
  8. Joss

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Looking great mate. Did a lot of the same work to mine a few years back. Disappointingly it looks oh so rusty again but hey ho. Should have powder coated.
  9. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Excellent news. Knew he’d come through
  10. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Yes try Tony C/Tony BMW. He knows all
  11. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    At least you'll have a lovely car when it's done
  12. Joss

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    Wish I could help but sadly my dash hasn't been out otherwise it's the sort of thing that I normally do for future reference.