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  1. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Tried to create the incident after a motorway run with the ac on. Left the car running on the driveway but no white smoke, then turned the ac on and left it for a bit nothing. Fan at the front was still not showing no signs of movement.
  2. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    The ac when turned on made the cold air from the centre vents even cooler, like super cold. Again it only works for centre vents (top and foot vents still blow hot air). The nozzles under the hood lining seem fine, is there a way to test them? I got a 1hr drive back later I think I will try n recreate it and turn the ac on when on the motorway. It was this sort of heat that day it happened as well. So the while smoke should reappear when I get home and slow down.
  3. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Just got back from a 30min drive bits of it were spirited. Anyways when I got home left the car on went out to the front and small aux fan still wasn't running turned the ac on as well and checked at the front again nothing.
  4. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Hasnt happened again yoko, but I haven't been driving with the aircon since. That day I let it run and turned aircon on and smaller fan at the front didn't come on, I still thing if aircon is on its gotta spin so think your initial theory is right. I think the hot air is another issue either the water valve or fogging sensor.
  5. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Ahh another thing that can cause it. Is this easy to replace might just try it n see if it works if not will be that water valve. Lol my indy gonna be happy when I give him the list of things to check.
  6. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Yeh it was cold out of the centre vents. The feet vents and the ones under the glass still blow hot which probably is that water valve Steve mentioned.
  7. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Sorry just saw this. Will check the valve cover gasket tomorrow morning. Its been booked into the specialist for the 25th. I ran the car yesterday and turned the ac on and the small fan at the front wasn't spinning.
  8. pritesh24

    E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Yeh good point. I was sure it had to be the HP, cam or crank, injectors etc as the LP was recently changed. When it turned out it was the LP I was just a little miffed that's all that it was a part I brought and requested to have fitted. Also the fact it was the first time I was left stranded in my e39 after 142k miles of ownership so I can't give the "it's never let me down" speach anymore.
  9. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Ahh OK wikid, I'll look for a part in a bit. I thought it was 2 separate issues. Thanks guys.
  10. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Ok gotcha, Is it still safe to drive the car with the AC off?
  11. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    Ahh you legend will mention this to my indy when I call him tomorrow morning. If I go out and turn the car on should the aux fan (assuming it's the big one at the front) start spinning straight away?
  12. pritesh24

    white smoke from engine bay???

    A bit of a weird one, Saturday eve I took a 40mile journey mostly motorway, had ac on for most of the journey for the first time in a while, I was running a little late so was heavy with the right foot, as i got to my intended car park and was going around looking for a space I see white smoke coming from under the hood at the windscreen wiper area and a bit coming through the air vents. Had a burnt electric smell inside the cabin as well. looked under the hood and it had dissipated by then. Had the same journey on the way back home but little less heavy with the right foot and everything seemed fine, no smoke. Went on a 16 mile A road journey yesterday and came back again all seemed fine but was not too confident in giving it the beans, Oil is at a good level, coolant seems fine. There is a small bit of fresh oil on the ATF only cap and the 25nm cap with the arrow. Although I don't think its that causing the white smoke. After a journey the bit to the right of the windscreen washer filler cap is really warm when you put your head over it, its like opening an oven door. Also dunno if this is related but a few days ago I realised my foot fans (down arrow) and windscreen vent fans (up arrow) only blow hot air even if its the coldest setting with the AC on. Only the centre fans with the straight arrow blow the correct air temperature and AC .Not sure if that is related to the problem or a separate one. Does anyone have any idea what might have caused the white smoke and if I should be worried?
  13. pritesh24

    E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    FYI do not buy the pierberg fuel pump from car parts for less, fitted mine on a Tuesday and failed on the Friday. Its cheaper with the codes but they clearly sell dud ones. That pump left me stranded and the car would not start. Left the car with the indy for a week cuz he was busy and he ordered a pierberg one from his parts person looked exactly the same and swapped it over and hey presto fired up and has been running perfectly since.
  14. pritesh24

    Best and Worst thing about an E39

  15. pritesh24

    E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    perfect will order one and get it changed in the next few days. Also the guy that read the codes for me gave me the pressure sensor of the 530d touring he was breaking as a spare as well. So got one of them in the car incase I need to change it ever.