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  1. Capri

    Massive thanks to Piper...

    Retset - Indeed, that soft side-to-side shimmy I occasionally felt from the big balloon tyres has gone, although there is a bit more bump-thump now that there's less sidewall cushioning too. I'm prepared to live with that for the benefits though! Jeek - Cheers mate! Interested in the shadowline and spoiler - is there any chance you could PM me a price posted to Tunbridge Wells? Rob - many thanks mate, a few days down the line I'm still rather pleased with them!
  2. Morning all! Just wanted to say a big fat juicy thank-you to Chris (Piper) for the set of Style 49s! A pleasure to deal with and a great price on a set of wheels I'm very happy with! The car now looks 10x better. I'll get some proper pics up with a decent camera in a few days' time, but for now, have some shaky mobile phone pics as a sneak preview! Before: After: Thinking Shadowline trim next, then perhaps a boot lip spoiler. Might still go for the Sport bumpers too, if I fancy it when that little lot's done. What do we reckon people?
  3. Capri

    Pows gone Crazy....... 4 cars lol

    Any more info on or links to the 530i chap? Could potentially be interested!
  4. Congrats! Saw you performing at Knockhill on Sunday. Car looked spot on, and I think it may be the best-sounding thing I've heard for years.
  5. Capri

    European GP (contains spoiler)...

    Just watched it this morning on iPlayer as I was away for work yesterday. Wish I hadn't now; two hours of my life I won't get back! Lol! Shame as the season so far has been gripping. Two of the most exciting races in recent memory - China and Canada. Let's hope this is just a temporary blip. As has already been said, I think Valencia has always been a boring track!
  6. Capri

    Candidate for new forum skin

    Another vote for Infinite here
  7. Capri

    5-Series 40th Anniversary road trip

    Awesome - sounds like there is some interest then. I'll start looking into costs and things. I'm assuming people would prefer to arrange their own channel crossings etc. then meet up somewhere on the continent for the drive down? (There are a couple of big motorway services in Luxembourg that'd be ideal). That way people could choose to go from Dover / Harwich / Hull or use the chunnel, depending on their preference. v8 boy - that'd be ideal tbh, but as you suggest I think it'd be dependent upon whether owners of those cars wanted to make the trip. As such I think it's probably easier just to leave it open, and then if we do get an example of every model along that'd be a happy bonus!
  8. Capri

    I love my E39! :)

    Yup, loving mine at the moment. Only downside is when I see a facelift Sport or M5 drive by... my poor old SE just can't quite cut it in the looks/street cred stakes by comparison! But I still get that cossetting feeling when getting in, still enjoy the decent performance and astonishing economy, still love the heated seats and cruise control, and still find the complete absence of squeaks, rattles or loose bits of trim incredible, considering its 130,000 miles!
  9. As per M5 HOH, I'd say - anything small, French and diesel. They were the best diesels of the lot back in their day. My personal preference would be a Citroen ZX or Xsara, as they seem fractionally to be the best value, but a Pug or Renault equivalent would be essentially very similar.
  10. What sort of a budget are we talking about here chap?
  11. Capri

    The Folks' E31...

    Red - Cheers for that; have passed the info on to my old man. sparky - Thanks chap!
  12. Morning all, Had an idea the other night when I found out the 40th anniversary of the launch of the E12 5-Series crops up next year, and Eddie's post about his road trip has just reminded me. I thought it'd be great to do something to celebrate, and I wondered whether anyone else might be up for it? The idea I had was a long-weekend trip down to Munich, to the BMW Factory and BMW Welt, perhaps also taking in a couple of Austrian mountain passes before heading home. My idea was as follows: Friday - drive down to Munich via Belgium, Luxembourg and the autobahns, and stop there overnight. We could meet somewhere in Belgium if people wanted to convoy. Saturday - chill out, visit the BMW factory if people fancy it (and photoshoot, if we can find the space), then in the afternoon, drive on down to Zell am See in Austria Sunday - Drive down the Grossglockner pass, back up the Felbertauernstrasse through the Hohe Tauern National Park, and then across the Gerlosspass, finishing in Innsbruck Monday - head for home! My intention would be to cover the whole thing for BMW Car magazine too; I've already had a go-ahead from the editor that he'd be up for running a feature on the trip in honour of the 5's big 40th! Am thinking early next year would be best - perhaps March/April time? That way the roads won't be covered in snow, and the passes will be open, but it's early enough in the year that it shouldn't impinge on those planning to hit the Ring in August. Any thoughts? Who'd be up for it?
  13. Bugger. Timing fail! I was down there this weekend. I know the breakers where that is, too, and used to go there quite a bit when I was living there - Silverlake is a big breaker with a pretty good rep, if it's any help. I know it's of little use, but I'll be heading back down there in about a month's time. If it's still for sale then and you still want me to nip in there and get some pictures for you, I'd be happy to!
  14. Capri

    The Folks' E31...

    Thanks for the advice Red. They already have a trickle charger which is topping the batteries up, but they discharge rapidly (i.e. if not put on trickle charge overnight, the car can't be started in the morning). When she fails to start, the MID is showing 11.x volts, which seems low to me. I suspect the previous owner hasn't used the car enough and hasn't trickle charged the batteries, so I reckon the state of charge has fallen off over time and they've sulphated (thanks to Timm's excellent article on the subject for that knowledge!), so hopefully a new pair of batteries will solve the problem, and as long as the trickle charger is used, fingers crossed that'll be the end of the matter. If not, I suspect the best solution will be to bring in an auto sparky, who'll know what he's doing far better than we will! Cheers for the offer of bits, by the way - I'll give you a shout if we do need anything!
  15. Capri

    The Folks' E31...

    alpinaman - Thanks! Bought it from a chap in Loughton, Essex - he'd owned it since mid-2009. Ray - :/ blimey. As day's go, that's not a good one for that guy! Is that an 8-Series, though? Looks a bit E36-ish to me! Great vid though!