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  1. simonc

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Mine sounded a lot sweeter after all 4 Vanos solenoids we’re replaced under warranty.
  2. The first time I saw an F80 M3 in the flesh was when I went to Brighton speed trials a couple of years ago when they'd been out about a year. It was parked in the street and I knew straight away it would be my replacement for my M5. Don't think I've ever felt the same about any other M car that was within my price range.
  3. Nice project, look forward to some updates.
  4. Im not disappointed with the cabin quality in anyway at all but it's a step down from F10 M5 quality in the cabin but I expected that going from a 5 to a 3 series. More tyre noise than my E60 M5. The seats in the M3 are very comfortable which suprises me as they don't look like they would be compared with the E60 M5 ones and they were a massive improvement on the E39 M5 seats. Rattles ive not suffered any problems but have read that others have had issues. B road driving, it's not overly bumpy, I normaly keep it in comfort. It can be a bit upset by poor road surfaces more than my E60 and become a bit skittish if nailing it as it's got so much torque low down. Over all I'm happy with the ride quality and I'm 47 so like my cars to have a bit of comfort! It's quite nice to be back in something that has sharper handling than the 5 but still very practical for me with 4 doors and a much bigger boot than any previous M3 plus it's also lighter than the previous generation V8 M3 despite being a larger car.
  5. They do look much better in the flesh. I never liked Sakhir Orange that much when I first saw it a couple of years ago but the Mrs persuaded me it was the colour to go for and I'm glad I did as it certainly gets you noticed!
  6. We all have different tastes, I find the M4 does nothing for me looks wise and I think the M2 is all out of proportion but I love the looks of old Volvo T5R saloons but would only have the manual! The E39 M5 was a nice car but out of my last 6 cars it was the worst car for the odd trackday which I like to do. I could of bought a manual M3 but they are suited much better to the DCT which isn't quite the same as a full on auto. I do like manuals though as well, my wife has a Mk7 Golf GTI DSG which I think would be much more suited to a manual box but she prefers DSG. Ive probably said it before but out of all the manual cars I've had the Sierra Cosworth was more of a drivers car for me than the E39 M5 ( I've had 4 of them so know them quite well ) the M5 was still the better all round car. The E39 M5 felt like a big comfy fast car with superb looks from the rear, I loved owning it and driving it but just wanted to move onto something newer and quicker. I agree about the M3 styling it is rather pumped up and wide but I love the looks of it and think it's the best looking M saloon BMW have made. I do like older 80's and 90's cars but just don't have the room to keep more cars otherwise I'd have about 10 motors! I have been offered my old M3 Evo back that I sold back in 2009 which was a good fun manual car but I know it would just end up sitting about not being used most of the time so I'm trying hard to resist not buying it back plus the space issue as my daughter has just started driving so that's another car on the drive!
  7. 8 years split 50/50 with my E39 M5 and E60 M5, both great cars although the E60 M5 was much more exciting to drive with the epic V10. It was between a F10 M5 competition pack or F80 M3 and decided I liked the look of the M3 more and the size was similar to the E39. I don't like how cars are just getting bigger and bigger and felt the F10 was just too big for most of the time. Sure it would come into its own on journeys but most of my driving is short trips on B roads. I had been looking for a year and then the biggest spec M3 I'd ever seen came into my local BMW dealer in the colour I wanted plus it had only covered 9,300 miles. Test drove it the next day and bought it. The first owner specced £18,000 of options including Carbon ceramic brakes, full leather dash etc, LED adaptive lights being the 3 most expensive options. It's easier to say the only option it doesn't have is the TV. I've had it coming up 4 months now and couldn't be happier, absolutely love it! Still may be in another 5 some day.
  8. Yes will I'll arrange another breakfast, maybe June sometime down your way.
  9. Hi Andy, good luck with the new RR. Looks like a beast to keep clean! Interior looks plush,like the colour combo. I reckon your be back in an M5 again at some point. Sold my M5 to Mike last month and bought a Sakhir orange F80 M3 from Broad Oak fully loaded with carbon ceramics etc,love it so far.
  10. simonc

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Its not very lively on here anymore!
  11. simonc

    Thanet way - herne bay & ramsgate

    Sold my E60 M5 3 weeks ago, I'm in Herne Bay. Silverstone with reg M5 SMG if you ever saw it about, had it for 4 years. I've sold it to another forum member. You can't miss my new motor, F80 M3 in Sakhir Orange. Simon
  12. simonc

    Returning to BMW with E60 M5

    Average mpg sits about 18 mpg on the I Drive but not sure how acurate that is. I took it to France in the summer with 4 people and full boot of luggage I averaged 21.2 mpg over 1500 miles. I think it appears worse than it actually is due to the small fuel tank. I do about 3-4 K a year in it so mpg not too much of an issue but it could always be better!
  13. simonc

    Returning to BMW with E60 M5

    Nice choice of car. I have the same, silverstone,2006 but black leather. Had mine just over 3 years now and still enjoy driving it although can't use much of the power this time of year.
  14. simonc

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Just realised I posted the track pics earlier on in the year,sorry double post!
  15. simonc

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Couple of trackday pics from Bedford GT circuit. Car was great all day but had to shell out £870 for a new set of MPSS tyres after!