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  1. Matthew Ashton

    Screen wash bottle level sensor.

    It is a capacitive sensor. Washer fluid level sensor The washer fluid level sensor detects a drop below the required washer fluid level in the washer fluid reservoir. The washer fluid level sensor is secured to the side of the washer fluid reservoir. Functional description The sensor is a capacitive fill level sensor with contactless measurement through two small lances. The washer fluid level sensor supplies a modified signal when the filling level of the washer fluid is too low. The information appears in the TFT display in the form of a Check Control message in the instrument cluster. The washer fluid level sensor is connected to the Body Domain Controller (BDC). The signal is transmitted to the instrument cluster on the PT-CAN. Item Explanation Item Explanation 1 Expansion tank 2 Capacitive sensor with 2-pin plug connection 3 Windscreen washer pump 4 Capacitive sensor with 2 lances (shown: Expansion tank, view from inside)
  2. Matthew Ashton

    Auto wiper LED

    Yep, mines easily visible in daylight.
  3. Remove the washer reservoir and clean it off the car, that way you can get at the filter and manually clean it as the other advice in this thread has failed for you,
  4. Matthew Ashton

    Which F10 Discs don't warp

    BMW fit BMW discs to their cars, very difficult to validate this or know which brands make up the full complement, but while their brake pads are generally Galfer or ATE, BMW manufacture many of their own discs at their Berlin plant. And yes, they guarantee all parts fitted for 2 years so there is the likelihood that they will replace them if they are not up to standard and do in fact warp.
  5. Matthew Ashton

    530D 2010 N57 Valve Cover Leaking

    Found this video where the valve cover was removed without removing the intake manifold:
  6. Matthew Ashton

    F10 2016 12v socket do not work, fuse is fine

    easy test with a multimeter, switch the engine on and poke the red probe straight down and touch the centre dot of metal - positive feed and the black probe touch anywhere on the sides. Just don’t bridge the bottom dot and the sides nor allow the probes to touch while taking the measurement. If there is voltage it’ll be between 13 and just under 15vdc
  7. Matthew Ashton

    What to look for when buying used f11

    On the 5GT, the sunroof blind will fail at some time, the material comes away from the runners. Roof liner out job to fix and some people just dark tint the sunroof and remove the material. The rear airbags will have failed sometime during its life since 2010. Look on here for the sticky for the F11 rear airbags as they share the same rear air suspension set up. Adaptive suspension was a factory option and few cars were specified with it. The airbag set up is the same, you just get variable dampers and potentially active roll bars. Look out for the handbrake mechanism failing. The actuator is a common weak point. Look for the sticky thread on here regarding the yellow grommet and wet rear passenger carpets. Easy fix and a rare issue on the 5GT. The features are a personal requirement, I look for well equipped cars, so pro-Nav with the wide screen, MSport model which has sport seats and different body kit, at least business speakers which provide 12 speakers and a separate amp, reverse camera or surround view as this is a big car (I use my surround view often), Adaptive bi-xenon headlights are a must.
  8. Matthew Ashton

    F10 2016 12v socket do not work, fuse is fine

    The socket between the cup holders is fed from F54 which you’ve checked. Have you used a multimeter to do a definitive test of voltage at the socket? Unless you’ve done some work that could have disrupted the wiring I’d say it is an unlikely cause. It is odd though that the rear 12v socket under the rear air vents works as this one is fed from the same F54 fuse.
  9. Matthew Ashton

    Buying a 530e G30

    Yes, that's a blank panel on yours - base sound system, it would be perforated if you have anything above the base sound system. All UK G3x cars come with the large screen, the lesser version of headunit/screen was never a standard nor option here.
  10. Matthew Ashton

    Buying a 530e G30

    Standard Radio - 6 speakers - no amp - no tweeters, no tweeter covers HiFi - 12 speakers - Amp HK - 16 speakers - Better Amp B&W - 16 flashy speakers - even better Amp All have a subwoofer under the front seats of differing qualities
  11. Matthew Ashton

    Speed Limit Info fault

    The speed limit info uses the combination of the SatNav data (as you mention) along with the KAFAS windscreen mounted camera. I would put your issue down to the SatNav issue rather than a specific Speed Limit Info issue initially and would look to get that resolved. First port of call will be to get the car's fault codes read as the SatNav issue could be down to a number of things including the Aerial in the roof mounted fin.
  12. Matthew Ashton

    DIY retrofit reversing camera - COMPLETE

    Yes, in the SVT Window (after you've pressed the "Read(ECU)" button) Click on the CAFD and Click the "Read Coding Data" button Then expand the CAFD folder and right click on the resulting underlying CAFD file and select "Edit FDL" The list as I show above will be presented Change the option as specified Press the save (diskette) button in the bar at the top of the window to save the changes Press the Green "Back" button Make sure the "FA" is Active and if not, right clicking the FA folder and select "Activate FA" Now go to the underlying CAFD file you just edited, click to highlight it and press the "Code FDL" button. Once finished you will close the process window and you should get a Report window Showing 0 errors. Job done.
  13. Matthew Ashton

    DIY retrofit reversing camera - COMPLETE

    "Expert Mode" Then select "Coding"
  14. Matthew Ashton

    DIY retrofit reversing camera - COMPLETE

    @percha is correct. Under HU_NBT and 3001 EXBOX use the search box to search for Macro_Trailer_Coupling and change to aktiv. This image is from my ID6 car so yours will show HU_NBT but the options are the same.
  15. Matthew Ashton

    F10 under tray cover

    Great. Your car is a 520d LCI model with the older N47T engine and Auto box with a build date of October 2013. The under tray part number is: 51757193220. The plastic nuts Andrew mentioned are part number: 07147311312