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  1. gazzago

    F11 air suspension

    Short answer is no! I unplugged the control unit in the boot to check the connections and didn’t have any more issues. At least for a couple of months. Maybe once per month it will flash up a warning and clear when switched off and not come back again for another month or so. Once the weather is warmer I’ll attack it again. Maybe change the control unit as I have a spare now. Difficult fault to find as it’s not there most of the time and is only recorded as a soft fault.
  2. gazzago

    Heating distribution help

    Spent ages tracing wires and checking fuses. Why so many!!? Turns out the problem was a the multiplug. A small piece of plastic was wedged in the socket so the plug would not go fully in. Couldn't see it hadn't gone it until you REALLY looked closely. Once in no further problems. PS The android head unit is a massive upgrade for my no nav CIC. I now have Nav.. whichever one I want, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay. Bring the tech in the car right up to date. Recommend the upgrade. Screen is wider and sharper too.
  3. 2011 f11 530d Fitted a new Android head unit a couple of weeks ago. Climate control panel needs to come out for this. Easy, 2 screws and a couple of clips. Android unit it plug and play straight in. On putting the climate panel back on it didn’t want to work. Had to wiggle the wires to get it to work. Thought this strange as no tension had been put on the wires or connectors. Messed about for ages and got it working. Or so I thought. Turns out I have heat sometimes, no ac cooling. No instant heat from the electric element and most importantly no air coming from the demister vents. messed about again and though it must be a dodgy panel. Ordered a replacement. it arrived and I fitted it but no better. Being a 530 it has the extended controls so you can manually choose airflow to screen vents or floor. Except they don’t work. I have the left centre vent, the drivers floor vent and the rear vents only and can’t change them at all. Buttons all work as they should in both climate controls. Seems to be the wires. Have opened up the bmw connectors and all the connections are good. Crimped properly. I only have Carly. So cleared to codes and read it out. Results below. Any ideas where I should be looking? The climate harness just go into the dash and into a bigger harness. I fear if I give this to a garage to look into It’ll be big money as they trace their way through the dash board at my expense. Any help appreciated. It’s a lovely car with 77k on it now. I’d hate to have to get rid of it over something like this.
  4. gazzago

    F11 air suspension

    No I haven’t been to a dealer yet. They charge stupid money to diagnose. I may end up going to a specialist indi yet. Trying to avoid their slow diagnosis and big bills that follow for what appears to be not a straight forward fault. From what hat I understand there is no reset of ride height. Other than if you wanted to actually change the height. Or lowering etc. I have reset the fault using Carly but it resets when the ignition goes off anyway as it’s a ‘soft fault’ . Carly says more advice than a fault...
  5. gazzago

    F11 air suspension

    Hi all. Having an F11 I have rear air suspension and as usual have ended up replacing both airbags with Arnotts which were easy to fit and seemed better quality. Recently the ‘level control fault’ message appeared. The car was raised up higher than it should be and as I was about to go on holiday I though it would be the height sensors so replaced both. This didn’t work. Next on the list was the valve block so I replaced this with a new Aerosus as they are top quality. FIXED! Except 2 weeks later the message is popping up again! The suspension doesn’t go down and isn’t too high like it was before. The relay is dry and appeared fine and I know the pump can lift the car quite quickly. My my thoughts are perhaps a small leak from the compressor to the valve block causing the computer so throw a fault as the compressor is running longer than expected to lift the car? Otherwise the control module? That’s the only part I haven’t replaced really. Anyone know what it is or have some ideas for me to look at?
  6. gazzago

    F11 powder coated wheels

    Glad it cleared it up for you. Refurb really does make a big difference.
  7. gazzago

    F11 powder coated wheels

    To powder coat the wheels the tyres must be off. The only decision is do you have the tyres removed elsewhere or pay the wheel Refurb company £10 per wheel to remove them? I guess that depends if you are posting the wheels or just dropping them off. I’d let the wheel refurb company remove and refit them if you can. They’ll be careful as they’ve just refurbed the wheel.
  8. gazzago

    Picked up this F11 on Saturday

    Nice motor. Variable dampers is a nice touch. I also have a 530D f11. Get it mapped. It changes it from a quick car to a really quick car! The difference really is massive. More than it looks on paper.
  9. Had my alloys powder coated. From the usual silver to anthracite. Yes 18’s or 19’s look great but the roads are terrible in my area and this is a workhorse so I want the reasonable comfort of 17’s. Plus I don’t want to spend all that dosh to upgrade just yet Finish is fantastic on them. Anyway here’s a few pics.
  10. Basically with adaptive you press a button and your damping becomes harder or softer depending on the setting. Pros. Comfy when you want and sporty when you want. No need for a middle ground one size fits all damping. Cons. Quite expensive. Also quite expensive to fix years down the line if you buy older cars. Hope that helps a little. I’m sure there will be more technical replies. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. gazzago

    My 530D sport project

    Wow! You’ve put some work into that motor. How many miles have you done in it now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. gazzago

    New to me 2002 e39 Touring.

    Looks very tidy. So much car for the money. They really are a classic too. Probably the highest quality 5 series model you can get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. gazzago

    Rear shock replacement

    Good job. Looks much better. I think mine are in a similar state and I will probably do them once the weather improves a little [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. gazzago

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Got no complaints at all with the Dunlops so far. Grippy and compliant. Turn in is sharper than the previous Goodyears. I'll get them again and probably put another pair on the rear at the end of the summer when the current ones are finished. Recommended in the 17 inch.
  15. gazzago

    F11 Reliability

    Reliability of mine is good. Replaced both suspension air bags with aftermarket as they started to leak. It’s a 15min job. Other than that a reverse light bulb and that’s it. Lovely car. Now has 70k miles. Awaiting BMW writing to me about the EGR. Mines averaging 38.5 and that includes my 10mile daily commute. Mpg is better in the summer too. On a longer journey 43-47+ mpg. All depends on your right foot.