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  1. BMW_Jim

    Just bought 02 525d

    Hi mate, your car won't need the swirl flaps removing as if I remember correctly they are only fitted on auto's. Have a look at this guide on servicing: http://home.tiscali.nl/luuk60/ Its quite useful!!
  2. BMW_Jim

    Hi everyone!!

    Hi all, just thought that I would pop bye and say hi and share a little story with you all!! I'm 33 and I live in Leicestershire, I have owned numerous BMW's over the years including two e28's, one e21 323i and a 325i sport e30. My current Beemer is an e39 525 diesel which is a joy to drive, I have owned other cars but none have ever had the same appeal of the Ultimate Driving Machine!! Right for the story. My dad rang me last week to tell me that his mate has took stock of half a dozen cars from a trader that has gone into liquidation and he needs them gone from the unit they're stored in by the end of the month. My dad said that there was a couple of bm's there if I was interested but didn't have any info on what they were but what he did know was that every car but one was not MOT'd and each one was being sold for a grand each. I arranged to meet my dad on the Saturday morning to have a look. Saturday came around and the time came to take a look at these mystery cars, I wasnt expecting much as they were being sold so cheap but when we opened up the unit my eyes lit up, the first car that got my attention was an N reg M3 convertible but unfortunately was already sold, the next car was a beauty - a W reg 535i M Sport with staggered M parallel's, as soon as I saw it I said to my dad that i'll take it for that kind of dosh. We had to jump start it as it had been sat for four months but once it fired it roared into life and sounded sweet!! After all the excitement of the 535 we had a look at the rest of the remaining cars and they were as follows: a Y reg 190 bhp mk 3 Celica, an X type 3 litre V6 Jag, an Audi A6 2.5 diesel, an old Daimler and a 2001 530i M Sport that has had a slight bump up the rear end. It turns out that the Audi has an issue with the auto gearbox so my dads been offered the Audi and the 530i for a grand for both. Anyway enough from me and heres some pics of the cars so let me know what you think!! My 525d M3 Cab My dads 'new' 530i M Sport My 535i M Sport