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  1. If it's really bad, like mine was, you can get some cat litter, fill a pair of socks with it and stuff it in the footwear till its all soaked up. I used a vax carpet cleaning hoover on it too and sacked out maybe 5 litres of water.
  2. Midgers

    Water Coming in back doors

    Probably vapour barriers. I did mine not so long back.Leaky e39 rear door:
  3. Midgers

    Handbrake adjustment help please

    Just about to attempt replacing my discs and shoes so reading up first. Cheers
  4. Midgers

    Hello from Glasgow

    Sorry for the late reply, dropped off the forums for a bit. I used to have a 4 door r33 and a 200sx covered in stickers that spent a lot of time at Crail sideways, but never an r32
  5. There's some in here: http://www.german-number-plates.com/accessories/?cat=96
  6. Midgers

    Just De-badged - Opinions Invited.

    Looks good, I think I'll do mine too now!
  7. Midgers


    My 530D
  8. Midgers

    Hello, I'm gonna own one soon!

    Just fitted 0021's. What do you think?
  9. Is that's your car in the BMP you've attached I wouldn't be putting MV2's on it. The ones that are on look awesome!
  10. II've no idea what my wheels are really tbh - they were on when I bought it. They has "AS Highspeed" Centrecaps. 19x10.5 and 19x8 ish judging from the tyres though
  11. Welcome mate, I was in a similar position not so long ago - well, looking for a 530 anyway - this place is invaluable
  12. Midgers

    New member with a 540i manual

    Welcome to the forum :wave:
  13. Midgers

    Latest Navcoder update.

    I've been meaning to ask about this. My navcoder seems to be the most up to date version with all those options, but for some reason it won't let me save the settings on the LCM. Everything else seems fine, PDC's and TVin motion stuff, but the LCM just doesn't save the settings.
  14. Midgers


    Hi pal, kinda forgot about this thread. Just add yourself on JDMtas or SXOC, or wherever you know folk from. or just turn up and follow us down
  15. Midgers

    Must be more North Scotland members?

    Me once 6 Sqn move up there