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  1. paolo

    BMW E38 Centre Dashboard Frame

    PM sent.
  2. Another driver went right over a crossroads without seeing it, or me, just the other week and CAT-B'd my beautiful E38 in Orient Blue with standard grey leather, completely original. VIN DB09629, 96k mileage. I'd only had it two weeks, went on holiday to Somerset in it with my lad and then this happened, gutted. I'm selling everything available from the front axle back, except for the engine and gearbox which I'm keeping, oh and the steering wheel airbag ;) Damage was limited to the front end crumpling up to the wheel arch liners and pushing against the tyres. Car had full BMW history with a wallet of receipts including a recent prop shaft, £ouch. PM me with requests rather than reply on here, thanks, Paolo.
  3. Hi, these are sold pending collection from an eBay buyer, will update this page if anything changes. P
  4. Hi, I've someone already interested but will update this post if anything changes. Thanks.
  5. Surprisingly good door seals, possibly replaced at some point by a previous owner, but either way, in really good condition, set of four for an E39 Saloon. £40 delivered.
  6. Breaking my 2002 530d saloon and have the front and rear seats available, front are sports, they're in really good condition and the rears are hardly worn at all. Photos by email no problem. Open to reasonable offers for collection from Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7.
  7. Hi, sorry, they were all recycled this afternoon. P.
  8. Anyone need a Titan Silver E39 door or door glass before they go to be recycled? I've got all four available in good condition, ready to fit, panels* and glass are FREE if collected this week from Clitheroe, Lancashire. *panels have chrome trim, rubbers, window guides and check straps. Locks, handles, regulators and outside plastic trim have been removed and are available to buy for a decent price.
  9. paolo

    e39 winter wheel / tyre combo

    One inch bigger but I've some style 66 for sale with Hankook all round, originally on my 530i touring and more recently the (RIP) 523i, premium tyres with 7mm+ tread less than a year old, see my post in wheels/tyres classifieds. Email me for photos. bmw5 at smartparty dot co dot uk Paolo.
  10. paolo

    E39 SLS Reservoirs

    ologies for the very late response to this, I've been away and completely forgot about it. But managed to get under the car at weekend to inspect, they're a bit rusty but still working of course. I'll be removing them this weekend anyway so will post photos on here. P
  11. paolo

    rain -light sensor loom part

    One of the very few parts remaining on my 2001 tourer before it goes to the skip. Looms! Message me your address. P
  12. I have the rear still on my 530i touring, intact with just a few minor scrapes. Yours for free before the shell gets scrapped next week but I'm up in Clitheroe, Lancashire. There's Holmes Mill in town with the longest continuous bar and loads of ale if you need an excuse for a 'day out' P.
  13. paolo

    E39 SLS Reservoirs

    One of the few bits I have remaining on my 2001 530i touring. I'll get them removed and inspect condition for you when I'm at the car later. Watch this space.
  14. paolo

    E39 Touring Glass Window poorly

    While doing this and getting dirty, it's also well worth taking out the wiper mechanism and giving everything a good clean and grease.
  15. paolo

    Wanted; e39 Driver Side Suspension Arms

    Sent you a message.