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  1. dinger205


    Lol, Cinderella made it to the ball and got two 3rd places! Here are some pics of the car and the rebuild. Have a look over on my facebook page where there is more detail and you can follow me through the race season, https://www.facebook.com/dinger205?hc_location=timeline
  2. dinger205

    Deep V8 sound.

    The cam timing is altered sightly to aid cold start, which means the valves are open longer, hence being louder.
  3. dinger205


    Did you?
  4. dinger205


    No Mate, Its a clio 172
  5. dinger205


    I think its fair to say I ran out of talent! Missed third gear approaching the left hander, the car is unsettled here anyway due to the braking needed whilst still cornering, The flick left to right unsettles it, As I missed the gear I was just going to fast and the rear locked up, Flicked left, then right and over I go, There is anew concrete sausage that has been added which is just out of camera shot. I may of clipped this forcing the car over. The car isnt bad mechanically but does need a new shell, The cage is welded in so new cage as well, hopefully I can find a bare shell with cage already in and just do a shell change, First race is in three weeks! Your right Dan, Its concerning that the only thing I had to hold onto fell off!, lol
  6. dinger205


    First day out this year testing some new suspension in the Clio race car, It didnt go to plan!
  7. Bonkers has just sold his white RS500 for 63k and said he wanted something newer! Thats a big price tag
  8. dinger205

    Nice parking- Guess why

    So he can get his ferrari out of the garage without moving the 6 series
  9. dinger205

    Possibly caught speeding

    I think you got away with that one Dave as they hve no proof.
  10. dinger205

    Mk 1 Ford Focii

    My thoughts would be clutch slave cylinder Dave, as its the taller gears that are crunching, usually synchros go on 1st to 2nd , The slave cylinder is inside the gearbox so its a PITA of a job, and if the box is coming out with suspect synchros' it would be best to get a good second hand one or recondidtion that one before replacing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Most focii are now being sold with worn clutches as they are so labour intensive.
  11. dinger205

    Decimated an M5 today !

    Thats exactly what lost my licence! I've had both cars so can clarify that you must of caught him napping!
  12. I could understand a warranty claim if the water pump bearing had failed, or the fan itself had come away from the coupling but I cant see any arguement on either side when fan blades have just fallen off, The cause is obviously something has got in the way of the fan blades? What that is I dont think you will ever find out, I'm sure a bird would leave some residue! If a stone hit a fog light and cracked it, would you expect the person you bought it off to pay for a new one,,, not sure you would. I've been in the motor trade for 24 years and never seen fan blades just "fall off" Its always been an obstruction of some kind,, I suppose if you could prove that one of the other parts that you bought from a dealer failed and obstructed the blades then fair enough. Many years ago with my E34 535I sport, I'd left a tool on the rocker cover after fitting my air filter and they went through the fan blades! I certainly wouldnt be covering the cost myself on this one as both yourself and the Dealer could not explain why it happened, from that you can only assume something got in the way No help whatsoever I know but just my thoughts
  13. dinger205

    E30 530i - Dynavin Head Unit - AAARRGGGHHH

    It will be a chinese unit, some work well, some dont. Not really much more you can do about that! The price is down to around the £300 mark now from UK suppliers, get a good one and its a dream, get a bad one and its a huge headache
  14. dinger205

    Omg shock of my life

    Sorry, couldnt resist, Is the speedo working ok? could be a speed input problem,
  15. dinger205

    Omg shock of my life

    I'll give you 10 pence for the car! At that price, you cant turn it down!!!!!