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  1. Ok Richard,thank you i'll have a look at the firmware.
  2. Hello all,my intravee is now randomly switching to the radio again and is doing it more often any ideas as to why,i have 7155 version loaded on to it just now.
  3. Just noticed mines was doing the same but al fixed thanks Richard.
  4. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    All done richard thank you for your help.
  5. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    Ok richard thank you will give it a go over the weekend.
  6. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    Yeah that's the version i have.
  7. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    No never put a space anywhere,tried typing welcome and still get the same thing command unrecognised command.
  8. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    i never put a space in it,i have the latest firmware,do you mean a space before welcome?
  9. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    Hi richard when i type'' welcome'' on it's own i get unrecognised command
  10. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    Thanks richard
  11. Jason M5

    Welcome text on IKE

    How do i switch the welcome message off?
  12. Jason M5

    Firmware V6.02-7109

    Ok Richard thanks
  13. Jason M5

    Firmware V6.02-7109

    Hi richard,when i'm playing an album on my ipod via the intravee and want to search for a song when i select search then song i'm getting the full song list of songs from the ipod and not the songs on that particular album i'm listening to is this normal?
  14. Jason M5

    Noel's F10 MSport

    Lovely car,but the white wheels not sure about them.
  15. Jason M5

    RIP Donut

    Shocking news,Thoughts with his family at this sad time.