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  1. polymoog

    water water everywhere!

    despite battling with a leaky boot seal and trying to avoid replacing said boot seal untill my car is painted im having trouble with rainwater getting inside the cabin. i know weve had a lot of rain but the other morning i was greeted by an inch of water in the back seat (drivers side) footwell and im completly at a loss to how it got there. ive had the car over a year and this has never happened before and the car is always parked in the same place it always has on our drive. is it possible for rainwater to enter the boot via the leaky seal and trickle into the cabin and accumulate in the lowest place which is the footwell? if so why has itnever happened before? Also the bit of carpet at the base of the pedals seems to be perminately wet and ive had a really good poke around underneath and there is no holes inthe floor this has me really stumped and im now watching the weather forecasts a lot more closely than iwant to!! has anyone else has this problem and how did you solve it?
  2. polymoog

    Clutch kit anyone?

    the guy has 1.3 million seperate items for sale and the whole thing is automated, as tref has pointed out 3rd party software automatically increases the price by aprox a thousand percent so it holds its place in ebay ranking system until stock is available and then the price automatically falls to the correct level so that some one might actually buy one! some big companies are into ebay now ( including BMW) and this is pushing smaller companies like mine by the wayside, hope this helps
  3. polymoog

    How many/what's your E28

    01. Bm0p700f 1986 525e/ 527i manual. 02. tonka12 M535i 03. tonka12 M535i 04. tonka12 525e 05. tonka12 535ise 06. Splondike - 1985 M535i dog leg manual, Agate green. 07. Tig9619 - 1986 M535i auto now manual turbo (poss S38) 08. sepia - 1983 525e 09. sepia - 1987 M535i manual 10. sepia - 1986 528i auto (missing lots of bits) 11. Darren Spratt - 1985 528iSE Auto 12. Darren Spratt - 1986 528iSE Auto 13. babisbabou 1984 BMW E28 528i_T 14. duncan-uk - 1986 M535i 15. Hippie Dave 1987 520i lux manual (cirrus blue) 16. Hippie Dave 1987 528i SE automatic (bronzitbeige) 17. jonah - 1987 528iA (thousands of pieces) 18. jonah - 1986 525i (in storage) 19. ad1980 - 1987 M535i manual 20. Tims - 1987 M535i manual (Dog Leg) 21. npm325 - 1987 M535i Manual (dog leg) 22. Deskfrs - 1985 M535i Manual Diamond schwarz 23. E28Nick - 1987 M535i Manual (Dog Leg), LSD, Apline White, 147k 24. Jam172 - M5 nr 172 (track car) 25. Jam172 - 1985 525e 26. Jam172 - 528i (Distastefully modified ) 27. Galvanics - 1986 528i Auto / B10 engine fitted (nearly finished) 28. AndyB - 1986 535iSE 29. JustE28525i - 1986 525i Manual 30. Matt - 520i 1985 Manual AUSTRALIAN 31. Tusker - 1985 Alpina B2.8 32. Jimmy - M5 1986 nr 31 dormant. 33. Phatbimma - 1987 520i Lux (worse for wear) 34. Phatbimma - 1987 525e Lux 35. Conan - M5 nr 008 36. ATOHT - '86 M535i 37. Liam Medler - 520i Lux Manual 38. B9 #200 - 1983 Alpina B9 3.5 Manual 39. B9 #200 - 1985 528i Manual 40. Mr Scruff - 1985 M535i Auto 41. Ex Sandip now Robbos - 1986 528i manual (tastefully modded too) 42. dave72-1987 535i bmw motorsport body kit 43. C_Meyers - 1986 525e (Tastefully modded far from original) 44. C_Meyers - 1986 M528i (AUS) recently rescued. 45. C_Meyers - 1987 525e BahamaBeige. Organ donor 46. C_Meyers - 1984 m535i Polaris. Organ donor no.2 47. rob535i - 1987 M535i Auto 48. rob535i - 1987 525e (tastefully original) 49. Horsetan - 1983 535i floorpan and mechanicals + 1988 M5/6 suspension. 2-door body on top 50. pnichols - 1985 520i (strictly original) 51. broadie777-1987 525i auto 52. Desertfox - 1985 535i 53. Desertfox - 1985 535i 54. Hamish77 1985 M535i Dogleg being Redeemed @ Beemer Redeemer (Fritz Bits etc) 55. Smokeydan 1986 528i diamond black manual donor 56. Smokeydan 1985 M535i diamond black manual still makin me smile every day 57. landymanrob 1982 525i manual opal green 58. Irish E28 1985 M535i Zinnobar Red / rust manual soon to become doner 59. Irish E28 1987 M535i Zinnobar Red manual with Fritz Bits exhaust & 6 branch, soon to get Hartge wheels & lowered susp 60. Irish E28 1987 525i Diamond black manual with full kit missing loads of bits will sometime become an M535i 61. WVe28 - 1982 528i - Modified by MK Motorsport 62. oz535i - 1987 535i auto..daily driver 63. oz535i - 1986 M535i manual.. weekend driver 64. ka-50 - 1987 528i SE, diamond black, manual 65. c8sdd - 1985 E28 525e auto, cosmos blue metallic, transformed into low geared 527i stroker. 66. Crusher - 1984 520i Sapphire Blue, manual 67. itma_its_easy - 1986 535i - standard but for Spax PSX and - praises be! - 16" wheels! 68. Jacko - 1986 M5 - White with a hint of rust 69. Jacko - 1986 M535i - Agate Green, dogleg 70. ezzysi - 1987 518i Zinnobar Red, manual 71. droptheclutch - 1987 M535i 'Christine' - Zinnobar Red, Manual, track day toy, as in Oct '08 Total BMW Mag 72. garym535i 1986 M535i auto articblau 73. red35 1985 M535i Manual Red 74. dalecat - 1984 520i Auto 75. Steve H - 1985 528I manual - Gold/Teddy bear brown interior 76. Nickellese - 1985 M535I, Manual 77 Chris100 1983 528ise henna red manual 78 Chris100 1986 m535i in primer dog leg box (body kit removed and fitting bumpers). 79. Eamo 1987 Diamond Black M535i Dogleg Box 80. HotboxDeluxe - 1985 M535i dogleg, Arktisblau with "character", OTR 2015-ish 81. Robbo 528iAse Alpine White 82. Robbo M535i Dogleg Alpine White 83. ANDYM535 M535 Alpine white manual 84. Sharky Royal Metalic Blue 1987 M535i 85. JStone - 1988 520i Lux, Manual, Delphin Metallic 86. Lance1a - 1986 M535i, 1986 - 2.7 ETA, 87. hollywood - 1983 525e 88. Harrier Gr9- 1987 E34 M20B25 engined E28 525i 89. Drunkenbum - 1985 M535i Manual 90. KingM535i - 1986 M535i, overdrive manual, original block with reconditioned head, arctic blue metallic with some rust and battle damage. Much loved classic tank. 91. Tigran - 1987 525e - Project Rusty Streak 92. M535simon - 1986 M535 auto 93. Eldarvanyar - 1984 520i Polaris Silver Auto Time Warp 94. d12ews 1987 E28 528ise 95. ror33 - E28 520i (tastefully modified) 96. ed525sport - 1983 E28 528i 97. umquat - 1986 E28 520iA 98. jonpe69- 1987 e28 528i Alpina White, recaro interior 99. Microcar - 1988 e28 535i SE Dark Green. The best! 100. D12ews - 1987 Alpine White, e28 528 with 535 bottom end. 101. nicey - 1987 525e, white,completely original, 250k, still mint + original 102 86m535i - 1986 M535i Lachsillber metallic stick.Garage Queen 103 86 m535i - 1988 535IS diamondschwartze stick. Daily driver 104 M5wagon - 1986 M5 (#77 of 187 RHD UK cars) 105 M-Sport - M535i Auto 86 D reg articblua 106 ducklord - 82'520i-1982 520i manual X reg copper-red met,daily hack,pretty mint and original,91K 107 Readie - 1986 m535i, dogleg, alpine white, bit of weight reduction, now investing in brakes and suspension. 108 nutgone - 1985 525e, zinnober red, keeping it original (within reason) 109 Chemicalal - 1985 525e, Saturn Blau, pretty mint and original - FBMWSH & 77k 110 olly22n - 1987 535i se Zinnober red, 177k 111 counterfit_hero - 1987 535e some kind of silver? 104k about to be restored/modified 112. BMWLOVER - 1984 525i Auto, burgundy, beige interior, been round the clock a few times, owned since 1985 113. BMWLOVER - 1985 520i Auto, red, beige interior, 107k 114. BMWLOVER - 1988 520i Manual, red, mint black interior, 98k, stunning car 115. Alex - 1983 528i se Manual dogleg, Schwarz, 260k 116. minicooper172 - 1986 "Zender" 535iSE manual, Alpine White 117. MartyP1977 - 1987 Lachs Silver 528i 118.Alfie 1. 528i manual, 1987, silver, 135k. 119 Alfie 1. M535i, manual, 1986, diamond black, 60k, 2 owners incl me from new. Totally original. 120 abdoosh00 - 1986 M535i, manual, silver, 130k 121. snakebrain - 528iSE project, Zinnoberrot, 9k, allegedly! 122. jaguar1 - 1986 M535i, polaris silver, 280,000k LHD bought in Germany in 96. Going through an engine change as you read this!!! 123. domino71 - m535i ex demo 47,761 auto 124. Zackpl - 1986 528i SE, Agate Green, LHD from France factory dog-leg with LSD, FSH, one previous owner. 125. Dapperdon - M-Tec 528ise morphed into e28 M5 with 3.6 e34 motor 126. Rotta - 1987 525e lux cirrus blue metallic 107k pacific blue interior 127. The G-Man - 1986 525e Lux 128. Polymoog - 1983 528i Manual Hennarot - slowly restoring back to rude health Can't believe i have'nt put my name on this this yet (waiting to enter my name at entry 528!!!!!) :mrgreen:
  4. polymoog

    Henna Red E28 528i 1983, Rolling Project

    the car was indeed sold by LJK garages ltd in essex the sales executive whose card is still in the wallet is Russell Jaques. does this name sound familiar? do you have any other info about my car or a picture by any chance? thanks
  5. not mine im sorry to say but a better example ive yet to see and seems to be VERY good value for money. Tot up a decent engine rebuild and a paint job and that leather.... and mine starts to look very poor value http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1987-BMW-M535i-E28-restored-classic-not-too-many-left-now-/130694739476?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1e6e037614#ht_2322wt_99
  6. polymoog

    1982 e28 528i manual in white - anyone know it?

    Ive also got a sunroof wind deflector! i did't realise they were sought after? could'nt agree more on the tax thing though a rolling 25/ 30 years would make way more sense . wasn't it originally supposed to be a rolling scheme but the government (at the time) was shocked by the sheer amount of older vehicles signing up for the historic class and pulled the rug from under our feet at the thought of losing all that revenue? so its fixed at up to 1972 (i think) which in my opinion makes a car more desirable than a similar car from 1973 (or 4) onwards because of the extra expense. Cheap classic insurance and free road tax means you can always add another car or two to your collection without braking the bank and im all for that!
  7. polymoog

    520i Project

    Would that be "little" Pete at Malin Bridge by any chance? ive had a few bits from him last year
  8. polymoog

    520i Project

    Car looks really well! first time ive seen your car Look forward to seeing it (and you) driving round Chesterfield some time soon!
  9. polymoog

    Henna Red E28 528i 1983, Rolling Project

    The arch trimming guide was indeed useful Jonah, after taking the car out on the road properly there was some slight rubbing !! however as the chrome arches have done an excellent job of rotting the original arches underneath it was easy enough to grind them down (read crumble in my hands!) to a more roomy size. i then bent over the edge of the chrome arches to a smooth lip using a vice and a small hammer before refitting so no sharp edges are able to cut the tyres or to fail the MOT. Incidently the arches must be stainless steel ( or titanium or something! ) as they are in PERFECT condition with not one mark on them despite crumbling the arches they are attached to! when the car is to be repainted (in the original henna red by the way kingludba) i will have the new arches properly rolled to accomodate these wide wheels and tyres. Cheers Polymoog
  10. polymoog

    Henna Red E28 528i 1983, Rolling Project

    Despite me keeping the car in the dry all winter and bringing her back out of hibernation last week, it was MOT day today and i had to drive there in SNOW!! (first and last time hopefully) Any way ive owned this car for almost a year now and this is the first MOT ive taken the car for, usual sweaty palms and anxiety whilst you pace up and down the waiting room looking through the glass while some grease monkey prods and pokes your beloved! The car only failed on one small issue of the back brakes binding and easily rectified by a stripdown and rebuild of the bloody inboard handbrake. I used to have a mk 2 golf GTI and every MOT the car failed on the same thing as the back discs don't really do any work and seize up through lack of use. has any one else had this problem and will upgrading the brakes from an E34 solve this issue? On a more positive note im pleasantly surprised that this was the only issue on this car and maybe she's in better nick than i give her credit for. i must thank the last owner for that really has he had the car for about 12 years. cheers for now Polymoog
  11. polymoog

    Heresy I'm sure but when did Mercs get sh!t?

    very hard decision to make merc or bee emm and i still cant decide .............. so have one of each, one for saturday nights and one for sunday best!
  12. polymoog

    Henna Red E28 528i 1983, Rolling Project

    came to heath once last year and was dissapointed by the lack of elderly bm's in attendance. i was hoping to pick the brains of another E28 owner but were told there wasn't any, is that still the case? there was a lovely old seven owned by a kind gent but all the rest were much too modern for my liking. Newer cars just don't do it for me ( no offence to other members) cheers polyrmoog
  13. polymoog

    Henna Red E28 528i 1983, Rolling Project

    i have 235, 40 tyres on the back and the arches aren't rolled and there is not much of a gap! as the back arches are mainly filler anyway i thought i might have a go at them with a power file and see if i can get a bit more of a gap happening. well done hippie dave for having the guts to speak your mind about the chrome arches. truth be told i don't mind em either but they have to go as i can see the rust trap they have created. when i take them off i will send them to you if you like them that much!! cheers polymoog
  14. polymoog

    Henna Red E28 528i 1983, Rolling Project

    Good afternoon one and all sorry for not posting for some time as life and work gets in the way of toys and play! bin lurking plenty though keeping my eye on the forum and commenting on the odd thread here and there, Any way to bring you up to date, not much has happened, the car has been stored all winter waiting ...... I was supposed to be stripping and rebuilding it this winter but that plan has now changed and ill be doing her bit by bit as i keep her on the road. Plan now is to get the rest of the parts i need and book her in to a bodyshop at the end of this summer, get the arches and that done, repaint and back on the road NEXT year, but in the mean time there will be plenty of updates as the project moves forward. i have managed to fit the stainless exhaust and it sounds amazing really makes the car come alive, ive also had some tyres fitted to the 17" alpina's i bought and they are now on the car. They also look great but im not sure if they will rub on the back yet as ive only driven it on the industrial estate where i work, Im too tight to tax it for the road until the weekend comes so i can have it start April - Oct expect many more updates now we've both come out of hibernation and in the meantime some more eye candy! Many thanks Polymoog
  15. polymoog

    To give away. this is not a sell thread!

    a real gesture for the common good of the great E28, Long live the E28, and don't let the b@stards grind you down!!