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  1. rs32

    E60 sound processor options.......?!?

    that's odd re: the PDF url, it should be publicly accessible. here's a soft copy attached HybridAudio_335d_BuildLogUpload.pdf
  2. rs32

    E60 sound processor options.......?!?

    Hello Jamie, this is Richard from Hybrid Audio UK. You have a number of cheap > more expensive routes available. If you'd be prepared to give one of my retailers a call, this would really help you narrow down a set of tried and tested options for these cars. Try contacting Lee at www.platinumincar.co.uk (Coventry), I know he has also been looking at e.g. the Helix amp/DSP combined units - as well as being conversant with the things that Dennis describes. You will at least get a feel for the level of investment needed to create what you are looking for. Also please see here for some examples of the type of work we do on our cars, this is the E90 Hybrid Audio UK demo vehicle - a very simple kit list and a competition winner first time out. I get the nice job of driving this car every day, it's a real pleasure to be in and has got me addicted to DAB radio ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/57w0asi1orj4qjt/HybridAudio_335d_BuildLogUpload.pdf?dl=0
  3. Admiral Mulitcar for me - I've just gone back to 2 cars (S8 + Golf V6 4motion) which is about 900 per year combined, but temporarily had the E39 530i on there as well and it was about £1350 all in. And if you can persuade them - they mirror no claims across all of them. Win !
  4. rs32

    E39 530i Sport Auto

    I decided after a run of 6 BMWs it was time for a change, but I'll be back ! M5 V10 next maybe or perhaps back to another E46 M3, who knows
  5. rs32

    E39 530i Sport Auto

    gone to the dark side for a while - 2002 Audi S8
  6. rs32

    E39 530i Sport Auto

    so ... after 10 months of ownership the E39 has gone off to a new owner - another forum member on here, very nice guy and a pleasure to sell a car to. sad to see it go but hopefully we'll see it again on here soon enough
  7. rs32

    F10 Sound System need your help please

    are you looking for something amazing or a reasonable improvement If the former - budget £££ for custom builds and look at how to get a 6.5" speaker into the bottom front of the doors / kickwells, plus either mid/tweeter in the sail panel/a-pillar or just tweeter (so either 3 or 2 way front end). if the latter - one of the specific 3-way kits for your car (MB Quart, Gladen, Jehnert) should do nicely and they are really easy to fit. However don't expect the stock speaker locations to deliver anything really good regardless of the speakers you put in. From my experiences with the E60 and a few other cars that I've seen upgraded, I would minimise spend on these cars for audio unless you have £5k or a few hundred hours of labour time available to do it properly. - But that's based on my experiences, others may be perfectly happy with one of the OEM upgrade kits and they are definitely much better than the BMW crap they put in at factory. Also budget for sound deadening (add mass to door panels and CCF - closed cell foam - to door cards, plus deaden around the woofers. If you spend money on speaker sets, you're limiting their performance to about 60% by not applying treatment to the areas around where they are mounted .... and what is your budget ?
  8. rs32

    The sound install starts

    http://www.emma-uk.com/events/ just click on each link for more details
  9. rs32

    New Car purchased.....BMW M3 CS

    lovely car, pleeeease don't start sticking bits onto it from the CSL - keep it stock and just enjoy !! I miss my CSL, best car I've ever owned and probably ever will
  10. rs32

    The sound install starts

    Maca - replied to your message, drop me a line when you have something up and running and perhaps come to one of the remaining EMMA competition events (Reading, Santa Pod, Silverstone, Brands) for this year so you can here some other HAT cars and get some more ideas for fine-tuning ? Team HAT UK has my VW Golf plus a Honda Accord, Astravan and Fiat Coupe Turbo all with differing combos of HAT speakers so this would give you a real idea of different solutions to various in-car acoustic problems. We'd all be happy to spend some time demoing to you and any other interested forum member to show what well-installed and tuned systems can sound like
  11. rs32

    E60 audio upgrade in progress

    well it's not too bad a job mate, less than 10 mins.
  12. rs32

    E60 audio upgrade in progress

    that can be fixed pretty easily mate and I think I have some clips from my old E60 doorcard - will check for you. for the time being wedge a bit of foam in there to stop it driving you mad !
  13. rs32

    E60 audio upgrade in progress

    how did you get on then Beeb ? Any improvements with the under-seat midbass fitted and an initial tune ?
  14. rs32

    E60 speaker upgrade

    what are you trying to get in terms of sound and what sort of money are you being quoted ?
  15. rs32

    E60 audio upgrade in progress

    If you want to meet at Platinum one day I can take you through some of the more in-depth BitOne stuff, probably best to way until the under-seats are sorted but I suspect the system is only running at 50-60% of its capability at the moment. You'll have a solid install, it's just then taking the time on dialling in a proper tune.