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  1. robsey29

    E39 M5 bits. Chain guides tensioners ext

    How much you after for all the suspension arms?
  2. robsey29


  3. robsey29


    Just seen that although mister-auto are not the most reliable people to order from mind you. I ordered from the once before they sent the complete wrong thing with a box that was completely damaged and I had a nightmare trying to send it back. You take your chances I suppose!
  4. robsey29

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Just tried that it’s coming out at £495 with vip60
  5. robsey29


    I paid more then this for it just need it gone will put it on eBay as no interest on here.
  6. robsey29

    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    Hi is this still for sale?
  7. robsey29


    Brand new in box luk repset clutch kit for the e39 m5 luk part number 624315000 fits all e39 m5’s no longer needed.
  8. robsey29

    Part quote

    Hi all hope all is well need another part of you could give me a quote. part number 13517616170 my local has given me a good price on it hopefully you can beat it. thanks
  9. robsey29

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Will give it a miss can get it online for the same cost but thanks anyway.
  10. robsey29

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    How much you asking for just the flywheel?
  11. robsey29

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Perfect was it a genuine luk clutch and flywheel?
  12. robsey29


    Hi could you give me a quote on a pair of grills part number 51712158984 51712158985 Thanks
  13. robsey29


    Unfortunately I had to go and get one from my local as I could not wait but thanks anyway. could you also quote for the same chassis number the rocker cover gasket and the oil filter housing gaskets the common ones that always tend to leak. can you make the prices separately. thanks Matt
  14. robsey29


    Hi team can you price me up a new battery for chassis e241914 the original is a 90ah 900cca thanks
  15. I’m in the market for a f10 m5 and been looking for a while now going to view this one on the bay and wondering if anyone knows this car or has been to view already. Original reg number YF61 HLO link https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192781545707