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  1. Matthew Ashton

    F11 2012 520D SE Front Spring

    I assume you have a broken spring, ask for a quote from Cotswold BMW through this forum.
  2. Matthew Ashton

    F11 2012 520D SE Front Spring

    You can only get part numbers for springs from a BMW dealer for some reason.
  3. Matthew Ashton

    Stop start not working.15 plate 5 series luxury touring

    Ok, what’s the question? For Start/Stop to activate there are numerous conditions that need to be met.
  4. Matthew Ashton

    My 2011 Bmw F10 535i is making strange noises?

    Thanks Mike, I stand corrected.
  5. Matthew Ashton

    My 2011 Bmw F10 535i is making strange noises?

    This is a bit of a random post. Diagnosing noises with no car and/or no audio or video to watch/listen to is nigh on impossible. Your car has a timing chain (not belt) but issues on the N55 with its timing chain are rare, if at all.
  6. Matthew Ashton

    My F01 - software updates

    is there an issue you need to fix as just doing a full car update will probably not offer any noticeable value. ISTA is only good for programming the car if used with a dealer level ICOM Device. For DIY programming it would be ESYS with an ENET cable. That cable with ISTA will allow diagnostics only. Just the oil pan (that includes the filter) and the oil is all you need. If you took it to ZF themselves, but only in Germany, they would strip the mechatronics and check for any issues there too, a bit far to go though
  7. Matthew Ashton

    E61 owner soon to be potentially F10 owner

    ISTA was introduced for the Fxx chassis cars so depending on the version you have it should work. Something like v4.10 will be ok for diagnostics on any Fxx car you buy. You will need to buy an ENET cable though. Just search on eBay for one of those.
  8. Matthew Ashton

    g30 520D JERKING

    You seem to have a number of issue with your car, get it to a BMW garage and let them diagnose the issues as you will be chasing your tail for days like this. It could be your EGR valve but also could be one of many other things.
  9. Matthew Ashton

    F11 hid kit flickering please help

    It is the HID bulbs causing the issue and not the car so the bulbs will have to be replaced with something that has better compatibility.
  10. Matthew Ashton

    G30 2017 520D BATTERY

    Look at the Foxwell diagnostic tools, others on here have used them successfully.
  11. Matthew Ashton

    G30 2017 520D BATTERY

    That message has nothing to do with the battery. Don't start replacing random parts to address potential issues, this can be very costly and you'll never get to the bottom of the issue. Either equip yourself with a good diagnostic tool or, instead of throwing money away on random parts, spend the money with a reputable specialist or a BMW dealer to diagnose properly.
  12. Matthew Ashton

    G30 2017 520D BATTERY

    Why do you need a new battery? The AGM batteries fitted to these cars should last at least 8 years.
  13. Matthew Ashton

    Reversing camera startup

    2017 G32 with surround view here and when selecting reverse I get the guide lines straight away.
  14. Matthew Ashton

    Door lock not working

    Not sure why your rear doors doesn't unlock with the rest of the central locking (check wiring) but your other symptoms point to a change of a door unlocking behaviour setting in the iDrive.
  15. Matthew Ashton


    No, I don't think its a case of losing the its certification, probably to do with BMW improving the specification and some oils fall off the list.
  16. Matthew Ashton


    Yep, that's my go to oil as well.
  17. Matthew Ashton


    BMW list oils from many manufacturers that conform to the LL04 specification. Castrol, Shell, (Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5w30 is on the BMW list but according to the Mobil data sheet it is not LL04 certified), and many more are there in 0w30, 5w30 and 5w40 grades.
  18. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Parking Sensors Problem

    The PDC module is found behind the glove box against the left side of the body and is a small box with 2 multiplugs attached. It is separate from the fuse box.
  19. Matthew Ashton

    DIY retrofit reversing camera - COMPLETE

    Everything you read here is relevant to the F11. The only difference being the routing of the wiring through the hatch hinge and the installation of the camera. There is already wiring there for the hatch opener so you just need to remove the trim and follow that wiring.
  20. Matthew Ashton

    PDC wiring layout - nearside sensors don't work

    PDC Module issue? water on the boot floor affecting the module connections?
  21. Matthew Ashton

    PDC wiring layout - nearside sensors don't work

    Each sensor is directly and individually connected to the PDC module in the boot.
  22. Matthew Ashton

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    Still naughty! Where do you find a workshop like that to work on your car? I want one.
  23. Matthew Ashton

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    That caliper hanging by the brake line is just a poor show by the technician! Nice looking car though and I like the new suspension parts.
  24. ISTA ( the thing shall not not be named) is possibly your only other option?