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  1. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Oh Joy, cheers for the heads up! I've not run it yet as its up on ramps with no exhaust as the cat decided to fall apart...was off a donor car at 160000mls and its an original one so not too upset and it gave me the excuse to sort the thermostat housing!
  2. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Finally got around to swapping over the thermostat housing last night!!! - it was leaking so fingers crossed all is sorted. Still on the ECP supplied HAAS one!
  3. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Cheers chicaneuk, to be honest I normally take that approach with most bolts etc.! - I expect there are compression limiters in the part to stop it being crushed at least so should be ok, I'll potentially be doing it tonight....I'll try to remember to feedback on anything I find!
  4. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Incidentally does anyone know the torque value for the thermostat housing bolts? - I don't have a bentley manual etc. for this....
  5. Big Gaz (1)


    You would have thought BMW would be right on top of that wouldn't you? - unless there were some obvious downsides?
  6. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    No stress, part was only 12 quid and I've disturbed it twice already doing the crank sensors, I'll check out the hose situation, I can't recall if my M52 has the plastic hose connections or is standard old school rubber hoses and jubilee clips...
  7. Big Gaz (1)

    E39 530i SE Auto - 2001 - 122000 miles - Spares/repair

    Have you had a diagnostic on it to see if CAM / Crank sensor fault logged?
  8. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Febi one on its way! Can't hurt to swap it out anyway as preventative maintenance if nothing else.
  9. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Hi Gents, I may look in to replacing this (Thermostat housing) then as Mine is 21yrs old and original I think!! Mines not a TU, just a single Vanos job which I think has a slightly different design but might be wrong, but the housing is still plastic, and coolant does disapear even after hoses and radiator etc. have been replaced. I'll have a look at costs...
  10. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Hi Keliuss, Good call, I will have a look mate, I had to loosen 1x thermostat securing bolt to remove the front lifting eye to route the wire so this could be the case.... I will check to see if there is a leak when the missus gets home. By the way BMW UK don't want to know, told me to take it up with the stealership as they are all privately owned and set their own costs and rules.....Well done them for not giving a crap!
  11. Big Gaz (1)

    [E39] aux fan always spinning

    Maybe coolant temperature sensor saying the car is too hot?
  12. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    I've e-mailed BMW UK explaining the situation and asking what they'd like me to do! - We'll see...
  13. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    One thing I did notice was how stiff the sensor wire had gone even though only 6months old, I guess a bit of thermal degradation to the insulation is to be expected but surely a more suitable insulator material should have been specified considering where it sits!
  14. Big Gaz (1)

    2nd Crank Sensor failure in 6 Months...

    Hmm, thanks Clavurion, I'll look on Realoem for the part numbers and ask if BMW want to supply the updated set maybe FOC! - Yeah right
  15. Hi Guys, I had what I assume to be the original 1997! BMW crank sensor fail back in May I think, duly replaced with a new genuine BMW part at £123 and now this one has failed checked on me laptop, also same symptoms as before..... So thinks me, I'll call up the BMW parts dept that I bought the sensor from to see how to go about warranty replacement etc. - So says they: 'You have to bring in the vehicle for diagnostics check, if it shows faulty sensor then we will sort it and diagnostics is free, if not you have to pay for the diagnostics.' I asked if they can perform a bench test of the sensor and I was told 'no, it must be on the vehicle in case it is a wiring issue etc...' (Surely a bench test of the sensor would make more sense as it rules out wiring issues?) So I asked them if they keep the sensor in stock as last time it had to come from Germany, 'none in stock and we won't order it unless you pay for it...' And then I asked how much the diagnostic check is.... '£168+VAT'!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF - how much!! - I confirmed that would be the cost even if I just want them to look at the crank sensor signal only! So effectively to keep continuity of driving my vehicle i need to stump up nigh on £300 You can drive it but it has stalled a couple of times and mostly the Mrs and kids are in it. Sod that, so I bough a HAAS unit for £58 and swapped it in, car fired up straight away and all fine. fearing a wiring fault and me fitting the new sensor just nudging wires back in to contact etc. I swapped between the BMW and HAAS unit 6 times and the fault 100% followed the sensor so I am as sure as can be the sensor is faulty. So, am I being overly sensitive! - It's an old car and not many seem to appreciate them anymore, everyone just wants a range rover on hire purchase etc. but customer service seems to have been lost a bit here really, so I'm thinking of writing a slightly pi$$y e-mail to BMW UK demanding they bench test the sensor or send it to the OE supplier to test and then refund me the cost... Anyone done this before? - Any luck? - I want my £123 back! - or another BMW part at least for when the HAAS one fails! Can the ECU kill its own sensors? - The one I removed seemed ok, no damage to sensor, wiring or plug... was it an inside job!