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  1. Dongiov


    I've this conversion in mind should my Nikasil M60B30 fail. My favoured option would be dressing the 3.5l block up as a M60 engine rather than putting all the vanos stuff in.
  2. Dongiov

    BMW E34 Touring rear self leveling shocks

    Old barge there are two types of SLS shocks. Sports and standard. Which type are you after?
  3. Wanted, one or two Style 18 17" 8J rims with or without tyres. Part number is 1182300 or 36111182300. Offset is ET20. Thanks
  4. Dongiov

    e34 parts

    Miki, am sending you a PM. Geoff
  5. Dongiov

    Slightly knackered e34.....

    Bet it's still on a SORN.
  6. Dongiov

    Bmw e34 parts

    HI Tony, please put up a list of what you need, I hope either I or Tim Pollock can supply what you need. Geoff
  7. Dongiov

    E34 540 - left bank not firing

    Fuel injectors blocked? I have a set of working Lucas injectors if you want to change yours over?
  8. Dongiov

    E34 Style 18 9J wheel(s)

    Wanted, one or two 9J Style 18 wheel(s) in good condition or alternatively a pair of 8J wheels. Part number for the 9J is 36 11 1182 301. Thanks Geoff
  9. Dongiov


    Vanos or non vanos?
  10. Dongiov

    e34 525ix zf5hp18 speed sensor

    Got the viin yet, Miami? Geoff
  11. Hi, am after a throttle body off either an M60B40 as fitted to E31/E34/E32/E38 or off a non vanos M62B35 or M62B44 as fitted to E31/E38/E39 Part number is 13541741671 Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks Geoff
  12. Dongiov

    E39 535i

    A couple of questions, what's the fuel economy of a 535i like? And does the vanos version deliver much of an improvement in fuel economy?
  13. Dongiov

    Door card clip

    I assume you need front. Which side and what's the number on the clip?