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  1. pete525d

    Worcestershire meet

    im up for it but where
  2. pete525d

    Impreza stolen

    the car has been found by thames valley poilce force and some parts have been removed bumper spoiler and stickers but atleast its back now http://www.teamjapspeed.co.uk/2011/06/breaking-news-team-japspeed-impreza-found/
  3. pete525d

    My car is no longer :(

    buy it back off the insurance and repair it
  4. had a look at my e60 with no sunroof and there was no water i feel better now
  5. pete525d

    led angel eye bulbs

    hi whats the best led angel eye replacement bulbs to get i have been looking but as im new dont really know what to get my car is a 2005 525d m sport any help would be great
  6. u can pick up e60 diesel m sport for around 10k
  7. pete525d

    my e60 m sport

    the e34 had 17" deep dish alloys cant remember what make and lowered 60mm on front 80mm on rear
  8. pete525d

    my e60 m sport

    thank you
  9. pete525d

    Just bought an e60 but have an issue

    i got told that headlight washers were op extra when i brought mine this week and to be fair although the car was not advertised right they will just say that you viewed the car and agreed to buy it !!!
  10. pete525d

    any members in shropshire/telford

    cool at least theres some one near lmao
  11. hi any members in telford shropshire or surronding areas ???
  12. pete525d

    my e60 m sport

    just found out my e60 has a tunning pack on it so it is running 210bhp i like it alot
  13. pete525d

    i have another question

    i have recently looked under the bonnet of my 525d m sport and noticed it has a diesel tuning nl POWER PACK anyone know what this will do and what type of poer it will give
  14. pete525d

    i need some advice

    found some on ebay £239.99
  15. pete525d

    i need some advice

    no but i think that would work because its quite thick stuff and durable isnt it