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  1. cdochene

    Hi All, advice please

    It can put a tire out of balance......but then thats just my feedback
  2. cdochene

    This is unique

    thats very different...
  3. cdochene


    Hey Bill....got a 2nd place best in class.....light turnout.....putting car up for a bit ..need to start boating.
  4. Good to see you along sir.

  5. welcome Charlie to the new & improved forum !

    The Fairlane is lookin' awesome !

  6. cdochene


    Click on my name then click on gallery
  7. cdochene


    The pictures are in the gallery
  8. cdochene


    Car is finished.....thought would show what Detroit Muscle looks like.
  9. cdochene


    Detroit Muscle
  10. cdochene


    Shrek oversees the engine
  11. cdochene


    Sons sound system......
  12. cdochene


  13. cdochene

    Ford Fairlain Project

    Rear axle is a 9 inch Ford... disassembled and rebuilt. Axle housing and brake backing plates were powder coated. 3:50-1 ratio....this axle has been upgraded to a 9 inch positration....4:11-1 ratio....will play with them to see which gives the best street performance.
  14. cdochene

    Ford Fairlain Project

    The engine was a mess....Its a 390 Ford FE engine....block was badley pitted.....cylinders were not round...crankshaft had major scoring on main bearing thrust face. So it needed an inspection. Took it Roush Industrys an they gave me the bad news. Need crankshaft....block could be saved....heads could be reworked ....rest was scrap... I realy wanted to rebuild this myself but since it needed much machine work they got the job. They found a 410 crankshaft and with the boring it got to 418 cid Pistons were machined ....mild cam....and they took compression ratio from 10.5 to 9.5 as the fuel in this country barely burns. Canadian whiskey has more octane! Dyno'd at around 370 hp with 340 ft lbs of torque at 4800 rpm. Would have liked more horsepower but that can come later. http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z439/cdochene/Engine/
  15. cdochene

    Ford Fairlain Project

    Hello....Am the guy doin the Fairlane...My name is Charlie....here are some liks to more pics of the resto. The body work is probaly halfway done....in the process of blocksanding first coat of primer. looks as though 2nd coat will be needed. http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z439/cdochene/

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