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    M20b20-m20b25 swap questions

    The log manifold (IE the manifold attached to the head) is pretty much the same, however the key thing is the flange (oooh errr!) where it connects to the downpipe. There are a couple of different shapes, and no guarantee that the manifold on the new engine would match your b20 manifold. so take a picture of your downpipe to allow you to compare! or just build a custom one that is side exit:) only issue with buying just an engine/ecu is hearing it run before installing-unless you're doing a full strip/rebuild? Worst case, I have an e34 m30 3.5 manual here I could be persuaded to part with;)
  2. 320touring

    M20b20-m20b25 swap questions

    The b20 uses the smaller Gertrag 20 box, the b25 has the gertrag 260 box, which is larger. so I'd make sure you have the front part of the b25 prop (gearbox end) as its shorter. Gearbox rubber mounts are same on both boxes, and the gearbox mount under the car can be loosened off (13mm nuts) and slid to the appropriate position.
  3. 320touring

    M20b20-m20b25 swap questions

    If they are both face lift (as you suggest in your OP) then it is indeed just Plug and Play. only difference is that the 2.5 should have an oil cooler fitted, meaning that either you need to take out the cooler and fit it to your 320i, or ensure that you swap the oil filter plate for the one from the 320i. that way you dont have oil squirting out! There's no real need for the cooler with todays oils, and TBH the 2.5 oil filter is abugger to change in the car, so I'd say go with the b20 oil filter fitting. but then I'm biased!
  4. Correct! they were indeed. Why dont you rescue it and make it a daily? go on, you know you want to (I would, but ist a b25, and my unit is full)
  5. Looks in not bad nick- there's profit in that with an MOT and some elbow grease..but £500 is top dollar to buy it
  6. 320touring

    Stunning Road To Drive (if your in the Isle of Skye)

    Just about every road on Skye is worth a hustle:) looks like a good trip
  7. 320touring

    Car Help, fun second car needed. <£2000

    Nup- at least the French car has a character (usually a swarthy Cigarette pouting, shoulder shrugging "We are not going anywhere I dont want to" one) Ok, sos no wee hatchbacks, a fun and interesting daily.. x300 Jaaaag 4.0 on LPG, or XJR?
  8. 320touring

    Caption competition

    When I asked you to designt eh new Outlander, I said "Make it a LOOKER" not "make it a Hooker"
  9. 320touring

    So much car, so little money

    wouldnt touch that with one I found in a carpark! *Bork Bork* tales of many having month long holidays to dealers whilst waiting on parts that then fail the next month. I'd spend more and get a citoren C6 if you want gallic flair and comfort
  10. 320touring

    Trying to identify this car

    That's a 2500, I think. thats the model 2 before the e28. the grille/lights and C pillar are markedly different from an e28 https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=firefox-a&hs=Zc0&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=fflb&q=e12&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.53217764,d.ZGU,pv.xjs.s.en_US.6PYzwk9faGo.O&biw=1271&bih=444&dpr=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=tIlJUuHtOcithQfrioH4BQ#channel=fflb&hl=en&q=bmw+2500&rls=org.mozilla:en-US%3Aofficial&tbm=isch&um=1 shows what the 2500 looks like either way, a nice old bus!
  11. 320touring

    Reset break pad wear sensor warning on E60 M5

    Glad you got that sorted Campbell- you were not amused the other day:) now geet the H&S done
  12. 320touring

    Forum Room 101 - Second Topic - Media

    A total lack of unbiased reporting in any news The "cult" (or another 4 letter word containing C&t) of celebrity The "lowest common denominator" gearing of programs
  13. 320touring

    Forum Room 101 - First Topic - Driving

    Agreed- I'd be grumpy with that
  14. 320touring

    Forum Room 101 - First Topic - Driving

    I agree on the first point:) Re the second- there are two instances to consider: If its a filter set up (where its 2 lanes into one, each lane taking a turn) then ists folks who queue for 800 yrds that are daft. The filter is the most effective way to get 2 lanes into one, and doubles the capacity of cars that can be fed in - i.e. 2x lanes of 800yrds= 1x 1600yrd lane of folk refusing to merge cheeky muppets that try to sprint into non existant gaps to the advantage of 1 car length, I totaly agree with.