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  1. cddallara

    Manual sport seat woes

    So my seatback won't stay in place. I took it apart a couple months ago and I'm certain I put the springs back on when I reassembled it. It clunks fore and aft a couple notches while driving. Nothing like laying flat or anything, but irritating nonetheless. Any ideas?
  2. cddallara

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Took a drive out to the coast.
  3. cddallara

    E34 & social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc)

    There's also the bimmerforums e34 page.
  4. cddallara

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    You had pasted a pic of my car with the laughing guy above it. I gather it was a mistake though because after I quoted you, you had edited the pic to something else. In the current context, it makes no sense anymore lol.
  5. cddallara

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Laughing at me or with me?
  6. cddallara

    Attn e34m525i

  7. cddallara

    Attn e34m525i

    Hey, ive sent a few PMs and replied to a thread of yours, but you probably just missed them. Anyhow, can you get in touch with me please? Thanks, Corey.
  8. cddallara

    Staggered Throwing Stars

    Phew. I'm not low enough thankfully.
  9. cddallara

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Threw on my spare set of dustbin lids, in keeping with the rediculous paint scheme.
  10. cddallara

    FS: E34 Front Number Plate Replacement Strip

    Interesting indeed. Our plate fillers typically featured a taller, narrower 'filler' much like our plates. I've run one like the above pictured for years with no issues, even in 'nanny-state' Ca, which apparently has nothing on you guys I guess in terms of rules and enforcement. I do keep my actual license plate under the seat just in case
  11. Hey, 

    Was wondering if you got my last pm? I know it's been 6 months but I never heard back from you on the dimensions and I kind of forgot about my box of stuff for a bit. I'd love to get it collected as soon as possible before I forget again. 



  12. Any/all from B pillar back. Thanks!
  13. I'll have to drag out the 'new' pieces and look at them. Thanks for the help, I hope I can make this happen!
  14. So how did you initially separate the tops from the main cards? I have the correct tops to attach to the cards but I can't see where they separate?