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    now getting dirty on old cars, spending pension on old car bits in the vain hope they will go again - usually do though.
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  1. urquattro

    Wanted Genuine BMW E39 roof racks for sedan

    worth an enquiry to Cotswold, just in case some old stock around. hth
  2. urquattro

    B10 4.6 755 moves !!

    B10 sold this week, 10 months with virtually no use is not good Sad it gone, luckily did not witness its goodbye, It had 12 months MoT plus full checkover before it was sale concluded. So, would not have missed the experience of Alpina quality and performance.
  3. urquattro

    Few niggly questions.

    Have a word with Tims, he is on the forum as s registered breaker, I have used him many times for odd bits similar to vour lists, particularly the back end wiring, sometimes an unplug squirt with electrocleaner clears out the rubbish and conversely sorts out both functionality and non funuctionality. You may need bit of help re carpet stopping smooth clutch take up, E34 section has many keen members wno will hopefull wad it. hth
  4. urquattro

    Finsbury Park Mosque attack

    absolutely agree, how nice for the senior officer of the mosque to take control of idiots actions and potentential problems. So good to see balanced point of view to basically a terrorist attack. Please do not let this officer of the mosque get swept aside by revenge calls again, we all want to live in peace, that community is there is already picky up responsibilities that other more radical seem to wish to exploit. Well done to a very difficult incident - Finsbury, you are taking a very responsible point of view, in my lowly opinion.
  5. urquattro

    New owner 3.6 M5

    I think Mr B has an affliction called BiTurbo/6speed/3.8/Touring - and one has surfaced for sale.
  6. GLWS of a very good car, sorted out by S, whatever the problem.
  7. urquattro

    Post Brexit Result

    Pretty p/poor if Davis conceding on day 1. needs a common sense advisor to examine the effect of change before we start conceding. no idea, like this Government what the UK bottom line is.
  8. urquattro

    £500 - Relisted for Sale. BMW E39 528i Sport.

    you maybe confusing with me, just sold on here a 2002 silver VR6 fsh, nice car with a few marks re knock around driving.
  9. urquattro

    Post Brexit Result

    Don't know who is silliest on this Juncker re USA stupidity, or Spain being accommodated re Veto by EU crass move and Michael Howard getting the context and comments all wrong. However, the die is cast for Spanish veto, ably supported by our EU no longer colleagues, so change that if UK can. ! I am giving up on Brexit postings now, I can see no commonsense from either UK or EU parties, just slinging as many complications, added trash and punishments that UK may or may not deserve. No idea where this democratic decision by UK will lead us to very soon - doubt and agreement is possible now re above additional complications that arise each and every day. 19 June 2017. well it happening now, kick of started - embraces, gifts exchanged etc. what happens to GB, we shafted now as punishment for daring to want our destiny back ? difficult times over next month - did our politicians/civil servants actually produce a plan or do we go in with blank sheet A4 and take notes as we go.....................
  10. urquattro

    How fast have you been in your 5?

    Amongst my now reduced pile of cars is a 1982 V12xjs with few engine and ecu improvements and getrag five speed box properly converted, I spun it once at around 120 whilst giving it a foot full, got away with it and since then imposed a speed limit of less than 95mph so keep clear of losing licence. Real scary and it just keep rotating but missing road furniture, ditch etc - thank you man upstairs. My Yoshi Suzi endurance bike would be clear of 100 by time got to next neighbour house just 300m or so down the road, it now locked in a private collection It deserves better.
  11. urquattro

    Fathers Day

    Being the old father, I was totally spoiled with cards, presents of wine, dvd,plus phone calls and emails from them both. Also local one called in this pm so had eight of us sat in shade on side lawn. very nice and welcome efforts, I know what S/F means, my dad is still in my thoughts after 40 years.
  12. urquattro

    Prop/driveline vibrations

    LHD 3.8 touring, five speed ? importing from Europe to be an Bi Turbo based 3.8 Alpina Touring clone, a quite unique car if my guess correct and Simon has already secured the car and done the deal. k
  13. urquattro

    Urgent advice needed regarding a trader

    You are much more forgiving than me - I am a bitter old git re the falsifications and wish to cause him grief via a proper complaints process.
  14. urquattro

    A couple of random cars in London

    Two of us rescued and shared an early Interceptor a few years ago, I absolutely hated it, huge lumbering vehicle and not that rapid when up against good 3.8 Mk2, glad to sell it on, it would have made a lovely vehicle with a shed load of time and money spent on it, just like my E34 M5
  15. Alternator very suspect. !