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    F13 6 series

    Hi Jimmy have been using your software for years on my e39 m5, such a great bit of kit.. I just wondered if you sell any software I can use on my 640d (f13) or if any of my current software that you have supplied might work (GT1/SSS etc) thanks James
  2. jholzherr

    My M5 Project

    Just thought I would update my post as it's been a while.. Car is now getting near 220K and I've started getting the shake from the Control arms again (due another change I believe it was about 90k ago I did them last). So purchased a couple of replacements and as I went to jack up the car I felt the jacking point crush in slightly.. Oh no, the dreaded jacking point rust.. Removed all the covers and it was a complete mess, rear jacking points completely rushed through had spread right up the car and the fronts where quite bad too so booked the car into a local garage to have it repaired.. Initial quote was £800 but after full inspection they realised it was a huge job and increased my price to £1700 yikes.. Will report back with some photo's once done.. What was more annoying was I sold my runaround a couple of weeks ago (the 745i) so it's left me completely car less. I've been eyeing up Cayenne Turbos lately, they seemed to be a good buy with lots of space, fast and great for my daily driver as I do lots of motorways and A roads and I don't have to worry about potholes and speed bumps + I've always wanted to own a SUV and the X5 just wasn't cutting it in terms of interior quality and speed. So picked this up and I must say i'm hugely impressed.. It's seriously quick for it's size, I outdragged an M3 the other day.. It's on 54k miles and has loads of added extras like the Panoramic roof which is great in this weather, it's almost a convertible is so big haha
  3. jholzherr

    My M5 Project

    I was thinking about how many little things I've done on my car over the past 2 years of ownership and thought it would be worth writing a little something about it and what I've done so far... I bought the car in 2011 to replace my RX8 with something with a little more power, I'd always wanted an M5 since the day my boss let me drive her's back in 2003. I just couldn't believe the power it had.. So I started looking around for a decent example and viewed about 10 around the country, my main concern was the engine, I wanted to run well and be reliable as it would be my daily driver. I eventually found this; It's a 1999 in Avis Blue.. I originally wanted a facelift car but the engine on this seemed to be so strong compared to the others I ended up getting this one.. It had all the usual gadgets as well as some of the extras I wanted including split folding rear seats, rear windscreen shade, tinted windows and the gray and black interior with the TV/SAT nav, phone etc etc.. The only problem I could find with the car was the wing mirror was broken.. So my first job was to order a new wing mirror, which I managed to get from ebay.. On the way home I noticed a funny noise coming from the front suspension, sort of creaking sound, so when I get her home I jacked it up to take a look, turned out the tie rods needed replacing so I ordered up the Lemforder parts and fitted them straight away including the entire tie rod assembly, pitman arm and the little bush that connected it to the steering.. Problem sorted.. I then decided to change the spark plugs, oil/air and pollen filters and put in some fresh oil.. Also the rear tyres had seen better days so bought a set of 4 Vredestein tyres which I had previously fitted to the RX8.. What a difference.. In fact I wrote a little review because I couldn't find many and all of a sudden everyone was trying them and reporting similar reviews.. Then I decided to buy myself some BMW software so thanks to this forum I found Jimmy and purchased a copy of his GT1/DIS software which was brilliant and detailed.. Once I got to grips with it I tested the car and it came back with codes for the o2 sensors, so got onto ECP and ordered myself 4 new bosch o2 sensors and fitted them over a weekend, no more codes :0) I then turned my attention to the spongy brakes.. I decided to buy a set of EBC Red stuff pads, braided brake lines and fresh brake fluid.. As I was installing them one if the rear brake pipes decided to leak .. So got myself down to BMW to buy new rear brake pipes and F**K me was that a pain in the ass to swap over.. I believe it ended up taking a good 12 hours.. .. All installed and much better.. About a month or so later whilst hammering along a due carriageway I had a sudden drop in power and the car was running very rough.. I though Damn that's the engine blown.. Got it home and immediately read the codes.. .. Turned out I had a problem with the cam sensors, so went onto BMWMINIPARTS and got myself 4 new sensors.. Once installed the car felt better than ever and seemed to run much quieter.. So it was finally time for my first couple of mods.. I installed the 545 short shifter and Z4 gear knob as well as booking it in for a back box delete .. It was then time to really give it a good clean, so I purchased a Meguires DA2 orbital buffer and spent 14 hours getting the paint back to its former glory.. Unfortunately I finished at 1am so the pictures are all taken in the dark.. .. the next morning I had to shoot out to Hampshire due to a work related emergency so I never ended up taking pictures of her the next day.. As we started getting into winter I noticed the power steering was making funny noises, after noticing bubbles in the power steering reservoir I got back onto BMWMINIPARTS and purchased a new power steering reservoir, all the pipes to and from it and new fluid.. While I was there I thought I'd also replace the coolant, thermostat and temp switch.. These where all relatively easy to fit and only took a few hours.. I also decided to clean the MAF's with electrical contact cleaner and cotton buds and noticed a big difference in performance.. Next I thought I'd tackle another service (as by this point I had owned the car a year) so I changed the fuel filter, oil & oil filter, air and pollen filters and spark plugs.. This time I noticed there was oil in the spark plug wells so I got back on BMWMINIPARTS and ordered the Valve cover gaskets and oil separators and began installing them which was a bit of a pain because of the sheer amount of screws you have to undo.. Once completed I noticed a big drop in the amount of oil the car consumed.. I then wanted to upgrade the 4" X 3" screen and MK2 Nav to the newer widescreen and Mk3 Nav.. Once this was installed I thought I'd build myself a Car PC because I wanted to watch movies and have access to the internet on the move so I worked out how I would put the system together and how that would integrate with the car and this was the first impressions 068.mp4 It was then time for a private plate to hide how old it's getting now The car felt like it was really starting to come together now and whilst enjoying a drive to see some mates the car cut out and refused to start..grrr.. What now... got it home thanks to a friend with a toe truck and it turned out to be a failed fuel pump.. A very easy swap and pretty inexpensive too luckily.. I then felt it was time it finally got the facelift angel eyes so I managed to get a pair from a fellow forum member.. By this point I was getting bored of my Car PC and wanted a touch screen so decided to install this .. Just installed a little pre-amp and wired it to the tape input to get sound through speakers.. It really does make it an awesome motorway cruiser.. I then had a good few months of problem free motoring until about 2 or 3 months ago I started getting a shake from the front end as well as uneven front tyre wear so I decided it was time to freshen up the suspension, I was originally going to just buy the control arms but ended up purchasing 6 control arms, some KW V3 coilovers to really make it handle.. I had the coilovers fitted last week and I decided to fit the control arms yesterday via a quick stop at performance tuning to get the car terracleaned (just because haha) .. I don't have any pictures of the install yet (the cars still filthy from all the work) but I will get some up over the weekend.. It now handles awesome.. Really really sharp and flat and it's not really any less comfortable.. Overall I'm really happy with KW V3's and can't wait to do a track day with them fitted.. I have also purchased a Miltek backbox and X-Pipes which I have at home and will be fitting next week, I really liked the backbox delete but these came up at a price I couldn't say no to and I'm hoping they will improve the sound of the car when it's at higher rev's as the back box deletes seem to loose their pizazz when revved over 5000rpm.. So this is my story so far.. I will get some updated photo's on here over the weekend, It's at this point I realise this has been a real labour of love as I'll never see a return on all the time and effort spent,, I'm hoping to get a BBK and facelift Steering wheel next, after that I want to install a nice loud audio system but it's getting there now.. Hope you enjoyed the read.. any comments welcome good or bad :0)
  4. jholzherr

    Newbie...love new 530d

    Good to see you made it onto the forums finally.. See you next weekend to do your gearbox, swearls etc etc.. Pleased I finally talked you into selling your bloody proton and got you into a decent car..
  5. jholzherr

    E65 745i Gaskets please

    Yeh luckily I still have the M5 to get me around or it would be a right pain.. It's probably the most tricky task I've had to perform to date but I think it will be more a case of taking my time and labelling / taking pictures as I remove stuff.. After all this work it's a shame I'll have to sell the car but unfortunately one of the BMW's has to go for the sake of the new house and the M5 isn't up for negotiation haha.. The only bit I need to read up on is the removal/installation of the valvetronic unit, some have said just twist it out and other say it needs to be re calibrated.. I have DIS / SSS software so will probably go the calibration route if that is what's best but if anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated..
  6. jholzherr

    E65 745i Gaskets please

    Hi There After having a great service from you guys last time I wanted to order some more bits and bobs from you please. I have a 745i (2003) with a terrible oil leak that I believe it coming from the timing Covers, I'm looking for basically the timing cover gaskets, valve cover gaskets and any other bits and bobs I need to do the job (I believe that includes spark plug tubes, and a couple of o rings for various sensors a washer for the valvetronic motor but there may be a couple of stuff I'm missing which you might think need to be included) Thanks for your help, am ready to order ASAP so looking forward to hearing back from you Kind Regards James
  7. jholzherr

    E65 745i Gaskets please

    Hi Phil Thanks for coming back to me so quickly, it was quite a big list of parts to work out so it's easily done + it's a great excuse to put this pig of a job of for another few days haha.. The money have been send to your paypal, Thanks again James
  8. jholzherr

    E65 745i Gaskets please

    Hi Phil I got the parts through today for the leaky timing cover, thanks for sending them out so quickly, however I appear to be missing the timing cover gaskets themselves, looks like I have just about everything else except them.. Look forward to hearing from you James
  9. jholzherr

    E65 745i Gaskets please

    Yes I am going to be DIYing it, I'll make a post about it to hopefully help others.. Looks like the valve covers will be much easier to work on if I remove the E-Box, cabin filters and water tank. Going to be doing both sides when I'm in there, may as well... Valve Stems are fine luckily, no smoke at all but mine is only low miles (86000).. Will be selling the car when it's done as we're buying a house so hoping to get the work done this week..
  10. jholzherr

    E65 745i Gaskets please

    Hi Phil Thanks for coming back to me, I've just sent payment via paypal. I've just realised it didn't ask for my address but it's the same as the registered card address, not sure if that comes up for you but if not I will send you a PM right now with my full address. Thanks again James
  11. Hi all, As some of you know for the past few months my car has been away having a full on audio system fitted and a full respray done, well it's finally finished and back with me so today I spent the day detailing the car and thought i'd get some photo's to post of it completed. The install... Andrive Head UnitFocal 30th Anniversary edition 6.5" components - front speakersOrion 5.1/2 inch components - rear speakers (from Icemans legendary Van)2 X JL Audio 12W6v2 SubwoofersCustom made 4th order bandpass ported box built by IcemanPhoenix Gold Ti1200.1 Amp for the SubsPhoenix Gold Zx475ti Amp for the speakersThe whole build was done by Iceman, I can't thank him enough for all the work he's put in, a true craftsman. I also had it resprayed, again thanks to Iceman for getting me a great deal with Lenny for the respray, absolutely great job.. Not the best photo's really, will have to get Dennis to take some decent ones at some point.. excuse the smudges on the windows, the detail went on a bit long and I didn't get to do the windows until tomorrow.. I had the outer part lined in grey leather and the center in alcantara.. The projectors where something I've never seen before, but the photo's don't really do it justice.. This is the view through the ski hatch These are my controls for the lights and the amps Andrive I also though't I'd give the engine a jet wash because it was pretty oily and dusty after the respray. It sounds absolutely phenomenal, really chuffed with the outcome, maybe a bit ott for some but it's exactly what I wanted :0)
  12. jholzherr

    E39 M5 Fuel Breather Valve

    Hi There I am looking for a fuel breather valve for my M5 (e39) 1999. I believe the part number is 13907830766. Whats the best way of putting an order in please? Thanks very much, James
  13. jholzherr

    Slow motion camera's

    haha..not quite that exciting..
  14. jholzherr

    Slow motion camera's

    Does anyone have an experience with Slow Motion Camera's or able to recommend one, looking for one with at least 480fps? Me and the Mrs are launching a new product and we've been looking at buying a slow motion camera (we're building a website with video backgrounds), so just looking for any experience with any, or if anyone happens to know a product photographer/videographer we might consider just employing someone with the equipment.. Cheers in advance James
  15. jholzherr

    Disgusting colour has now gone

    Played around a lot with plasti dip over the past few years, sorry buddy but you WILL regret it one day.. Looks okayish at first but as its a rough/bumpy finish it's a pain to keep clean and doesn't wear anywhere near as well as people claim, I bet up close there's lots of little imperfections too, it's too thick to spray perfectly flat... Then worst of all is removing the damn stuff, yes it comes of easily if peeled off after a week but try removing it in a year and it won't be easy. IMO Plasti dip has it's uses i.e trims etc.. That being said it's a £500 car so no harm done really as long as you like it dude..
  16. I need to replace my brake lines as they are getting towards the end of their lives and was thinking of replacing them with some braided lines. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these and which to buy, have found the following so far; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Goodridge-BMW-5-SERIES-E39-SALOON-Inc-M5-Braided-Brake-Kit-Lines-Hoses-/280850089228?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item4163f8450c#ht_1910wt_1199 http://www.helcarkits.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=363_457_480&products_id=10307 Not sure which of these is better or if there is a better alternative. Also if anyone has a link to a DIY I would really appreciate it, can't seem to find one anywhere. Thanks again James
  17. jholzherr

    e65 745i

    I've recently acquired a 745i as my daily driver and so far I've been pretty impressed with it. Just one issue that's really bugging me, when I turn the volume up the sound distorts. It sounds really nice then becomes very ddistorted as you turn the volume up. It's not got logic 7 as it's 2003.. any ideas where to start? Cheers James
  18. 1. Mr Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 M Sport 2. RumRunner E34 525iSE as long as it is ready by then 3. 711JRP (Pete) E39 m5 4. Simonc E60 M5 5. Jut 535i e28 m535i 6. Maca E39 M5 7. Steve T E39 M5 (send to maca) 8. Dan E39 M5 (send to maca) 9. Phil E39 M5 (send to maca) 10. Stuclark E39 530i M Sport 11. Mikem. E39 M5 113 12. Pritesh E39 530d 13. onks e39 m5 14. Micky dmw e39 540 15. Bungles e28 m535i x2 16. BRussell87 E39 530i 17. Jam172 E28 528i 18. Jamworth E39 530i Sport 19.M3 Matt - e39 525se 20. Rado16v e34 535i sport 21. Splondike - E28 M535i 22. jholzherr - e39 m5 (james)
  19. jholzherr

    My M5 Project

    Haha, yeh he took the photo's for me :0) Sainsbury's in Maidenhead.. :0)
  20. jholzherr

    My M5 Project

    Haven't posted in a while so thought I'd post some updates.. Changed the Thermostat, oil separators and all hoses and did a coolant change but that's about it since the last post.. A few photo's taken today after a clean;
  21. It's a nice idea but I have the feeling we won't be able to edit the core software / drivers without Phil's input, in fact I don't think Phil could even edit the software which is why the business has gone pop.. I think for a product like Andrive to be successful they'd need to have someone here who does the programming.. Fair enough if you want to have the units assembled / made in China, I think for it to work properly the core programming of the unit needs to be done in the UK with someone this side of the water to do bug fixes, I believe it was a case of telling China and hoping they bring out an update from what I gather, whats the point of having a UK company if they can't help if something goes wrong? may as well order from China and speak to the manufactures who sell on ebay themselves with any issues. If only someone like Richard P could be running Andrive who has the knowledge to fix bugs on the fly (only guessing but I'd put money on it he could do it after the complexity of the intravee).. There's a thought, he could combine the intravee with a new head unit COME ON RICHARD! :0) To get the list started though in case I'm wrong here's a few of my bugs; Balance / fader doesn't work properly, if I pan forward or backwards the music only comes out of the front right speaker (running through an external amp)Level control for treble etc doesn't always workrandom freezes, unit will not turn off just black screenturns off music and screen when in reverse, even though I don't have a cameraradio signal - well don't get me startedloud BANG from speakers when you turn of the car - luckily I have amp on/off switches where the ashtray used to be so I can switch them off before the radio turns offGoogle music doesn't work, does not detect any memory, even though I have 2 16gb cards insertedWifi signal is ridiculous - put an extra wireless router in the kitchen 6 meters away from car and it doesn't detect it, even though my phone has full strength, have to literately move the router into the car to get a signaltorque no longer works as the Bluetooth isn't part of the android section Brackets made in the wrong size AGAINLights don't go on and off with the car lightsSteering wheel controls are the wrong way round and don't support the main streaming app Spotify (though they do work with Rara) I've probably missed a few things but I'd say our chances of ever seeing a fix are pretty much gone now and to be honest, (delete my post if you must) I partially blame the admins, I mean there was dozens and dozens of complains about issues with the unit, posts being deleted, customers ignored and even Court action and they still took their money and let them have pride of place at the top of the sponsored section. They finally vanish from the sponsored section and I though it's about bloody time they got kicked off, only to find that it was Andrive that removed their sponsorship not the forum admin. I mean what do we pay our money towards if they can't even keep an eye on the companies at the top of our home page. Rant over but I hope that this doesn't happen again, many people have basically lost £500 / £600 over and over again and it needs to be watched more closely from now on I think.
  22. Shaz 2. Staff 3. Splondike 4. Blobby 5. IanW 6. Lufbramatt 7. Oxo 8. M3Matt (will be in either my 525 or M3 evo) 9. Simonc 10. Andy Ran - allowed 11. Mikem 12. Jam172. 13. Bmwdan528i 14. BMWLOVER 15. WillIAm4 16. Bungles27 17. B10WGB 18. Twiglet 19. 530dE60 20. LBTaylor1984 21. babzy 22. theguv 23. Brian 24. RumRunner - as long as the car is ready by then 25. Yellowgixxer 26. onks 27. ROBZILLA 28. Micky 29. Romes 30. M5 Russ 31. Mit_p 32. Luton e34 man 33. Luton e34 man 2 34. Jut 535i 35. Supertramp101 36. Bmpaul 37. Jholzherr (James e39 M5) 38. 39. 40.
  23. jholzherr

    Deleting posts in Andrive section.

    £500 I think
  24. jholzherr

    Deleting posts in Andrive section.

    Well it's good news about the update in Jan at least.. Really disappointed with them for just ignoring their customers (and my mates) posts and then just deleting them, it's no way to run a business, I've recommended them to friends who they are ignoring and they don't even have the courtesy to even apologies or reply. ALL this could have been avoided if someone from Andrive had let customers know what was going on, you don't take £500 from someone then ignore them when they have questions or issues, all they would have needed to do it say something like "sorry for the issues your experiencing, we are aware, and working hard on a bug fix, please bear with us, we're a small company with big ideas and sometimes fixes can take a little longer than usual, however we're working hard to put these issues right we appreciate your custom, here's my number if you want to give me a call" or something like that.. It took me 20 seconds to write that, I don't see why it's gone this far, it just makes customers feel your not interested now you have their money. Even now there's no bug fix update direct from Andrive, it's just word of mouth we've found out.. Really annoyed as they've really let themselves down, they started out well with good customer service and regular updates, lets hope they buck their idea's up, sorry for anyone who's purchased this on my recommendation. p.s I should mention I've overall happy with my unit, yes it does have a few glitches but so far it's been pretty good, it's just a shame their customer service has gone to pot lately.
  25. jholzherr

    Andrive - new AN39-3! First review

    Well I've made a discovery, the steering wheel controls work with Rara music streaming service for next/previous track, not only that they work in the correct order i.e 'up' is next track.. Even more good news is that Rara is an audiophile grade app that streams FLAC files rather than MP3's, to put that in context Spotify goes up to 320kbit/s with its Extreme Quality stream, the basic level for Rara is at the equibalent of 1311.2kbit/s while it's studio master setting is a whopping 2116.8kbits. I've been searching ages for an app like this, really pleased I can do away with the MP3's spoitfy give and start streaming FLAC only.