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  1. osealy

    BMW, Westfield or scaffold piece?

    Is a Westfield chassis made from old scaffolding?
  2. osealy

    Active steering

    Dodgy alternator/battery?
  3. osealy

    My Dad's 530d Touring - What’s it worth?

    Will also add that the sunroof is worth a possible 1k as they're impossible to find on a d , at least in Ireland, my last e39 touring glacier had one but threw a swirl flap, maybe not applicable to manual!
  4. osealy

    My Dad's 530d Touring - What’s it worth?

    For ant89. Also glacier green. Was clean when I got it for €650 but after 10k mls driving to the beach in a wetsuit, well
  5. osealy

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    I paid €650 for a 530d touring 193k miles. Now at 202k. Only repairs were 1 tyre and plastic coolant flange under manifold. I got it in a hurry as the engine in my E61 seized at 146k.
  6. osealy

    2003 525d won't start

    The garage that the car was recovered to told me I needed a new pump. My local then repaired/ replaced O ring. It lasted a month or so, then I think they replaced the valve assembly.
  7. osealy

    2003 525d won't start

    Had this problem on my old 525d. Would start on brake cleaner and run. Problem was iirc suction control valve on back of HP pump.
  8. osealy

    Alternator on it's way out?

    I connected multimeter to cigarette lighter. Hopping between 11 and 18 volts.
  9. osealy

    Alternator on it's way out?

    Bad regulator flags all sorts of things. Sls failure. Transmission failure, abs failure, and infinitum!
  10. osealy

    Alternator on it's way out?

    I had active steering. Still no problem.
  11. osealy

    Alternator on it's way out?

    Remember to release the brushes after you fit it. I knew I had to but forgot anyway!
  12. osealy

    Alternator on it's way out?

    Voltage reg is easily changed without removing alternator. About 60€. Fixes over and under voltage. Both of which will kill the battery quite quickly. I know.
  13. osealy

    530d engine swap

    Thanks , worked fine, then not, so I guess vacuum leak or else electric for turbo.
  14. osealy

    530d engine swap

    Hi folks, 04 E61 530d bought at 115k mls. Was grand apart from thermostat and manifold until engine siezed at 145k. Regular oil changes before needed. Anyway I paid some dudes to fit a 2nd hand engine. This turned out to be more trouble than they or I expected. When I eventually got the car back it ran ok for a week but then has no power above 1500 rpm. Starts and idles fine so I guess a vacuum or turbo sensor problem. Any ideas where to look? Can inpa activate or talk to turbo? They also broke the clock spring in steering column so airbag lights were on along with no horn. Ist pic , I guess this should be fixed to something? 2nd this resistor on diagnostic port, what's it for? Bought an e3touring to keep me going, e61 is virtually worthless unless running well and then only about €1700. Help
  15. osealy

    Rythmic vibrations through seat

    What he said.