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    BMW's (E30, E34, E39, E46, E38), Dive watches, Football, Golf.
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  1. I seem to be looking at E39's a lot more which is worrying as I've only had mine 3 weeks, but I spotted this one today, seems clean and in a cracking E39 colour, it might be of interest to someone here. https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-525d-touring-2004-e39-auto/1321263463
  2. I was so gutted to see the 740 drive off last Sunday, it was the right thing to do but gutting all the same, I'd poured a lot of time, money and love into it over the last 5 years. Whilst looking for a Touran to replace it, I stumbled over this 530, I knew straight away she was a good un. The chap I bought it from was a complete BMW nut, he had a 17 plate F10 M5 on the drive, an E39 M5 with 15k miles on it in a dehumidified cacoon in one garage, 2 E34 M5s with no mileage on them in another, 2 7 series a new one and an E2, no wonder this car had only 62k on the clock. He was definitely the right chap to do a deal with. The 530 was bought used approved from Dick Lovett in 2015 which is unusual for a car of this age but it had loads done over 2 years whilst under the warranty. So what a week, wasn't expected to get another bimmer so quickly but it was too good to miss.
  3. I stumbled across this car on Wednesday evening, it was sat on my drive by Thursday afternoon. Very happy after taking the tough decision to move on the E38 last week.
  4. Woody_

    Recoding Facelift E38 for Xenon Retrofit

    Yeah that's my understanding, I'll get the high beam fail on bulb check, is this something simple to handle via coding ?
  5. Woody_

    Recoding Facelift E38 for Xenon Retrofit

    Hi Jimmy, It's a W plate 2000, facelift.
  6. Hi, Finally got round to installing your software that was supplied with the cable. I'll be fitting some genuine BMW Facelift Xenon headlamps to my 740 and I'm hoping that someone on here has done this and has recoded their E38 to accept the xenon headlights. If so, could someone please share which software was used. Thanks... Woody
  7. Woody_

    My new Beast ///M5

    Cracking Motor BM, I been looking to make the jump for months now from a E46 325 Coupe to an E39 M5, and I've got my heart set on a LMB one. Finally spotted one that I wanted to go and see and the guy said it had gone that day, turns out you now own it. Congrats mate, looks the nuts....back to Piston heads and scanning the forums for me.