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  1. Chump123

    Can diesel go off?

    The bio-content of diesel is hygroscopic so it can absorb moisture. This can create an environment which encourages bacterial growth in the fuel which can damage filters and injectors. Hopefully your fuel filters will stop this but it might not be worth the risk. See this web page for more information: Diesel Contamination
  2. Chump123

    Sport gear knob

    It is much shorter than the standard gearknob, which is what I wanted because I did not want to go to the expense of a short shift kit. It is quite heavy and so gives a good feel to the gearchange: it works well. I found that although it clicks in place properly it was quite easy to pull off again, so I put a little silicon sealant inside which once it cured holds it in place OK. I did not want to use glue because I thought that it would be too difficult to remove the gearknob if the need ever arose. It should be possible to overcome the adhesion of the silicon with a bit of brute force.
  3. Chump123

    Sport gear knob

    No I just ordered from the eBay listing with no modification.
  4. Chump123

    Sport gear knob

    As per previous post I ordered one of these gearknobs: it arrived pretty quickly and I am very pleased with it. I'd happily recommend and a bargain at the price paid.
  5. Chump123

    pdc sensors

    What is the "ticking" test?
  6. Chump123

    Problems with BMW battery

    Battery fitted and car now restored to rude health!
  7. Chump123

    Problems with BMW battery

    I hardly think they would have time to search forums to try to weedle out of warranty claims, never mind being able to connect the two events. However I have just ordered a Bosch unit from Euro Car Parts for £110 including free same day delivery.
  8. Chump123

    Problems with BMW battery

    I am told that they can tell if the battery has been flattened from the car's systems.
  9. Chump123

    Problems with BMW battery

    I'd appreciate some advice. The battery in my car was replaced just under two years ago with a brand new BMW unit. The battery is now properly f**ked. The car has spent some considerable time over the last two years when it was unused and hence the battery was run flat. I am told that BMW will test the car before agreeing to any warranty replacement and will say that the warranty is invalid due to the fact that the battery was allowed to run flat. So unless there is a solution to this issue it looks like I will need a new battery. A new battery (fitted) from BMW is somewhere between £160 and £180. Is it worth paying this or should I just get a decent Bosch battery from Eurocarparts? Is there some re-programming of the car required as part of the installation of the new battery? If programming is needed is this achieveable DIY or do I need to visit a dealer? Any other advice on how to fix this at least sensible cost? Thanks in advance for any help offered......
  10. Chump123

    Sport gear knob

    Thanks for confirming what I suspected. I'll order one and see if its any good.
  11. Chump123

    Sport gear knob

    Already sent a message, but don't hold out much hope for getting a sensible answer from the Chinese.
  12. Chump123

    Sport gear knob

    What do people think the chances of this fitting an e39 are? eBay link to gear knob
  13. Chump123

    Wrap the wood?

    Here is an interior photo. I meant to include one in the original post.
  14. Chump123

    Wrap the wood?

    I'm not too keen on the wood trim in my e39. Any thoughts on whether wrapping it would improve the look - what finish to choose? I'm not sure piano black would suit the colour scheme - what do you think?
  15. Chump123

    530i sport manual, where are they??

    I have one too. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk