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  1. nirajb_uk

    e28 interior

    hi all I'm after an e28 sports interior. Ideally leather but if anyone has a cloth option that'd be good too. Doing a full restoration on mine and will be going into the Bodyshop soon. Cheers Niraj
  2. nirajb_uk

    problem with removing rocker shaft from m30 e28 528i

    so with the 3/8 socket extension, do you put this at the end and literally knock it out? won't this damage the shaft?
  3. hi all, i'm struggling to remove the exhaust inlet rocker bar that the rock arms are holding on to. I've tried tapping them out but they just don't seem to be moving. I removed the inlet side out so easy, it just seems strange that these won't come out properly. can anyone offer any advice on how to remove them? i've tried things such as bagging the end with a wooden rod. haynes mentions a slide hammer however don't know where to get the exact size for the thread at the end of the rocker bar. thanks, niraj
  4. Hi guys, Once again a massive thank you to everyone who has found the time to complete the survey. with regards to the other Japanese car brands, i will definietly mention this in my final write up and show some critical analysis as to what i could have added or done better. Please if anyone else can fill it out it would be a massive help. All the data i've gathered so far has been extremely useful. thanks again guys, I'll keep you guys posted on the results as soon as so watch this space! Niraj
  5. Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has participated in my study. The results have been extremely useful and will allow me to undergo a comprehensive analysis of the perception of German and Japanese car brands. All feebback will be taken on board and mentioned in my final write up of my dissertation. Thanks again guys, Niraj
  6. Hi there, I would really appreaciate it if you could complete my survey on brand perception of German and Japanese cars. This is for my final year university dissertation and all responses are very much appreciated. Please could you be as thorough as possible when answering each question as I need as much content as possible to analyse. Here's the link -
  7. positiv, could you possible help at all regarding the e34 rear leather seats into your e28? any help would me much appreciated. thanks, niraj
  8. you ever heard the expression 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'? also commenting on your point about the seats don't fit properly, what are you looking at exactly? as far as i'm concerned, and EVERYONE else that has seen this car+seats, they seem VERY cleanly fit to me. the bottom fits nicely with the frame of the bench, and the sides also fit nicely in. they seem pretty clean to me to be honest, and something that i will definitely do once i've found a nice e34 leather interior set. thanks, niraj
  9. well it looks like positiv has already accomplished this 'impossible' task you're talking about. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=61103 viewtopic.php?f=9&t=51733&hilit=e34+seats in the second thread, positiv clearly states that the seats DO fit. you were involved in this discussion and after positiv showed evidence of this you didn't mention anything? wonder why.... you asked for more pictures, well check them out in the first thread. ALSO check out the video positiv has done in the second thread on the second page. this can be done according to positiv. thanks, niraj
  10. what i mean is it really as simple as that? nothing else is needed to be done? i was just concerned that maybe the rails on the new seats will not match etc... thanks, Niraj
  11. Hi Hippie dave, How did you personally fit the front seats on? What fabrication was involved? thanks, niraj
  12. Hi Positiv, Love what you've done your e28! Have a few questions regarding the e34 seats you've put into it though. It is as easy as what you have stated at the start of this thread? No other fabrication is needed other than the minor things you have mentioned? Also how do the rear seats fit in? PM with as much info as you can, will be much appreciated. Thanks, Niraj