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  1. Matthew Ashton

    F11 Air Suspension Conundrum

    Solenoid valve attached to the compressor? Multiple forum posts relating to this area to investigate.
  2. Matthew Ashton

    Bolt Size question

    It wasn’t the LIM function slowing you down.
  3. Matthew Ashton

    Bolt Size question

    Andrew, LIM is just a limiter and doesn’t brake the car to reduce speed to a newly set lower limit. Braking only happens with cruise control.
  4. Matthew Ashton

    Charge battery warning light

    You not knowing is totally understandable, But your mechanic should have known! Hopefully it is actually done and if I were you I'd be standing over the technicians shoulder watching the process to make sure it gets done. You would be non-the-wiser other than that message on the iDrive.
  5. Matthew Ashton

    F07 windscreen washer bottle leaking

    It is quite an easy job - similar to the F10/11. You may not need a whole new bottle as it could be the seals for the pumps. See here for removal instructions: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f07-530d-sat/repair-manuals/61-general-vehicle-electrical-system/61-71-windscreen-washer-system/1M4ubnim Not sure what the part number is you've provided but here is the part for your car: Part 1 is the reservoir and Part 4 is the pump seal - note you may have more than one pump if you have headlight washers. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=SN62-EUR-08-2011-F07-BMW-530d&diagId=61_2410
  6. Matthew Ashton

    Ambient lighting and software update

    Yes, BMW Connecteddrive App.
  7. See this document Dave. It's from BMW US but it's the wherever in the world. BMW EGR Investigation Details.pdf
  8. Matthew Ashton

    Ambient lighting and software update

    What model F10 is it? Have you turned the cluster brightness wheel up - found next to the headlight knob. My early F11 had ambient lighting (only the early 520d cars didn't have it as a standard feature) and it was plenty bright enough. What is it you want to update? Is there an issue? Personally I wouldn't want it done remotely. I bought a 2010 model in 2011 and it has a software update done by BMW in 2012 and that was the last update - I sold the car in November last year. For someone to do a remote update you would still need a laptop with the relevant software along with an ENET cable. ESYS is the software but it is no longer available. First BMW made it unusable for we mere mortals by stripping all of the descriptors so it was like working blind, but then a chap called "TokenMaster" came to our rescue and built a wrapper programme called ESYS Launcher Premium (and a paid for version - PRO) but he has now vanished from the face of the Earth so no more updates and his software stopped working on 31/12/2018. So, updating software Integration Levels is only available at a suitably equipped Indi or BMW themselves - This is as far as I'm aware. You could of course go and get yourself an ICOM device or emulator and acquire the full ISTA/P package (I mention ISTA below) and update the software with that. Get yourself an ENET cable - plenty of sellers on eBay and I can help you with the download of ISTA (BMW's diagnostic software) which is a fully fledged dealer level product which you can use 1) to see the Software integration level, 2) diagnose faults with the car 3) perform electronic service functions 4) it has a built in workshop manual 5) with the right car interface (ICOM) you could update the car's software if you have the right database. The workshop manual can also be found here - NEWTIS.INFO.
  9. Matthew Ashton

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    If you are an Apple user, download the BMW Driver's Guide app to your phone or iPad. You then register your VIN with the app and you get a customised owner's handbook/guide for your car with its specific features.
  10. Matthew Ashton

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    To reset the favourite buttons 1...8, press buttons 1 and 8 simultaneously for 5 seconds and all presets will be deleted.
  11. Matthew Ashton

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    Congratulations on the car. Keep the engine oil fresh so change it every year instead of every 2 as specified by BMW to keep it running sweetly. Enjoy! The SE and MSport are identical but for the MSport having: Sports seats, Anthracite headlining, Different style of bumper and sill trim, 15mm lowered suspension and different wheels. The rest of the standard equipment is the same between the 2. All of the optional extras were available on both specs of car. If you haven't done so already, pop the last 7 digits of your VIN into MDECODER.com to see the spec and options list for your specfic car.
  12. Matthew Ashton

    G32 M-sport xDrive towbar

    I haven't found front RHD all weather mats I'm afraid. Looking at RealOEM the 5/6 and 7 all have different mats and this would make sense as while they share the CLAR platform they are all slightly modified.
  13. Matthew Ashton

    G32 M-sport xDrive towbar

    PF Jones now shows a Witter detachable for the G32. I've been waiting for the Westfalia towbar to come available but would fit a Witter if I decide to go ahead sooner than later. The Witter doesn't show a restriction on MSport bumpers. Westfalia is showing a towbar type approved for the 6GT I just can't find a retailer with one yet. Make sure you get dedicated electrics. The G31/30 electrics are the same as the G32 and ECS has a kit available.
  14. Matthew Ashton

    G32 floor mats/part number convention

    I looked into these for my 6GT and REALOEM doesn't show front all weather mats for RHD cars. Only the rears that you list above. There is no common logic to the parts numbering.
  15. Matthew Ashton

    BMW F10 2013 Coding

    ESys is no longer usable via the token route as the author, TokenMaster, has stopped all development. There are other options such as EsysX but I've no idea whether it has similar functionality to ESYS. There are hacks about for ESYS if you are willing to search for and tryout.