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  1. Matt

    M539 restorations

    I've been a subscriber for over a year now. He's very good, but I think he's stretching himself too thin with too many cars now and the gaps between videos on specific cars is too long in my opinion. The engineering work he does is great to watch and he's pushed me into doing a lot more work on my own car and making sure its up to scratch.
  2. Matt

    My 2015 535i MSport Touring (F11)

    That looks very nice, I'm on the lookout for a 535i touring myself, got to have the sunroof and oyster interior. Seem to be as rare as hens teeth.
  3. Matt

    Where do you guys get parts from?

    Does this still hold true, I've just knackered an alloy on Dorset's wonderful potholes.
  4. Same thing happened to me yesterday. I parked up to pop into Tesco's. I was gone 5 minutes. Came back, and a pterodactyl with the squits vacated his bowels all over my car.
  5. I would most likely do the same, bank some of the money and put the rest of it into the F10. But who are we kidding, none of us are going to win
  6. So tempted to have a punt on that. EDIT: I did
  7. You, me and ajl530d by the looks of it. All Dorset based. If you work in IT aswell, we have the trifecta :)
  8. Matt

    Late BMW F10 530i / D or Audi A6?

    You must stick with diesels, or are petrols an option? I can't look past the F10 right now, its a lovely thing and great value. I have a 535i SE, understated but goes well when you poke it with a stick. As others have said, I've given Audi 2 chances, and both chances, the S-Lines nearly put me in traction. Mazda make great cars and the Skyhook suspension makes for a great ride. Lexus for me are a bit meh unless you find a good ISF with an LSD.
  9. I'm surprised they only cordoned off one lane, no idea how bad it could be.
  10. Dorset, and the roads here are terrible. Council spends all the money on tea and scones and leaves the roads to rot. I hate driving the car down here because the wheels take a battering, but I didn't fit them, the first owner specced them when he bought the car. They are genuine and worth a few quid, so I put up with it. This happened yesterday up the road from me ITV West Country News: Warning after huge sinkhole opens up on busy Dorset road
  11. Cheeky git I never use the damn thing. It runs on 20" multispoke wheels, but it just always seems to be caked in brake dust within a couple of days of cleaning it. The wheels are a nuisance to keep clean hence why the pad change is being considered. Its running standard pads now.
  12. Talking of brakes, I've been thinking of changing my pads. The amount of brake dust that comes off them is ridiculous. A US colleague runs Akebono pads on his 7 series and recommended them. Has anyone used them here?
  13. I've got the same issue with mine. I was looking on the BMW shop, and it looks like the grab handle is available as a separate part. Its not cheap though.
  14. Yep, you are right. I've ordered the replacements.
  15. If you don't mind me asking, how much was that as I need to replace mine along with the grab handle as the leather is all worn away.