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  1. BLooD

    Success! AC basic to AC high.

    The diy I made for this retro fit I never added to this post and the instructions are now lost sadly.
  2. BLooD

    Success! AC basic to AC high.

    Have you read the diy instructions?
  3. BLooD

    Pre LCI 8.8" screen & LCI NBT Screen

    why would you want to go to the smaller screen?
  4. Pm me the cars vin I'll tell you for definite.
  5. BLooD

    CCC Unit, Fixed!?

    Quite possible you didn't fit the quadlock properly.
  6. BLooD

    cic upgrade question

    Depends what car your installing it too and what kit the car has already fitted.
  7. BLooD

    cic upgrade question

    Got them from eBay. I've posted on here showing it done as well.
  8. BLooD

    Successful NBT retrofit.

    Hahaha thanks
  9. BLooD

    Successful NBT retrofit.

    blew my credit card lol, wont be doing any more for a while, The NBtT gives me pretty much all i wanted anyway.
  10. Fitted NBT navigation module to my F21 today, used an emulator for the nav, voice and BMW apps. Even got working sport dials. total cost £620 for the module, screen and controller plus £50 for the emulator and £20 for the CID video cable. Also lucky to get a DAB enabled unit.
  11. BLooD

    cic upgrade question

    I'll be doing nbt on Monday if it arrives. Parts cost around £700.
  12. BLooD

    I no longer do coding.

    Personal reasons.
  13. BLooD

    I no longer do coding.

    Just thought I would put this here as I have had a number of ppl ask about coding. I stopped doing coding quite some time ago. Sorry guys
  14. Hmmmm just shows a single yellow light despite coding. Not working itseams, there must be some fundamental difference.
  15. Wasn't sure where to put this. Should have an LCI F20/F21 single zone climate control panel of eBay tomorrow. To clarify:- Pre-lci F20/F21 had manual AC/heater control or dual zone automatic AC/heater. LCI F20/F21 has single zone auto AC/heater control or dual zone automatic AC/heater. The LCI panel looks exactly the same except for the auto button, so I'm hoping it will be a a straight swap.