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    got my project nova xe and now my e34
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    bmw 525i sport (e34)
  1. It was my fault, I didn't think and just unplugged the clocks and took them out to change the bulbs. You learn from your mistakes as they say;) David
  2. Ah thanks for that mate
  3. Need some help guys, Got a buyer on his way to look at my e34 and I forgot that the light had come on when I changed the bulbs in the clocks Does anyone know how to clear the airbag light???
  4. dc1984

    What to do what to do E34 525ix

    Don't mean to be an arse, but the lad asked for an opinion. He is just giving a bit of info to get a decent reply. David.
  5. dc1984

    What to do what to do E34 525ix

    Having the same problem with my 525i sport, can't decide if am better to fix it for the next mot or just break it. Is there much cash in the engine, box etc??? David.
  6. dc1984

    A few pics of my e34 525i sport

  7. dc1984

    A few pics of my e34 525i sport

    Thanks guys, The fogs and main beam lights cost a fortune to do, lol it cost me £7 +p&p for a roll of yellow window tint film from ebay:) love the look of them plus its 100% legal:) I think the interior was standard on the sport. Its in top condition for a car with 142k on the clocks
  8. dc1984

    A few pics of my e34 525i sport

    Cheers guys, it's actually up for sale. But if it doesn't sell I will get the bodywork touched up and possibly a nice set of oem wheels. David.
  9. dc1984

    How many e34's here

    118. (dc1984) E34 525I Sport 1994 manual saloon in silver
  10. thanks mate, i will see about getting new ones asap, it sounds really bad when you drive it:(
  11. sorry mate, dont have much time to get on the internet it was all refitted correct, it seems to be as if metal is grinding when ye go over bumps
  12. Hi folks, since i was last on here i have had my e34 lowered, new brake lines from front to rear, all new brake flexi pipes, new antirollbar bushes and new calliper bleed valves. 1. I have now noticed there is a really bad noise from the NSR, it sounds almost like an old bed creaking could this possibly be bushes on the rear wishbones or mibby the axle bushes??? 2. I am having trouble seeing the mileage at the bottom of the dials could it be a bulb/fuse? thanks David
  13. dc1984

    question about headlights on e34.

    thanks mate, i will take a look:D
  14. dc1984

    question about headlights on e34.

    anyone know if they are H1 or H7 ???