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  1. Dongiov

    Breaking E34 525TDS Manual touring

    Long sold, sorry
  2. Got a photo of the clip? Is it the white one? Geoff
  3. Dongiov

    E34 206s2 and e36 206s2 compatibility

    Hi Davide, where are you getting the code 206s2 from? Geoff
  4. Dongiov

    e34 light part numbers

    Simon I think the short ones are for early headlight sets, without electric headlight adjustment.
  5. Dongiov

    Gear engage R itself!

    Does the selector handle move back and forward without you pressing the button on the underside of the gear selector? If so, the spring in the gear selector has failed and the white rod that's in the selector shaft is not engaging and locking the selector into place. You will need to replace the gear selector as I don't think the spring can be replaced.
  6. Hi as per the title, am after a E34 540i 6sp prop shaft and shift linkage If you have one please send me a PM. Thanks
  7. Dongiov

    Smooth M50B20tu for sale.

    Kit, I have dropped you a message, Cheers Geoff
  8. I've just checked the price on one part, 61131376191 . Its 1 euro for 25 pieces. The corresponding snap-in receptacle, 61131376202, is 0.6 euro for 25 pieces. If you have any issues ordering these parts from BMW drop me a PM, Cheers Geoff
  9. Dongiov

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    Simon so pleased to see this on the road, it's a long while since I saw it at your old mansion. Minor correction, Avus was of course used on late model limited edition 525i sports in the UK.
  10. Dongiov


    What engine are you after?
  11. Dongiov

    E34 M5 Touring.

    Including delivery?
  12. Yes I spotted the comforts but good luck finding a pair of beige sports seats. Ultra rare.
  13. Kev, I will send you a PM with my phone number. Cheers Geoff
  14. Hi Siras and welcome to the forum from another long term iX owner and breaker. That invoice looks very genuine (the BHP figure is correct) so it looks like this is an undocumented RHD Alpina Allrad touring, the only touring so converted. Although you don't say it, from the vin I can tell it is an automatic. I recently saw the only surviving saloon and supplied a key part for it so if you need anything please PM me. I also keep a register of iX's and this is a new one to me so some photos would be appreciated. Your restoration plans sound, comprehensive and well justified, most of the iX's I have broken were scrapped due to rot. Being winter cars they were very exposed to salty conditions and unless properly washed down properly afterwards, have a lot of rust issues nowdays. Anyway feel free to ask questions, good luck with the restoration. Cheers Geoff
  15. Dongiov

    E39 propshaft

    Tim Pollock may have one. He's got some 530i's in for breaking.