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  1. After the events of last week with the rear suspension failing, today I replaced the front discs and pads, also included was cleaning every thing up and painting the dust shield. going to fit another front splitter in the morning as the current one is to low (Its from a VW T5)

    Rear Air Suspension Bags.

    1st, what air bags did you go for, 2nd, if you have replaced both then either there is a leak from the connections or a faulty bag or the compressor is on its way out. I replaced mine on the right side (Its a 530 GT) with one from ebay (Cheep) just around xmas, then both started going up and down, last week the whole rear end dropped while I was doing 70mph, the rear arch;s dropped on to the tyres (I got 20" and 11J at the rear and low offset) so I stopped very quick like. It was the compressor that failed, so I decided to replace both bags and the compressor with Arnott products rather then the cheep ebay items. Every thing is now dandy and working as it should.
  3. Had the quad conversion carried out last week. The defuser is being replaced with another 550 unit that is being modified at the moment, Also replaced the steering wheel with one that has paddles, then coded this to the car...
  4. I fitted a front splitter to the GT

    Price Please

    Thanks Guys, purchased under ref No 61613

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    Get your self on BMWFans and do some comparison part numbers to see if any match. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Price Please

    Price Please for a F07 550GT M Sport rear defuser BMW Part Number 51128051224 I did ask a while back as you can see but wasn't ready to purchase this defuser, can you quote me again Please

    My GT 530D 2012

    Yes, I had a e93 in Laguna Seca blue that I sold last March.... BM10SAR was the reg... I also had BM12 on my last GT and BM11 on the F11 I had, the BM11 I have on retention and after this month will be transferred on to my current GT. Glad you like the GT, its a marmite car but is becoming more popular now, mine has not been lowered yet, but give it another 2 month's and that should be sorted. I have some other mods in the pipe line, things like a front splitter and a rear sport/performance style defuser for quad tips but there being custom made and then the company might re produce 10 to 20 more to sell on///.

    My GT 530D 2012

    I haven't posted much on hear over the last year, been keeping my head down due to some personal problems, But this time last year I ditched the F11 I had, purchased a 1.6 Focus, that lasted about 6 weeks as I hated the thing, so I went and purchased a GT530D M Sport. I have been slowly and quietly modifying the car mainly due to lack of cash flow but its been getting there. I had a 535D GT several years ago that I sold, that was slightly modified but at that time there was a distinct lack of after market parts so it was lowered, some 20" wheels and de chromed, as well as a retro fit steering wheel with paddles as they were not installed as standard. the first pick was my last GT (BM12SAR) So, hear is my current whip,,,,, Mods are 20" JR22,s in Gloss Black - 10J & 11J ET18 all round with 255/40 and 295/35 rubber Mapped, from 246 to 310bhp M5 style front grills De Chromed door handles Rear chrome strip wrapped in gloss black Front widows slightly tinted (20%) just matches the rear windows. Hamann Side Skirts Side skirt splitters from Maxton Design LED fog light upgrade Hamann rear spoiler (Carbon)
  10. GT STEVE

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well, removed the plastic trim around the bottom of the windshield, removed the strut brace at the rear, removed the air box and the housing and managed to get my hand and hoover down again to clear all the crap,,, I still could not find the yellow grommet. what I did find though, I lifted the carpet in the passenger front footwell and the padding under that and found a channel about 2" wide, this was full of water, got the Vax out and sucked up around 3 to 4 pints of water and also sucked up the wet rear carpet, I need to do more research, should of taken some picks as well as you would be shocked at the amount of water I sucked up,,,,,,,,,, Going to have another look tomorrow
  11. GT STEVE

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Although I mentioned I had this issue months ago on the F07GT over the last month it's got very bad and I had a go at sorting it out yesterday. Struggling to get my head round this,,,, Tried going through the glove box, removed it and tried to pull the carpet away but causing more damage then anything else, I removed the wheel arch and also removed the undertray bit under the passenger seat but still cant see it, I noticed there is another build up of leaves etc so going to remove the crap today. Read and re read this whole thread, also Matt Asheton's post so going to have another look today,
  12. GT STEVE

    New wheels

    Very Nice, looking for some thing deep myself for the GT... Your 61 looks amazing..
  13. GT STEVE

    Newbie Needs Coding

    Hi and Welcome, find some one local to you with the Carly App and they can do that, I just done a 17 plate 335D touring for one of the lads up hear (Scotland) with out any problems....
  14. GT STEVE

    Hello All from sunny Glasgow (for once)

    Welcome, I am west of you over in Troon, I recently handed back my F11535D, I had that gutted and mapped and the smoke wasn't noticeable even after over 90k miles. Currently running a 530D GT and its getting sorted soon...
  15. GT STEVE

    Price Please

    Price Please for a F07 550GT M Sport rear defuser BMW Part Number 51128051224 Regards Steve