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  1. mcung13

    Spare Wheel

    I use front style 37 as spare. It fits in the spare wheel well ok. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. mcung13

    530i Exhaust leak

    I had same problem. 3 of 4 nuts had rusted off. First garage told me similar story. Went to different garage and they melted old bolts out, fitted new gaskets, bolts and nuts.
  3. mcung13

    Anyone into vintage Audio equipment?

    Is it something like this?
  4. I did that suspension refresh gar525i pointed out. It handles like day and night, compared to what it was before.
  5. mcung13

    keyless break-ins?

    It is true, that rolling codes and encryption is used between key and receiver in the car. Key and receiver are synchronized, so that each code expires in set length of time. With the method used in the article none of this matters. Code remains encrypted and is transferred almost instantly from the key to the car. That's why you need at least 2 devices, one near the key other near the car and both are connected to each other via cable or wireless connection.
  6. mcung13

    keyless break-ins?

    Signal repeaters. Couple of years ago ETH Zurich professor proved it working on 10 new cars from 8 different manufacturers. Basically there is one guy with a device near your house and another guy near your car. Signal from key is captured, amplified and repeated until it reaches the car and doors will open. Of course it could be something else. It is just my 2 cents. Edit: found the original article http://www.technologyreview.com/news/422298/car-theft-by-antenna/
  7. mcung13

    Clunking after front strut replacement

    M Sport spring are triangular from the bottom too.
  8. mcung13

    E39 factory alarm

    Alarm will be disarmed when ignition is turned to pos 2.
  9. mcung13

    still running funny cold.

    I am not really sure, that that's an egr valve. I think it is the sap valve. egr is exhaust gas recirculation used in diesels, sap is secondary air pump used in petrols to pump air into exhaust to lower emissions when cold.
  10. mcung13

    2000 e39 530i usb adapter

    The ad is not wrong. It says clearly, it only works on 10/02 and up models. And it applies to the radio module in the boot. Not the screen in the front.
  11. mcung13

    Please help - knocking noise

    Plugs don't have to be removed to change vanos. Wouldn't hurt to check them anyway.
  12. mcung13

    2000 e39 530i usb adapter

    That won't work if your radio module is built before September 2002. Aux in was enabled in software only after 09.2002
  13. mcung13

    Coding memory seats.

    Your new SA looks right. These are the steps for coding. I wrote them for another forum a while back. Hope it helps. 1. Start NCS Expert, go file - load profile and load Expertmode. 2. Go to "VIN/ZCS/FA" 3. Press "ZCS/FA f. ECU", select e39 and then select ews or kmb or ike - that will read your current vin/gm/sa/vn 4. Write down original vin/gm/sa/vn without the last character (last one is checksum) 5. Go to "Enter ZCS" 6. First it will ask for vin, it should be already filled in, just delete the last character (checksum) and tick the box "calculate checsum". Press OK. 7. Then it will ask to fill in GM, SA and VN. Remove last character (checksum) from GM and VN. Enter your modified SA and tick the box "calculate checksum". Press ok. 8. Now you need to code the new SA to IKE and EWS. Go back to the main menu and choose "Process ECU" and select IKE. 9. Press "Change Job" and select "ZCS_Schreiben". Then press "Execute Job". Thats IKE done. 10.Now EWS needs new ZCS too. Press "Change ECU" and select EWS. 11. Check that the job is "ZCS_Schreiben", if not press "Change Job" and select "ZCS_Schreiben". Then press "Execute Job". 12. Go back to the main menu and select "VIN/ZCS/FA" and then "ZCS/FA f. ECU", select e39 and then select ews or kmb or ike. Go Back to main menu again and check that the job is "SG_Codieren" and that the SA is your new one, then press "Process car". 13. Youre done. Get a beer. You deserve it. PS. Remember to connect battery charger to car before coding, you don't want to run out of electricity while coding.
  14. mcung13

    What sort of cost please ? **UPDATE**

    I think he means oil filter housing gasket. Common leak on m54 engines. It includes, removal of airbox, fan, alternator belt, tensioner pulley, idler pulley, alternator. Couple of hrs job. Unfourtunately to OP, i would not know how much will it cost tough.