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  1. Matthew Ashton

    Side View Camera Failure

    Good luck trying to solder Chinese sourced connection on to the cable! These are high speed data cables with extremely thin conductors so will be very sensitive to increased resistance - ever seen someone solder Ethernet cables together? I don’t think so.The other problem of course is that the corrosion attacks the camera pins in many of the cases I repaired rendering the camera useless and with no way of repairing the socket.
  2. Matthew Ashton

    Battery not charging

    Comfort Access is specific orderable option whether pre or post LCI. As you don't have it that obviously rules out the door handles as a potential drain point.
  3. Matthew Ashton


    Rolls Royce is a BMW under the covers anyway so it makes sense that parts like a blower fan motor are interchangeable with other manufacturer products.
  4. Matthew Ashton

    Stop start battery issue

    Get the charging checked via diagnostics which will look at the alternator outputs rather the battery inputs.
  5. Matthew Ashton

    Recent Recall Notice

    Not necessarily. They have changed so many of these EGR valves but they are under no obligation to give you a courtesy car.
  6. Matthew Ashton

    Battery not charging

    Discharging while stationary doesn't necessarily mean the battery is faulty - before you changed the battery did you have a diagnosis done? This is more likely a power drain by some accessory while the car is switched off. If your car is not used much, you are more likely to see this message. Get yourself a charger and connect it under the bonnet to keep the battery topped up. CTEK MXS5.0 is a reasonable charger.
  7. Matthew Ashton

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yours is nothing new and you do have the drainage hole to the right of the grommet as with all of the F10/11/07/01 cars. The tube is attached to a rubber grommet behind the wheel arch liner but the square hole the tube is poking through is where the water will drain away though. Some have the tube and most don't. See my post here where you can see the pipe on my old F11 poking through the drainage area.
  8. Matthew Ashton

    Upgrading alloys to 19 inch?

    You can upgrade to the 19" rims. If the car comes with 20" rims it too can take 19". Bigger wheels doesn't mean bigger brake discs.
  9. Matthew Ashton

    F11 won’t Rev past 2800rpm

    What would bad look like? Putting any maps back After a full car iLevel version upgrade was mentioned with a focus on the full car iLevel.
  10. Matthew Ashton

    Stop start battery issue

    All this is focussing on the battery but this could be a symptom rather than the cause. The charging circuit is the likely cause - has the alternator been checked by an auto electrician?
  11. Matthew Ashton

    Stop start battery issue

    Battery registration will work whether the battery was replaced or not.
  12. Matthew Ashton

    Stop start battery issue

    Start Stop activation is not just battery charge level related: Switch-off inhibitors Under certain conditions the automatic engine start-stop function must be suppressed: Vehicle is rolling (only vehicles with manual transmission) Vacuum for the brake power assistance too low (only vehicles with manual gearbox) Brake pedal not operated firmly enough, the vehicle is therefore not detected as being sufficiently stopped (only vehicles with automatic transmission) Vehicle is stopped on inclines/downhill gradients > 12 %> Applied steering angle > 6°> Steering wheel movement not completed (otherwise insufficient steering servo) Vehicle with manual transmission was not driven with speed > 5 km/h after last engine shutdown> Vehicle with automatic transmission was not driven with speed > 9 km/h after last engine shutdown> Engine not running at idle speed (accelerator pedal is operated) Reversing Engine operating temperature too low Carbon canister is being flushed Inadequate fuel grade Active transmission adaptation (only vehicles with automatic transmission) Hydraulic impulse storage not yet loaded (only vehicles with automatic transmission) Stop-and-go traffic State of charge of the battery too low Ambient temperature below +3 °C Ambient temperature above +30 °C (with air conditioning switched on) Rain-light-solar-condensation sensor identifies condensation on the windscreen Air conditioning switched on, however passenger compartment not correspondingly heated up or cooled down Braking occurred with Antilock Brake System.
  13. Matthew Ashton

    2013 520d N47 engine preventative maintenance

    There is no cambelt on the N47 engine only a timing chain - Engine or gearbox out job to replace.
  14. Matthew Ashton

    F11 won’t Rev past 2800rpm

    This is a compatibility issue with different age versions of firmware. You need to start by getting the whole car iLevel upgraded.
  15. Matthew Ashton

    Wheel pics of f10 with f25 622m rims

    The rear wheel will be 10mm closer the the suspension so You'd need to make sure it will actually mount on the car. Not seen anyone show pics on this forum with those wheels fitted.