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  1. davidw53

    Heating ventilation control unit

    No longer wanted, one acquired.
  2. davidw53

    Heating ventilation control unit

    Anyone breaking a 1997 540, I need the HVAC part number 641183749510. Thanks David
  3. davidw53

    BMW E39 Heating&Ventilation Problem

    Hi, I now have a heating & ventilation problem. The HVAC control panel is not illuminating, also fuse number 9 is blown. There is plenty of heat though. Would this be the FSU?
  4. davidw53

    How to pick a good boiler

    Hi, What is current opinion on boilers please? My worcester bosch 24sbi is leaking water. Only heating, 15 radiators.
  5. davidw53

    Anti roll bar ball joint

    That's what I was thinking.
  6. davidw53

    Anti roll bar ball joint

    Offside Front Anti-roll bar ball joint has slight play Hi, This advisory from last mot. Would it be this part please? standard antiroll bar link / droplink
  7. davidw53

    Anti roll bar ball joint

    Thanks Dan.
  8. davidw53

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Try Black Circles for tyres. https://www.blackcircles.com/order/tyres/search?width=235&profile=45&rim=17
  9. When I look at USA and see the mess they are in I think Boris is doing ok
  10. davidw53

    Repair Manuals

    https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/ From the excellent M539 video you tube. Sorry if it's duplicate.
  11. davidw53

    Poor MPG 540i

    Try driving in sport mode ie change gear manually. Mine only changes into top gear in auto at 40mph.
  12. davidw53

    E39 Thermostat

    Hi, Please quote for thermostat for 525i touring thermostat. vin no. is WBADS42000BZ40624 Thanks David.
  13. davidw53

    Windscreen wipers

    http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/bmw-5-series-saloon-2001-y Half Halfords price.
  14. No. I have already replaced that with no success. I'm after the in dash control unit below the audio head unit.
  15. Hi, Is the air con control unit available please? I think mine is draining the battery as the air sampling fan runs continuously.
  16. davidw53

    Another battery drain!

    Hi I have a '97 540 which drains the battery inside of a week. Have been testing amp readings in glove box and on fuse 9 I have .4 amps and the little fan on the climate control panel does not seem to stop at all. Also the gearbox indicator ight stays on. Any suggestions and solutions gratefully received. Thanks David. Been searching for wiring diagrams on the net without luck.
  17. davidw53

    Another battery drain!

    This is virtually the problem I have but there seems to be no solution.
  18. davidw53

    Another battery drain!

    Hi, Rincewind and Piper, already has new hedgehog. Gavin, Lokked in car after a couple days parked in garage and gear selector light is on. Before pulling fuse 9 current is around 3 amps after reinsert current is .4. While fuse is out gear selector light is on, also reinserting fuse activates a relay but difficult to identify where. Thanks to all David
  19. davidw53

    Another battery drain!

    Fuse 9 supplies air conditioner according to chart
  20. davidw53


    Hi, How much for a thermostat for '97 e39 540 please. Also fjord grey touch up paint and spray. Thanks
  21. davidw53

    Low Temperature

    Recently bought a 97 540 on ebay a bit risky as it has a couple of issues. One it does not come up to temperature on the gauge, about one third instead of halfway. Previous owner replaced thermostat there is evidence it has been done. He says he was told the sender may be faulty, have just replaced it and no change. Set heating to max and temp drops to edge of blue sector. After 10 mile run fan sounds to be fully engaged when engine reved. If electrical could it be linked to abs light always on, that is the second issue. Again previous owner says abs light came on after going through a puddle he seems to think rear sensor passenger side. Any ideas please?
  22. davidw53

    Low Temperature

    Started to take off thermostat today and found a plug not connected to socket on thermostat housing. I assume its a sensor for something to do with temperature, what? Thanks for replies so far.
  23. davidw53

    7-19 help

    Have a look at the how to guide, its easy to do with ignition key and trip mileage rest button. It must be because I can di it!
  24. I am firmly in the lpg camp having done nearly 40000 miles in 4 years. Average 25 mpg. Only problem at last gas service was the injectors had clogged up after being cleaned its running as good as ever. Having read v8 warrior excellent work I understand why the cost of having it done is fairly high.
  25. davidw53

    Fuel prices going even higher

    You don't have an iPhone?.... He's not the only one. I don't have one either. They're overrated. Nor do I. This forum is much more useful.