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  1. bal s t

    Creaking rear suspension

    Hey up chaps,bit of an update,it was none if the above parts,it’s the rear trailing arm bushes.anyone hsd any experience with these?
  2. bal s t

    Creaking rear suspension

    Hi chaps,did abit more research on the above,and i’ve found out there’s a part called,the idler arm that could cause the creaking and the video i watched was tht exact sound mine is making,has anyone else of you guys experienced this part?thanks in advance.
  3. bal s t

    Creaking rear suspension

    Hey up,thanks for the reply,ordered new top mounts and pitman arms,both mehyl should be here in the morning.thankyou for the input fingers crossed it cures it.
  4. bal s t

    Creaking rear suspension

    Hi,thanks for the reply,no rear tyre wear all even across the back,i cant really tell if i’m honest,but my little girl did mention that she could hear it from the back wheel as she was sat in the back on the passenger side,i know the pitman arms are fairly easy unless the bolts are seized up,is the other parts you mentioned hard to do?thanks in advance.
  5. bal s t

    Creaking rear suspension

    Hi chaps,need your wisdom again,i have a 95 ,525i sport, over the last few months it had a slight creaking from the rear over bumps and uneven surfaces,but as time has gone by it has got really bad more so as the weather has got hotter,i’ve tried spraying some penetrating grease which works for abit but then it comes back,i have tried researching the problem,and mist posts say,rear pitman arms,but before i order a pair i would be grateful for your input as in to if i need to replace anything else.thankyou guys.
  6. bal s t

    Heater control panel

    Hey up chaps anyone got a spare rear defroster button lying around for the above.mine was loose kids were messing around in the car and now it’s disappeared,and the kids are sticking up for each other.the car is 03 e39.thanks
  7. bal s t


    Hi,thanks for the reply,yes it’s a e34,did not think that the colour would be easy,but dont mind getting a genuine wing and having it painted,rather than a pattern wing.is the chap on this forum? thanks.
  8. bal s t

    Now I’ve seen it all !

    Words fail me chaps what pos.
  9. bal s t


    Hey up chaps,I no this a long shot, but does anyone have a passenger wing in daytona violet in great condition, some t##t in a wagon drove in to mine and drove of gutted is a understatement.my car 95 m reg 525 I sport in daytona violet.
  10. bal s t

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Yep that's the same guy,he's a proper car guy he's got a few motorbike's aswell.
  11. bal s t

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Tht porsche looks familiar,i'm sure the guy lives on my street and if it is the same guy,i can vouch for his cossie,its a concourse black one.congrats on the purchase.
  12. bal s t

    Correct tyre size

    Hi chaps,thanks for the reply's the reason for 19" is i just think they fill the arches perfectly,but saying that i had a set of my mates 18" fitted just to see what they look like,and tbh they looked perfect,so think i'm going to with the 18",the wheels i was looking at are called axe10's which are pretty near enough looking to style 5's,so tyre wise fronts 235-40-18 and rears 265-35-18 does that sound correct chaps?thanks.
  13. bal s t

    Correct tyre size

    Hey up chaps need your wisdom again,basically got a chance to purchase new rims,the wheel size's are 19-8/5 fronts and 19-9/5 rears,so what would the correct tyre sizes need to be without messing about with arches.the car is a 95,525i sport,with h&r front lowering spring and std rear's.thx in advance chaps.
  14. bal s t

    My third E39! :)

    Very nice.
  15. bal s t

    Gearbox oil

    Right chap's bit of a update rang dealer's about the oil,and all they could tell me is,that the oil required spec is atf4,so rang up ecp and they have some triple qx plus which is the right spec,but when i saw a pic of the oil on the label it does not list bmw.what do you guys think?