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  1. If it's really bad, like mine was, you can get some cat litter, fill a pair of socks with it and stuff it in the footwear till its all soaked up. I used a vax carpet cleaning hoover on it too and sacked out maybe 5 litres of water.
  2. Midgers

    Water Coming in back doors

    Probably vapour barriers. I did mine not so long back.Leaky e39 rear door:
  3. Midgers

    Handbrake adjustment help please

    Just about to attempt replacing my discs and shoes so reading up first. Cheers
  4. Midgers

    Hello from Glasgow

    Sorry for the late reply, dropped off the forums for a bit. I used to have a 4 door r33 and a 200sx covered in stickers that spent a lot of time at Crail sideways, but never an r32
  5. There's some in here: http://www.german-number-plates.com/accessories/?cat=96
  6. Midgers

    Just De-badged - Opinions Invited.

    Looks good, I think I'll do mine too now!
  7. Midgers


    From the album: MrMidgers

  8. Midgers


    My 530D
  9. Just thought I'd say hello. I've been reading the forum for about a month now, I'm after an E39 530D you see, so I'm learning about the differences between Sport and SE, the swirl flap issues, and dodgy parking sensors etc. My uncle has had a few E39's in the past - he used to have a 540 and now has a hisn hers set of 530D's, pre and post facelift so they've been invaluable in looking around to spot the differences. So I sold my Skyline a couple of weeks ago so now I'm seriously motivated into finding the right car for me. Only a few particulars - 530D post facelift, sport, manual. Preferrably with a comms/media pack and preferrably in any colour except silver - but only because my last car was silver. So I've found this:
  10. Midgers

    Hello, I'm gonna own one soon!

    Just fitted 0021's. What do you think?
  11. Is that's your car in the BMP you've attached I wouldn't be putting MV2's on it. The ones that are on look awesome!
  12. Oh Q faff Friday, how I've not missed you.

    1. rob-the-viking



      Expecting an emergency airshow mate??

  13. Bagged an early flight. No business lounge though. Oh well. Now just 5 hrs from home! :D

  14. This afternoon I punched Gonzo untill I couldn't punch anymore. Boxercise = winning!

  15. If I see anyone drop any carp on the floor tomorrow I'm gonna go postal.

  16. Has mostly been a bin man today.

  17. Dear Col. Gaddafi. We know of a suitable property in Pakistan. Recently became vacant. $29.95 PCM. Yours. Delta Force.

  18. Redundancies out today. Congratulations and commiserations as required. I'm staying in. Phew!

  19. Ww2 in pictures. Moving stuff. And a good read if you don't know your history too well.


  20. Just checked the computer in the BMW from last nights cruise home of 372 miles in 5hrs: 38.5mpg at an average of 74.9 mph. I love this car!

  21. Is home. Thanks everyone at Awesomefest for an amazing weekend.

  22. Drifting live on track and F1 on the incar telly. Midgers = happy.

  23. Night drifting on now @Awesomefest. Amazing first session. Massive cheers from the hyooge crowd of us up on the hill next to devils elbow. Everyone looks way faster than earlier in the day

  24. Tickets here. Setting off now!!!

  25. Come oonnnn postman!!!


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