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  1. When I used to drive to get my Kabab shop Pizza each month I'd get asked if the car was for self from staff working there and there friends or family, One month I went in Dads car and got asked " Agh man you sold it " had to explain we had another one and this was my Dads and then went on to ask if my Father wanted to sell it around a months later went in Boudica and everyone was thoroughly confused... I walk there now always asked about the motors still. Had a petrol station owner asked me if I wanted to sell once and I thought he was going to give me a good fair offer but he was in dreamland. Stefan

    Can todays weather effect performance.

    Heats a killer Went to Santa Pod did six runs in two sets the first run in each set where better than the following two rungs because the engine wasn't heat soaked... cool louvres Stefan

    Trackday e34s anyone ??

    Gareth & VAK make the perfect team, Been lucky enough to be a passenger with them a few times. They make an epic double act! Stefan

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Thirty-One 10/7/2019 I finally got around to flatting and polishing up the front A Posts that we had repaired before Castle Combe. I gave as much time as possible to wait for the clear coat to harden off before wet sanding and I'm happy with the result and protection which was the main reason behind getting them sorted. The photo doesn't do it justice, We do need to work on our blending technique but for now, I'm happy the front driver's wing has turned up and been collected from Euro Car Parts. Like always the inside of the wing has been painted with Red Oxide then back hard paint to keep corrosion at bay. The front has been flatted down ready for primer and colour and clear but more one that in the next update. We also managed to get the front ARB bushes installed, It seemed like Boudica was still sporting her original ARB bushes. The new Powerflex Black Series bushes are lovely! Link to our installation video - http://bit.ly/2YLAD8q Next Update, Should see the back ARB Bushes replaced with Powerflex Black Series items, That's if we don't remove the axle to get to the differential bolts which will inevitably be rusted solid. If the axle does come of ill be replacing axle bushes with Powerflex Black Series axle bushes, Then again if a cam or crank sensor goes south that will squash any plans.  Comments Welcome

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Did you attend in your E34? I thought we where the only E34 there.. Gutted it i missed seeing another e34

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Thirty 4/7/2019 22 June was Summer Action Day Held at Castle Combe, We decided to take Boudica and have a chilled day with friends. But first, we needed to sort a few cosmetics out. - The front A pillows had been showing signed of the dreaded rust since we purchased her, It was now time to remove and treat the area and give the front a little bit of a freshen up. Once the rust was completely removed we brushed on some rust remover many people dispute the brush on products but using it on prepped metal cant do no harm and may gatch little bits you can't get to with a wire brush or stone attachments. then we coated the area with Red Oxide primer. We then moved on to Yellow Primer then onto colour and clear. We had plenty of primer colour and clear so we decided to practice on the front of the bonnet removing a mark which was annoying. I also wet sanded the roof.. bonnet and boot the A-pillars still need to be wet sanded. - Half polished using Roar products. The Nuggets exhaust is now living on Boudica, Which was a journey in itself. - The tip is bent lucky it's being cut off and replaces with one in keeping with the e34 look. I'll leave you with a photo from the show, I'm happy with the outcome even more so when the A-pillars are wet sanded and more of the bonnet is painted it will be getting a full professional paint job at some point but for now, we are enjoying practising rattle can painting and keeping looking presentable till a full paint job is undertaken Next Update We have a Euro Car Part drivers wing on order at the moment along with Powerflex Black Series ARB Bushes I'm thinking about upgrading the Injectors to the newer design Bosch items but I have a feeling a crank or camshaft sensors is about to go south so we will see how that pans out. Comments Welcome 

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I said I'd wet sand and polish the bonnet and door on Boudica and cut off the old exhaust tip but sadly my allergies are playing up so just looking out the window watching Dad (Carl-E34) De -rusting the boot floor on The Nugget - Stefan

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Nine 16/6/2019 Since the last update, We have replaced all 8 coil packs with new Hella coils. Since the original ones were starting to break down. We also set about replacing both rocker cover gaskets, as they had started to weep. And the Intake Temperature Sensor has been replaced, Due to us having an issue when she's cold. Since she's being used more know she's developed a knocking from the front suspension. So I'm assuming the front and back anti roll bar bushes are no longer for this earth, They will be replaced with Powerflex Black series bushes. I'm just holding out in cause some ACS adjustable jobbies come up for sale. Exhaust still hasn't been done due to the fact is sounds so nice, But ( SPOILER ALERT) I'm having The Golden Nuggets exhaust with all the boxes and The Nugget will be having one made to Dads taste. (I'll be changing the tip when I get the Manifold to Cats done in stainless steel) Comments Welcome 

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Started to remove the Differential But those hex bolts stopped play ... Oiled and cleaned out and still a bugger So might drop the rear sub-frame from under the Nugget this Saturday and have a clean up while out of the way ...
  10. Set (5) of staggered reconditioned with 5 mm rubber was on the Bay last week for £900 or ono.

    Lovely Looking 735 (E23?) 1985/86

    You've Seen This At Pod Last Year IIRC, Been With The Same Family Since 1989.

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Eight 11/3/2019 First update for Boudica of 2019.. With the new addition to the Butler-HQ Fleet (THE GOLDEN NUGGET), oudica has been resting outside Butler-HQ since the last update, Keeping the miles down and off the winter roads. She spent most of this time half up in the air waiting for me to work out what top mounts I needed to work with the Spax PSX Kit. It was a mind field and very confusing at first, I wasn't in a rush to get anything done as I enjoy driving her so much being up in the air kept me out the driver's seat over winter. That was until I was leaving Butler-HQ one evening around 9:50 PM, To find a 6 stone (WET) Gray tracksuit wearing chavtastic under Boudica eyeing up the catalysis converters...Probably called Reece with a girlfriend called Chantelle. The next day I ordered all the parts needed and we set about getting the old girl back on her wheels. Shiny New Parts After everything was fitted up we took her down be tracked. Now shes has a fresh M.O.T for another year and ready for the summer.. Overview Very happy with the suspension, Will be looking towards Power-Flex ABR bushes and Axle bushes soon. The LSD will be removed this month or next month and 3.64 gears will be fitted before we go back to Santa Pod Raceway, The roof lining needs attention and I'm mapping the route at the moment. The M.O.T Flagged up a brake line advisory, They looked fine to me but we will be doing a full check on the first summer day... I'm not worried as we have a full set of BMW lines if needed. I was a little ashamed about the look of the axle carrier it needs the Butler-HQ treatment... Wire brush and Hammerite Miles 130.777 Comments Welcome

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    One word BRILLIANT !! Direct replacement ... Just need to buy pre face lift top mounts.. This Spax kit is up their with the Bilstein B12 Kit.. Just a little less comfy around town but nothing to write home about seeing how much monies between the PSX And B12 Kit.. I'm sure the B12 would be years ahead on the track thought but then again their in different price bracket. Thanks.
  14. I rate Shell Helix better than Castrol oil long term (10/40) Great attention to detail in your work !

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    He sure is keeping election promises... More than the crowd down London and that's all the Parties included. 80 % of the people that were very angry concerning Trumps victory here in Britain that i came across typically could not stand the fact ... That the man was legally elected to power by the American people and went against their own snowflake two party nothing changes Westminster style of politics where years are wasted while the two parties play politics while really doing nothing but destabilise the country with their crap.