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  1. Shame about the Uxbridge show but il be down for this in the Audi S4 get it dynoed hopefully
  2. lol andy, can you print me one out too?!
  3. RomfordSlim

    Lost a Fiver...

    Did you lose it or exchange it for alot of pints and not remember because ive done the latter PLENTY of times!
  4. RomfordSlim

    Lost a Fiver...

    Hi andy, Yeh i was looking around the 5-6 mark, shame your old beauty wasnt on the market!
  5. RomfordSlim

    Lost a Fiver...

    well that day finally came when the M535i got sold... Sold to a nice chap who is planning to keep it in the scene which is good, told him about the 5 forum so expect to see a new member soon. So whats next, my 320d keeping me on the road at the moment but has as much soul as Hitler... Someone find me a cheap E39 M5!
  6. RomfordSlim

    Wheels are on ..

    lovely! Cannot beat BBS on an 80's bm
  7. Finally managed to replace the rotor arm and dizzy cap, was abit of a pain because I didn't/couldn't remove the fan but go there in the end. Was lovely to hear the baby fire up all cylinders blazing, took her for a well deserved detail and drive, god I missed my 5!
  8. Still cant get that pesky fan off. I use the spanner but after some force when it turns its moving the belts etc with it even when i try to hold the belts down no joy. Think its gona be a trip to the local/expensive mechanic. Couldnt even get the sparks out they were jammed in and ive got fek all leverage with the parts i have.
  9. Thanks very much for the input guys, il let you know how i get on in due course! Cheers
  10. Hi Guys, Hope everyone is good and well. Been on hols for the last month so been abit quiet on the forum. Started my car after 2 months sitting on the drive and I think she's developed an ignition fault. I replaced the battery assuming it was that but still having issues firing up. Car struggles to fire up even thought its cranking fine, I suspect that its the Distributor cap / Rotor arm / Sparks as the fueling seems fine once its started. It seems to be idling ok but is probably running off 4/5 cylinders as when you put your foot down, it has severe hesitation. So I was planning to replace the Distributor / rotor / plugs and realised the vicous fan is in the way. Any idea how to remove jsut the Fan, as opposed to the whole fan/radiator assessmbly? Any other thoughts or opinions on the symptoms greatly appreciated? Cheers Neil
  11. RomfordSlim

    Herts meet?

    I can't make it i'm afraid, working up in Leeds for a while
  12. RomfordSlim

    If money was no object...

    or could just turbo a 325ix lol
  13. RomfordSlim

    If money was no object...

    Has anyone ever put an E39 M5 engine in the E28? I've seen it on Forza lol
  14. RomfordSlim

    If money was no object...

    My old scooby was one of the best driving cars i've owned, that was pushing 370 bhp and a sub 4 second 0-60. I've seen someone do the Boxer engine/drivetrain conversion to a mk2 Golf, it would be possible with the E28 I'm sure, would cost a few bob though! still a dream... for now
  15. RomfordSlim

    If money was no object...

    I've always thought of replacing the engine and running gear with one from an Impreza. A four wheel drive boxer engine turboed E28. Give it about 10 years when i've got the cash (i.e. divorced) and it WILL happen